back in the saddle

I am coming up for air.  My week in NYC was fast and furious. I’m sure my clients were wondering if I was ever going to leave.  When I wasn’t overseeing drapery steaming…

I was furniture shopping like a crazy person.  Why do I love these stuffed animals? When I go to ABC, where beautiful furniture and bedding is plentiful, I zero in on these guys.  They crack me up, maybe it’s their hairy ears?

I did buy that white quilt with the yellow top-stitching, but I was tempted to get the ducks, rabbits, and black lamb too.

What do you think the sales clerk would do if she turned around and I was in this bed?


I bought the ottomans.  I wanted the boots umbrella stand, but I wasn’t shopping for me. These were at Lillian August, if you are in NYC and haven’t been- you are missing out.

There is no way I could pass by this face and not go in for a little pup kiss.  You know I love a b&w terrier.

There is something so comforting about the cluttered up Fishs Eddy.  Maybe it’s my hoarding tendencies.

Have you been to Bunny Williams’ Treillage? It is to die for, I wanted one of everything in the shop (both shops).  This cut paper art piece really wanted to go home with me.

I hauled stuff around like a pack mule.  These two beauties followed me around for two days…

And every pack mule needs nourishment…

Marla, I was very bad.  (It was worth it.)


Dinnered at Peels with friends Julie and Beth.  Julie helped me with the furniture installation that week and I couldn’t have made it without her.  A former Urban Grace intern in NYC comes in so handy, thanks Julie!!!  Never a dull moment, over dinner Beth says, “Could someone go to the bathroom with me?  I’m going to need some help.”  She knew I would be missing Sloaney and wore a onesie.  Her cute little romper buttoned all the way up the back… oh the price you pay for fashion.

beth julie e

Beth bought a box of mini-cupcakes for my bday.  Baked by Melissa, bite size and SO delicious!  Thanks for celebrating with me girls!!

NYC is always fun, but this time it was mostly a lot of work.  I’m glad to be home with the fastest, sweetest, most stylish 21 month old girl I know!  Her latest phrase is “Momma, hold you me?” and it’ll melt your heart right out of your chest.  It started out “Momma hold you?” and after a week or so I corrected her “Momma hold me?” but she added the “me” to the end… “Momma, hold you me?”. It works.



  1. Those stuffed animals crack me up too. Ella would love the rabbit one. I’ve always wanted to go to ABC. I can only imagine how tempting it would be though. I don’t think I could step into Fishs Eddy, it would be too dangerous for me being that I have an addiction to cake stands/plates. Some may even call me a hoarder for those ;) Looks like you had a great time. I hope we get to see pics of this NY space. I remember the fabrics you chose in a previous post and I absolutely loved it all!

  2. Courtney says:

    Love this post! I’ve been a reader for quite while but never commented. I actually saw you at the Shake Shack on Thursday. I had company in town and took the day off of work and we were sitting there eating and I saw you and kept racking my brain to figure out how I knew you. It was a little sureal bc I felt like I knew you but obviously I don’t. Blog world is funny like that often one sided :) Glad to hear you had a great time in NY!

  3. The glimpses of your NYC project leave me wanting to see more – hope you share pics of the finished space. I love your dress, please share details. And Sloane is quite the fashionista..must take after her Mommy!

  4. Ahhh… Sloane is adorable! My daughter, Ella, used to say “Hold you my hand” and my husband & I ate her up every time.

  5. how precious is that sloane! i am hankering for a shopping trip to nyc…and also that exact same meal at the shake shack. yes please!

  6. Aaackk, flashbacks!!! Since I was darn near boohooing when my drapes came with super stiff ironed-in pleats, my installer steamed them for like 7 hours.

    Fun trip!! I have a stop in planned at ABC tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.

  7. love the converse! I mean, there were a ton of other GAW-GEOUS things to look at in the post- but the converse were the best. My son is almost three and still says ( even before I left for work this morning) momma I wanna hold you- MELT. MY. HEART.

