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This morning I sat down with my coffee (and “Baby”) and made a list.  Blogging wasn’t on the list, but here I am.   There has been a lot going on lately.  I had a  photo shoot at my house yesterday which was quite possibly one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a long time.  It was really nice to not be “working”.  I’ve been working too much.   I thought I’d be stressed out (most photo shoots are crazy), but thankfully I wasn’t and really enjoyed the process.  This morning I found myself enjoying the fresh flowers and produce left behind from the shoot and reflecting on what a blessing it was to spend time with other creative people.

As I sat there with my coffee I went through  my iphone camera roll and figured I’d share some random things from the corners of my brain.  Last weekend we dinnered with some new friends and I loved her stacked up terracotta pots that formed a herb garden.  A beautiful butterfly bush added just the perfect amount of color.  I would like to copy this… Rosemary, Chocolate Mint, Pineapple Sage, Lemon Balm… mmmmm.

Sloaney and I have toast together in the mornings… I know her jammies are Christmasy but she loves the frog.  I treasure my precious mornings with that little girl… she’s growing so fast.


I have a birthday coming up and I really want chickens.  So I’ve been adding chicken coops to my Pinterest “Garden” board.  Anyone out there have layers?  I’ve been doing a little reading.  I want to know if they are a lot of work… because I already have a job and am not looking for another… but would like fresh eggs.  Now this is lazy, but here are some screen shots of my favorites…


In  more random news… I’ve had painters over this week… painting the trim on the house, changed up  my blue to navy… I’m liking it.  Wish they’d come back and finish the job.  We are one coat in, need one more.

Marla took a couple of quick pictures of me and the Bologna Sandwich yesterday…

sloaney b

My galvanized planters out front make me happy when I pull in the driveway…

Whew, that’s all the randomness I can muster up for one day.  I promise to be a better a better blogger in the near future.   Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!


  1. love your “brain dumps” and all their fabulous randomness! so fun! beautiful pics of you and sloaney. happy memorial day weekend to you too!

  2. Sloany is so pretty…just like her mom!!!! Will we be seeing your home in a shelter issue soon? Hope so!

  3. Lindsey Jo says:

    Love your shirt in the beautiful pictures with sloane! Where is it from?

  4. I’m new to your blog, but I love it. Random posts are so much fun. I get fresh eggs from my friend’s dad and I LOVE them. They are so much better than anything I can get at the store! Good luck deciding.

  5. adorable pics! you and sloaney look beautiful

  6. mmmmmm…I remember fresh eggs! So good!

  7. Love the chickens idea!!! Also, your shirt is fabulous, where is it from?? That Sloane is one cute chickadee!

  8. Love those picture of you and Sloane. I recently purchased the book, Mamarazzi and I loved the pictures of you and Sloane in there too. Gorgeous. Those planters would make me smile every time I came home too.

  9. so many wonderful things in such a “random” post but most importantly to note is “how in the world did you get the pinterest app to work!?”

  10. We have 2 chickens! They are so easy to care for. We have a portable coop so we can move it arounds the yard and garden. I think that portable is the way to go so that the hens can have fresh grass every few days and the land gets evenly fertilized! We have 2 hens but we would like to get more. I think that 4 hens would be the perfect size for our family (2 adults, 2 babies, and my parents who occasionally want an egg or two).

  11. Yes,yes tell us about the shirt!! So pretty!

  12. Random posts are the best in my mind!
    Would love to know what all you’ve found out about layers. Been contemplating the idea myself!
    And precious pics of you and your girl…beautiful!

  13. there were some great chicken house at Scotts last weekend. I admired them, really creative and fun, but too bad I was not in the market for them. WIsh I had known you were and I would have sent a pic.

  14. Sloane is so adorable, while eating toast! Love your navy trim. The coops are great. How do chickens tolerate the heat? Probably a silly question. I was just thinking it gets pretty hot down there in the summer. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  15. gorgeous pictures! I hope we get to see something from the photo shoot! I am LOVING the herb jenga~ It is so pretty and pretty awesome too!

  16. where did your adorable cream/tan color shirt come from? Sloane is so sweet! love her white outfit and xmas jammies.

  17. Love your galvenized planters! I bought some last fall to plant vegetables in, but took them back when the guy at the feed store said they only last a year due to rust. How long have you had your planters?

  18. A few things about chickens. While it is wonderful to have good “yard” eggs a con is the smell that comes along with the chickens. Another pro is that the poop is a great fertilizer for your garden and flowers! We normally average an egg every other day from each chicken. The good thing is you can share your eggs with friends or sell them. We have a pen and coop but let our chichens out into the yard once in a while to rid us of unwanted insects and to let them feed more naturally. I will add that we have a fenced in area and they are not able to get into our yard where the kids play. It is a commitment. But, thanks to automatic feed and water stations it is not so bad. Good luck in your venture. Your beautiful little girl will love watching them.

