here I am, on the road again

That Seger nod is for Allison.  We didn’t even get our bags unpacked from NYC and we were off again.  We went to Memphis to do what we do.  We narrowly escaped a plane crash on the way up, but thankfully it wasn’t our time.  Which is good because look what we would have missed if we hadn’t made it…


We had nothing to do with the design of this garden path full of hydrangeas, but good grief!  Too pretty not to share.  We also had nothing to do with the door hardware below, but again… so gorgeous.  The whole house locks with skeleton keys. Delicious.  I should have photographed the cremone locks, I must have been too shocked by their beauty to get my camera up to my eyeball.

skeleton key

Allison and I shared a hotel room (with two beds) and in the middle of the night Allison awoke.  From the low light of the alarm clock on the bedside table between us I could see her sitting up in her bed.  She was talking to herself.  She was saying… “I really prefer the scale of the white table.  The finish, the size, the style, it is just perfect for that space!”,  I must have asked her ten times what she was talking about, she finally looked at me and said “YOU ASKED ME!”, sighed, laid down and went back to sleep.  Perhaps a mental health day is in order?

I like Memphis.  We ate dinner with old college friends of mine which is always fun.  In addition to working on a new project, we also checked in on an older one.

Allison came home from Memphis and I went on to Chicago.  Most of my “favorite people” are in Chicago.  Including my pint-sized godson who I had not yet met.  I was going to try to wrap that trip into this Memphis post, but that’s too much.  So, here are a few photos…

master bath


dining paper and shade

bath floor

roman shade scallop



  1. This home is so gorgeous… The attention to detail is unbelievable! The master bedroom is a dream, love the tile and the tub in the corner. I also ADORE the chandelier- such a relaxing space! Great job!

  2. that bathroom made my heart palpitate. I think it’s the floor.

  3. The whole house locks with skeleton keys?? No way! That’s fantastic! And I might just cry a little over that floor tile…

  4. Beautiful!I so love the shades!!!!

  5. Lizziefitz says:

    There isn’t anything you do that I don’t LOVE! You really are a superstar!!!!

  6. Lizziefitz says:

    There isn’t anything you do that I don’t LOVE! You really are a superstar!!!!Thanks for sharing.

  7. The entire house makes me drool!! That bathroom is STUNNING-I especially LOVE the tile floor. Great job!

  8. WOWZA!! Those hydrangeas, that tile, the barstools…LOVE IT ALL!!!

  9. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! You are incredibly talented, Erika. Love, love, love your work!

  10. holy crap that’s (the first shot) pretty. your work is divine as well, of course!

  11. (and now I’m singing some Segar myself … )

  12. back again to say “ack!” about the wood doors and their transoms … sigh.

  13. Your work is beautiful. Always. I am sure glad it wasn’t “your time”! I talk in my sleep when I am stressed, too. It is unsettling to wake up and realize I was acting like that. Probably a little weird for those witnessing it, too!

  14. That entire house is gorgeous. The sleep-talk story is too funny! It sounds like you guys need a break!

  15. I love that bathroom-gorgeous! Glad you had a fun trip to Memphis, and lordy mercy those hydrangeas are stunning! That is so funny about Allison sleep talking about work. My veterinarian husband often does that-I’ll wake up to him diagnosing and talking about surgery yet he never has any recollection of it. But, it makes us both laugh after I share what I’ve heard. Hope you had a blast is Chicago! Godchildren are the best. We have two Godsons and I just adore them :) Have a blessed night! xoxo

  16. More gorgeous design that never disappoints! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. So I assume the fourth picture down are cuts in the wall that are really vents? How do you do that? Can you give us a play by play?

  18. Just beautiful….thewood doors against the gray walls are beautiful…and that walkwa. Hope you had fun in chicago:-)

  19. divine window treatments, hardware, garden, flooring – all of it!! i was on a mission trip once and my friend sat straight up like that in the middle of the night saying “n-n-n-NO Taylor! n-n-n-n-NO!”. She doesn’t remember what she was correcting me about in the dream but it’s a hilarious memory for us and the rest of the girls on the trip!

  20. love, love, love…i’m in chicago :)

  21. I have got to get down and see that house – the last time I went was taking them dinner when #3 was born. I’m afraid I’ll be J that I can’t afford to get you up to Memphis to do my new (to me) old old house that is empty save some furniture from the in-law’s attic! Hope the god son visit was fun. His mommy is one of my favorite people on the planet and I have yet to meet him too!!!

  22. I love mid-town charm and your designs lend perfectly towards the area. You are my favorite designer, even if I wasn’t from the Mid-South.

  23. Wow – those pics left me with a big ‘ol goofy grin, and yes, post some cremone bolt porn anytime!

  24. I absolutely LOVE the greek key shades — I want some exactly like those!!

  25. So beautiful! This may be my dream house! :) We got the same marble/black basketweave tile for our 3rd floor bath (with a clawfoot tub). Love it all!