  8. That’s so funny- my 2 year old says “Mommy hold you me” too! When I try to correct her she just looks at me with a thoroughly confused look on her face.

  9. Stephanie Stewart says:

    That’s so cute what Sloaney says – my little boy says the same thing, but he also says things like, Momma – my hair (when he wants me to let him twirl my hair)

  10. If I had seen that little Boston Terrier in the window it would have been everything I could do not to puppy nap. I have a BT at home and he needs a play mate!

  11. I used to work at a place called the Linen Closet. We always had a bed made and we ALWAYS had to tell people to get off (and the occasional get OUT)

    We ladies are ca-razy.

  12. Don’t know how you do, but I sure am glad that you do! Hope you will post pics soon. Blessings!

  13. Everything is so beautiful. That bed with purple and yellow is precious! I wouldn’t mind a bite of the burger, fry, shake lunch! Love that blue print too! Looks like a fun and productive trip!

  14. I love the quilt from ABC. Im working on my nursery and it would be perfect. Is this something they might carry on line or is it one of their very expensive vintage quilts?


  16. I would trade sitting at a desk all day for running around NYC buying furniture any day!

    I love their little sayings and voices! My 18 month-old says, huugggie? Momeee, huuggggie? That’s hold me in Ebee terms.

    Welcome back to the sunshine state!

  17. “i want to go to there!” :) what fun finds!!! i LOVE all those goodies you came across! LOVIN’ your daughters outfit/hat & shoes! she’s a DOLL!

  18. Oh you did great! I adore the stools, quilt, and those fabrics, wow!


    Art by Karena

  19. That bed’s pillows sure look a lot cleaner than my current shams ;)

  20. I may have to stop by Lillian August & Fish Eddy! Are you going to share pics of the finished room?? I hope so!

  21. Love her pink Chucks! So cute. My son used to say “I hold you” when he wanted to be picked up.

  22. Ahh, I’ve never been to NYC but am dying to get there! I know I would love it.

    I can see why you are always drawn to the stuffed animals, they are amazing- I must have one of those rabbits!

    Love Sloane’s little pink converse shoes! (I remember when we wore them as kids we called them Chucks :) I just bought the pink high tops for Regan for Christmas!

  23. I would love to have a week in NYC–no matter how crazy it is! Looks like you found some incredible things!


  24. I would have bought the ottomans too. LOVE them,
    Lynn from Decor Arts Now

  25. it looks like a great trip! we are hoping to make it out to nyc for a shopping trip next spring {i know, a ways off, but it’s for pleasure, not work!}. abc carpet is on my list of places to go! little miss’ chucks are precious!

  26. Okay, I have a romper kindof similar to that. Tell your little stylish friend to just pull the crotch part over to the side. If she is VERY careful, her undies will stay dry and she will not need any help in the restroom ;) Also, Blair says “Mommy, hold you!” ALL the time! Your right, it is a heart melter. I know it’s not correct grammar, but I just can’t correct her. It defines “baby talk” to me, and when she stops I know she will be all grown up!

  27. I have to say I live in NYC and you highlighted all of my favorite home decor stores!! it looks like you have a lot of great finds. I really love the rugs. Do you mind if i ask where you found them? Aside from ABC I never know where else to look. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  28. true friends unbutton friends when they are stuck inside their onesie. love you.

  29. Stephanie says:

    I was 1st introduced to ABC via their outlet in south florida…I could not imagine what the store in NYC would do to my senses—the outlet was enough to make my heart stop! PLEASE share where your adorable grey dress came from…& please do not say NYC :-)

  30. My best friends bother-in-law is the chef at Peels! Preston Madson is an amazing chef. Small world.

  31. Those stuffed animals are awesome (coming from someone who dosn’t really like stuffed animals- the rabbit especially)
    NYC is SO amazing- all your food looked delicious- and my kids both went through the “hold you/carry you” stage- and I must say- with # 2 I refuse to correct him- I know he’ll get it on his own eventually and I just love it:)

  32. Those rugs are to die for! And Sloane’s outfit is too, of course ;-) Ok, so where are all your sassy bangles from? Love!