  19. I like your brain dump– you and Sloan look so beautiful in those pics. I am holding off on chickens until our human chicks are a little older– they are all the rage in Greensboro. I mostly just mooch eggs off my friends– they are not supposed to be too much work, but I have enough things that need me to clean up their poop already at this stage in my life, you know?

  20. I love the idea of chickens too- good friends have some- and they dont seem like that much trouble AT ALL- super easy! He even built this adorable little coop himself.

    That 2nd picture that Marla took is magazine worthy-divineness( not a word?) AMAZING!!!

  21. You know about the coop I have, right? The one JJ scrubbed all the poop out of…took him like 3 weeks to sanitize it. We stored that thing the past 2 years and I don’t think a day goes by where he doesn’t threaten to toss it to the curb; he loathes it. I want it to be toy storage. So if you’re in need of an antique coop…or toy holder ;) It’s poop-free.

  22. I just got chickens! We’ve had them for about 6 weeks, so far they have been easy to take care of! I had them in the garage until last week (we live in MT- it is too cold up here) but moved them out to their coop, and they are doing great.

    We should start getting eggs this fall, and I am very excited to have fresh eggs! You should definitely get some! I don’t think they are too much work at all- Just feed and water everyday, and clean out their coop about once a week or so (give or take,depending on how many you have)

    Those pics of you and Sloane are gorgeous- and I love your planter! It hasn’t warmed up here yet, I am still waiting to get my planters done…

  23. I love your random posts. I don’t have chickens but I know Brooke at Velvet & Linen recently got some and they are adorable. She has a great coop too! She’s done a few posts about them on her blog. I must say I am dying for some of your weather right now. Sunshine and warmer temps are needed badly here in Seattle. Also, Sloane is getting so big! She is just the cutest. Happpy Weekend to you!

  24. So glad you shared the stacked herbs picture. I was so inspired by your link to the vertical garden a while back that I was going to try to terra cotta pots instead. Bought the herbs yesterday & I’m ready to plant. The pictures of you two are gorgeous – so sweet.

  25. must know! where did you get the cute top your wearing in your photos with sloan?

  26. Michelle says:

    Love your post- that’s how I think. ;). Would love to know the name of the green color of your exterior paint. Deciding on paint colors for our home. Yikes! Also love your blouse in those photos- gorgeous pics!!! Thanks for sharing.

  27. very pretty top!

  28. Beautiful picture of you and your lovely sandwich :)

  29. I cannot believe how big Sloane is! Look at that hair! She’s beautiful Erika and looks like such a happy little girl. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  30. we have a fabulous chicken coop at the farm. we have a small flock–only 16 hens. we like “exotic” chickens–you know ones with crazy hair on their head (silkie, polish), or feathers on their shanks..aka legs (cochin, brahma), we have ones they lay blue eggs (ameraucana), and a couple that are just “good layers” (rhode island red, barred rock). you can check out pics here: polish chickens (http://oldgeorgiahouse.com/2010/08/hens-and-their-hen-house/)
    our pullets that we mail ordered (http://oldgeorgiahouse.com/2010/06/news-from-the-barn/)
    the day they arrived from texas (http://oldgeorgiahouse.com/2010/05/howdy-from-texas/)
    silkies (http://oldgeorgiahouse.com/2010/03/theyre-here/)
    …and our *chicken coop*! i love our chicken coop. (http://oldgeorgiahouse.com/2010/03/getting-there/)

  31. Erika, LOVE your blog…I follow yours and Darby’s. Ok, as for the layers…no trouble at all…we live on a farm(we have a Christmas Tree Farm) and have several goats, two Scottish Highland cows and 15 layers. We gather a doz eggs a day…there is nothing like fresh eggs!!! We sell the extras and all the monies go into my little 2 yr old granddaughters(Mary Margaret) college fund. She really enjoys her chickens!!! I know Sloan would enjoy them also. If you need any more info on the chickens, please feel free to contact me.

  32. I love how natural your makeup is – you should do your daily make-up routine!


    what happened to your blog?? I used to be crazy about reading it!

  34. Wow! Sloaney looks like Rover!! The pics of you two are beautiful!

  35. I love your morning vignette; if only all our laps could look so charming every a.m..
    I have chickens – 9 hens. I also am a mother to four young kids and they absolute adore the chickens. They are much more a “pet” than a farm animal, I must say. Ours free range every day in our fenced yard and we feed them table scraps, handfuls of oats, and bits of cheese along with what they find in the yard and their chicken feed. They come the minutes my kids yell, “Oh, girls!” My children (the youngest was three when we got them) all hold them daily, and the chickens gladly allow it. The chickens often jump up on the trampoline and stand on the edges while my kids jump.