  26. Everything is just lovely! I love your blog and think are are Fabulous!

  27. Every detail is absolutely perfect! You and Allison are incredibly talented . . . I need to just go with whatever you suggest for our house :)

  28. GORGEOUS (as ALWAYS)!! Thanks so much for sharing in the midst of your crazy-busy life. I think you and Allison need a day (or 30) off :-) Go put your feet up on that sandy beach that you call home. Amazing work!!

  29. I am trying really hard not to have house envy and failing miserably. I keep whispering to myself, “Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet.” It’s not working. Oh well, hope you don’t have anymore plane drama on the way back. That’s too scary to even think about. Blessings to you and happy designing!

  30. I love seeing your work, as always, but I am especially charmed by the off-hand near-miss plane crash. I would have milked that for four posts at least.

  31. Oh, and I clicked the link and just about wet my pants. How about a little inspiration from Talladega Nights?

  32. Hilarious! I love stories like that.

    If you get bored during your upcoming “staycation” (highly doubtful), you can always do another/an updated paint post – especially after seeing the colors in the home above. We’d all be ever so appreciative.

    Enjoy Chicago.

  33. So sad I missed you when you were here:( Gorgeous house! Love and miss you! Love, one of your Chicago favorites:)

  34. What delightful, whimsical roman shades! That could be a delicious starting point for my new sewing room.

  35. Those scalloped roman shades!? Get out! I love that detail. Stunning. Thanks so much for sharing. Everything is to die for……the garden…..the kitchen! I’d live in that kitchen. I.must.have.a.copper.hood. one. day.

  36. That wardrobe and bathtub …. I’m swooning over here! Everything is so beautiful and charming!

  37. You had me at garden path and hardware…gorgeous! How old is this house? Lovely work by you, as usual. :)

  38. Gor. Geous. Love it ALL. Namely, that tile!

  39. You are simply the best!!! Love everything you do. Kisses to balogna!!

  40. Beautiful photos! I am so jealous of those Hydrangeas. Gorgeous! My Hydrangea just died:( That Amy Butler fabric is so pretty.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous…as usual!

  42. absolutely delicious!

  43. LOVE the shots of your work- just GORGEOUS. I especially love the romans in the kitchen- such a great pop!!

  44. Oh, my goodness… in love the with garden gate and gorgeous hydrangeas. Always love seeing your stunning work. I’m sure the homeowners are so in love with what you’ve done. Gorgeous as always!

  45. delicious is right. wow i’m in utter design heaven!

    ashley from {hookedonhickory}

  46. oh, that kitchen!! it deserves it’s own post. no wait, its own article. That needs to be in a magazine!! gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  47. Anne Scott says:

    the story about allison made me laugh out loud. hilarious. i think i’ve heard her have that exact conversation a few times, except she was usually talking to someone and not to herself :) i think y’all need a mental health month! miss you all already!

  48. You do such beautiful work. You are truly gifted. I thank you for the blog and all your hard work you put into to it.

  49. Tiffany says:

    OH My! Beautiful! The landing picture sparks my interest about 2 things…the bedroom to the left, the drapery fabric- what, where, who, how can i get my hands on that??? also the delicious striped rug, ditto?

  50. Tiffany says:

    Can I please take home those ticking stripe, nailhead trimmed, chairs? Yum.

  51. I absolutley love the freestanding tub in the Memphis house. Can you share the manufacturer?

  52. Wow! Stunning!!! All of it!!! What is the name of the fabric on those Roman Shades? I love it!!!

  53. In. Love. That orange Ronan shade is gorgeous! Also love the bathroom! Great post…saving it ( and a new follower). Hope you’ll visit me sometome

  54. That garden path is perfection!! Thanks for sharing… I just pinned that one! :)

  55. Oh my, those hydrangeas! My favorite flower long before they got to be so popular. One of our neighbors has a huge bush full of blue beauties. I am sooo tempted to snag a few under the cover of night.

    Your work always strikes me as elegant and classic while still feeling warm and welcoming. Another beautifully designed home!

  56. good gravy. that is STUNNING. every inch. off to Pin like a mad lady.

  57. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Obsessed with the door locks, and the gardenias.

  58. Lizziefitz says:

    Any chance you feel like sharing fabric sourcw on barstools? AMAZING!!!

  59. Please, PLEASE, share with me the source for that amazing armoire on the landing. I have been looking for that exact thing for 2 years! Are there anymore out there? Im sure it’s an antique…

  60. Carrie Cooper says:

    Erika, I love your style! Can you tell me the name of the fabic used on the colorful roman shades? Absolutely love them!!
    Many thanks,

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