  33. Grace Happens says:

    harper is 3.5 and we never say “i love you”…it’s ALWAYS “i love you me” which he started saying when he was around the same age as sloane, and then i started saying it back the exact way. it still melts my heart to this day!

  34. Erika, your project in NYC must be incredible! I was in NYC over Memorial weekend and was trying to get to Fishs Eddy. Sadly I missed it, but trying to go shopping with a 4.5 yr old riding (more like BLAZING) on his scooter throughout the NYC sidewalks made for difficulty in actually getting INTO the stores. I made it into Pearl River, which I love. Bought China flats (haven’t worn those since I was 12), a china tea set for my son (silly I know) and a ceramic lucky cat for my niece! Fun times to be had. Hope we get to see pics later when the NYC project is complete! Happy Belated Birthday to you and Darby!

  35. That makes me think of my little 2 1/2 year old niece (also a twin) who asks me, “I hold you?” when she wants me to pick her up. Those little ones, too cute!

  36. I LOVE that paper cut artwork! Do you have any more details about it? And Sloane is too cute!!!

  37. Looks like a blast of a trip! It would be so hard not shop for myself! Hope you had a very Happy Birthday-those cupcakes are darling! Sloane’s sweet phrase is just precious!

  38. “hold you?” is my favorite from my babes and it made me so sad on the day they learned to state it correctly. Glad I still have two more who have it mixed up.

  39. Looks like so much fun shopping in the big NYC! I would kill to go to ABC Fish Eddy looks amazing! I have a thing for glassware so that looks like mecca to me!

  40. You made some great stops in NYC! Fish’s Eddy is one of my faves for sure and shake shack is a must. Would love to see more of that project!

  41. i have been a long time reader and was just looking back at your paint post… i’m getting ready to paint my great room and dining room and was wondering if you have any paint color recommendations. my great room is two story and the home has an open floor plan with the only rooms on the main floor being the kitchen, dining, and great room. I like neutrals but don’t want to be boring and paint all three rooms exactly the same color. do you have any suggestions on how to have them flow but without being all the same?

  42. “Hold you” was one of my favorite phrases – I am not sure I ever corrected it. Sounds like a great trip – hope we get to see the pics at some point. P

  43. How funny are those animals- love those ears! Sounds like you had a great trip, even if it was for work. I really need to get back to NYC soon. It is endless inspiration! Sloane’s words just melted my heart too. What a cutie!

  44. i am dying to know where you got that dress? brownish colored one? love love love it!

  45. lindsay says:

    Add me to the list of those who love that dress! Details, please.

  46. Yes love the dress and I will take a pair of Sloaneys converse in my size-

  47. Yay! Another place to add to my list of shops when I visit New York! If you have any other good suggestions I’m all ears! I’m headed that way in September, can’t wait!!

  48. Erica, LOVE your blog!! I had to comment when I read “hold you”!! I have an 8 year old, 6 year old and 2 year old twins. The twins say “mama(daddy) hold you” to me and my husband all the time!! I have never heard anyone else’s child say that(nor my older boys)!!
    Funny that your daughter is saying the same thing!! I haven’t tried to correct them. I think it is sweet, I pick them up and say, “yes baby, mama hold you!!”
    Enjoy that sweet girl, nothing like your 1st baby!!

  49. Beth! She’s a Polly Pocket!! Romper and accessories sold separately.
    I love that y’all are buddies- such a small world. I want to come play with yall.
    Happy Belated Birthday! xo Rachel, fellow pack mule

  50. Hi Erika,

    I have a question about your curtain steaming — is that something your curtain maker does for you on site or something that you have your assistants do?


  51. Such fun to see the crinkle cut chips. Took me right back to my childhood.

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