    We get an egg a day per chicken, an occasionally a random tenth egg, but they slow down production in the winter because as the days get shorter, they lay less. The smell is actually only present in the winter because we live in Utah and the snow makes wet poop; wet poop smells, dry poop doesn’t.

    The only downside is they poop everywhere. Literally, EVERYWHERE! SInce ours free range in the yard, the grass has a ton of poop that the kids often step in. Plus, they come up onto our back patio so we have to power wash it weekly. It’s really unbelievable how much they poop, but we chose not to have a run or keep them penned somewhere so it’s a sacrifice we made. There is something so bucolic about chickens roaming the yard all day, pecking and scratching, clucking away and gossiping with one another.

    The eggs are amazing, too.

  36. I just thought I would let you know how precious your Sloane is! I adore all pictures of her you graciously share. All my life I have had chickens and they are quite possibly the easiest animals to take care of. My coop is nothing extravagant (although I’m sure yours will be), and all that is necessary is to feed and water them each day and gather the eggs. Very simple! Good luck!!

  37. Erika, I noticed and loved your lipstick in Darby’s most recent post. What is it?

  38. Love your blog. Glad you shared this with us! I’m wondering where you got your white jeans/pants from?? I’ve been on the lookout for some, and yours are so cute!

  39. Erika, despite your feeling like not the best blogger, you’re one of my favorites. On top of your great style and talent, you seem so real and down-to-earth. Love your posts whenever they come around! You and Sloane are simple adorable in those shots btw.

  40. Love your post. I hope we will see pics of your home, inside and out really really soon. The pics of you and your baby girl are beautiful. You girls are gorgeous. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  41. Love, love, love… So glad your on pinterest. Totally following! :)

  42. The photos of you and Sloane are TOO beautiful! Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Your plantings are beautiful too!

  43. Erika, I think that you are like the Oprah of blogging. If you have a shirt, everyone wants it. If you read a book, everyone goes out and buys it. You might have to do monthly Favorite Things to please this crowd. As soon as I saw your shirt, I knew at least 1/3 of the questions would be where you bought it :)

    I just want to know how your hair gets so shiny! It’s beautiful! Do you color it at all? My sis-in-law has never colored hers and it is the shiniest ever–I keep reminding my teenage daughters of that.

    Love the pots!

  44. Love your blog. We built our coop… followed the “building chicken coops for dummies”. Yup. Thats real. we have 7. The roam freely and roost in the coop at night. good times and loads of entertainment

  45. I don’t know what made me happier – seeing that Mr Moth had moved further down the page or the brain dump – I think the latter!

    The photos are gorgeous. You should check out The Art of Doing Stuff blog – Karen just received chickens.

    Have a great weekend.


  46. Erika, my daughter, Natalie commented about the chickens and told me today that she received an e-mail from you…I left my comment right after hers…hope you will enjoy yours as much as we do ours!

  47. I hope you get chickens! I’m sure the coop will be worthy of the finest eggs. The photos of you and Sloane are stunning. She is such a sweet potato! Have a great weekend.

  48. “The art of making stuff” has layers…and she has a few posts all about it….which will crack you up~

  49. Love your blog and your random postings!
    Where did that great feminine white top of yours come from?

  50. Randomness posts are the best.LOVE the navy trim. I am dying to have a navy front door and maybe shutters on a new house. The pics of you and Sloane are BEAUTIFUL!! Can’t wait to hear all about the chickens…not sure we could pull that off in Mt. p.

  51. Beautiful pictures of you and your daughter. Chickens are definitely all the rage now in NC. Seems like such fun for you and Sloany, though I’m sure it’s lots of work.

  52. Chickens? I love it! Even the coops you are researching are adorable. I have a farmer deliver every saturday morning…$3 a dozen, just a thought. Although it might be more satifying if you “grow” them yourself, might is the key word. LOL ~Jennifer

  53. your post are ALWAYS perfect.

  54. Wore the same EXACT outfit last week for a TV interview!!!!

  55. Kathryn says:

    Hi Erika, I love your blog! Would you mind sharing the name/source of the paint color on your door? Thank you.

  56. This question is also random, but I love your portfolio and blog so I figured you might be able to give me some guidance! The walls in my home are ALL textured! The paint colors that are currently on the walls feel so heavy. Any color suggestions?? We moved in about 4 months ago and everything is brown! Even the baseboards are painted a shade of brown…any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  57. Love the “herb garden”! Your daughter is such a cutie patootie!

  58. those chicken coops make me want chickens. What great design!!!!

  59. Lauren W says:

    Pinterest has an iPhone app?! Downloading now. I miss you and thoroughly enjoy the random post!! You look gorgeous in Marla’s photos. I am glad to hear you had a day not working. You deserve some free time!

  60. Your photos are so GORGEOUS! Sloane is a doll.

  61. Chickens are not hard work – just be sure to give them a good place to roost and sleep at night (especially if you have coyotes or wild cats in your area). Also, if you are going with a small chicken coop, consider buying/making one that has laying boxes on the outside so you can just grab your eggs and don’t have to worry about the hassle/logistics of opening the coop to get the eggs! And good luck!

  62. Gotta love the random posts! Love the little bow in Sloane’s hair in the Marla snaps – I am feeling quite broody now! I have become slightly obsessed with Nogg Chicken Coops at the moment, they are really stylish!

  63. christy says:

    We have 2 hens, although we are still newbies as we only acquired ours hens in April. So far, it has been very easy, food water & bedding, they are a bit messy & they #2 A LOT! It has been a wonderful learning experience, especially for my son (7). He is having a blast w/the chickens. My husband who was not really onboard w/the idea loves the chickens & misses them in the garage with him now that they are in their coop.

  64. Erika!!! Where in the world did you find that Navy paint for the door??? I wish, WISH, that someone would do a post on this. Here’s my problem. Im doing my french doors in “navy” now, but each color I pick is turning out to not be a true navy. AHHH!

  65. L Watkins says:

    Ok, I love your galvanized planters too. Where did you find? Do tell, pretty please?

  66. glad that you enjoyed your photoshoot…I seem to like them EXCEPT when they are at my house. about to try again at my house and maybe this one will be better…I’ll try to channel your good energy this time around! and I’ve noticed you have had chickens on the pinterest brain lately, glad you’re acknowledging it here :)

    coming to the beach in a couple weeks…we shall lunch. will be in touch.

  67. I love your blog! I can’t remember if I found yours or Darby’s first, but I follow them both faithfully. I have to say I think you and your sister and all your children are just beautiful….and you both seem so humble. Hollywood has nothing on you my dear! xoxo

  68. Hi Erika, I love the photo of you and your daughter Sloane-beautiful!….On another note, what color and brand of lipstick are you wearing in the photo above?

  69. It is my first time visiting your blog so it’s nice to read what is really on your mind! Lovely photos of your girl…And chickens? You go!

  70. Oh my goodness…I can not believe how big she’s getting!! And that photo of the two of you…so beautiful! That Marla, she’s goooood! You two are gorgeous.

  71. First, I love random posts -they always seem to be the best. Second, and not to repeat here, but your shirt is amazing. It looks very Calypso, but it wasnt on the site, so you must share with us all!

  72. Erika-
    Are you pregnant?

  73. Sloane’s hair is getting so long! I love it. I have always wanted a chicken coop but I don’t think it will fit on my Lincoln Park patio. I ventured to a farm this weekend near my lakehouse in Wisconsin and came home with fresh eggs and a ton of herbs, makes me want to move the middle of nowhere and be a little farmer. Love all of these photos!

  74. Kathryn says:

    I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog! My husband bought 6 chicks for my girls about 4 months ago, and he was very thorough in his research for a coop. We ended up getting a “chicken tractor” which was made locally. Having a mobile coop is really what cuts down on the work. We move it every couple of days. The chickens fertilize the grass and we don’t have to clean out the coop. The only chore is feeding them, which my girls (3 & 1) love. Hope that helps!

  75. Love the photo of both of you!

  76. Hi Erika,
    We just finished building our chicken coop and it was so much fun! These are the plans we used: http://www.thegardencoop.com/
    We built the larger of the two he has plans for! Our chickens are about three months old and they are supposed to begin laying around five months. Once we got the coop built they have been extremely low maintenance. My three year old loves them:) Good luck!

  77. Ah! I just did a triple-take looking at that picture of you and Sloane – and then I realized I read your sister’s blog. I feel like the blog world just came full circle!

  78. I’m new to your blog and I absolutely love it! You have such a beautiful family and your work is just fabulous! Being from Georgia, my family has always vacationed on the beaches of South Walton, so I love seeing your photos. Have a blessed day! xoxo

  79. Love your blog – and have been reading for a couple of years. Can you tell me where your portfolio comes from in the first picture of this post? You have such great style – and Sloaney is sooo adorable!

  80. christine says:

    I too begged for chickens for my birthday two years ago…and they make me happy every day. I love to sit with a glass of wine and just watch them cluck around. My only advice is this: make sure the floor of your coop is lined with chicken wire under the dirt or shavings you use. Trust me, what a racoon can do to a chicken coop will scar you for life.

    But other than that, they will bring you and your little one great joy!

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