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Greetings from my Infirmary.  I started this post last night and am glad to report I am feeling better this morning.

[The doctor gave me a cortisone shot yesterday.  But on the first attempt the nurse hit a vein. So she had to do it again.  The last time I had a cortisone shot I was up all night.  Wired.  Felt like I drank 100 cups of coffee.  I'm hoping I can get a little rest and that won't be the case this time.  Cortisone shots make me feel so much better when I am sick.  Are they simply masking my ailments?  Or are they pumping me up to fight off whatever it is trying to get me!?  I don't know that I really care if they are just masking my ailments, because I just want to feel better... and they make me feel better.]

Someone inquired about my shoes in that suitcase picture from a few posts back.

I saw them at Tar-jay.  Once I laid my eyes on them and flipped the tag, they had me at $14.99.

They are cheap and cheaply made.  Which, unfortunately, typically go hand in hand.  But I can’t help it, I still like them.  They are so comfortable.

I’ve worn them three days.  And the bottoms…

Not sure who thought it was a good idea to make the sole of a shoe out of burlap, but I don’t weigh 500 pounds and I wasn’t doing any serious walking.  I’m wondering if I peel away the burlap if there is rubber beneath it?  Regardless… I still like the shoes.

Speaking of navy striped shoes… I bought another pair last week.  I zipped into TJ Maxx to look for a long black slip (do people not wear slips anymore? have spanx replaced slips? I couldn’t find a slip anywhere!) and I got distracted in the shoe department when I saw these:

Navy and ivory with a teeny tiny pinstripe of gold.  I couldn’t resist.  I also picked up a can of Scotch Guard.  As a child I always knew summer vacation was coming to an end when Mom got out the Scotch Guard and started spraying the back-to-school Keds.



  1. Oh my, please take it from me! I am on prednisone due to an embarrassing case of bell’s palsy (this, too, shall pass). Ask your doctor for some ambien, if you tolerate it. The steroids definitely interfere with sleep patterns. You’d feel ever-so-much better with a good night’s sleep!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes. I know all about cute, cheap shoes. Let’s just say that rubber cement hold heels on for a long time…ha! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I just happened to buy a short slip yesterday at TJMaxx – it was about $9 but exactly what I was looking for – tight from the top to the hips, and a little swingy towards the bottom (but not too short that it would “ride up”). I have a couple of summery dresses that are a little sheer, and I can’t believe I found something to wear under them.

    I cant bear the thought of wearing spanx as it gets warmer out – so unbearably uncomfortable!

  4. I’m a big fan of slips… but you are right— they are hard to find these days.

    Oh, the school days and keds. Love it!!

  5. Cute shoes! And I still wear slips every time I wear a dress…can’t stand not to. In fact I have one on today. They are hard to find though. And I’m pregnant right now and fairly certain I have never seen a maternity slip, but I wish I could find one.

  6. Cute shoes! I love Tar-jay!

  7. I almost bought those at target the other day- I think I will be making a run to TJ Maxx in light of this post! Thanks!
    I am loving your comment about the scotch guard! Oh my gosh that takes me back!

  8. Loving the striped shoes (both pairs), and I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better!

  9. I love the shoes! I wonder if Toms makes a navy/white stripe. I hope NYC was a blast! Congrats again!

  10. I hope you feel better :( Rest up for next wk girl! Those shoes were my first spring purchase in March. I made the mistake of wearing them to round top, I walked them to shreads! My bottoms look just like that! Shoot! They are super cute and comfy though. AND they stretch out huh?

  11. Are you taking the Nyquil and the Tussin DM together?……I’ts best not to. They both have dextromethorphan (DM) in them. I’m a pharmacist and that’s my nerdy advise for the day…

    On a happier note…cute shoes! :)

  12. that is so funny, my friend, Shannon, and I always talk about how we are the only people who still wear slips!! they are tough to find, especially the short skirt ones. :)

    love the shoes from tj!

  13. Super cute shoes, a great way to may an outfit! I love the comment about your mom and Scotch Guard, what we would do without Keds?

  14. I totally agree about slips! Just this weekend I went out in search of a slip (including my TJ Maxx) to absolutely no avail. I checked everywhere I could think of and it seems the only things that exists are Spanx-like products. Sometimes it would be nice to have a little like coverage without feeling like I’m in a straight jacket! :)

  15. saw these slips yesterday (sorry can’t remember which blog linked to them!)…beautiful clothes too!

  16. I bought the wide strip ones at target at the end of the season last year, loved them and can’t wait to wear them!

  17. Godda love the espadriles! I rememebr growing up my mom had them from Speigel in very color of the rainbow- but they are cheaply made!- I actually saw a pair for $80 in a higher end shop the other day- I saw go for the Target ones!- either way they dont last! Oh- and the other flats you picked up are adorable!!!

  18. I bought those shoes from target last year and they only lasted a couple of months. (until they got wet and dried harder than a rock) I love the Jessica Simpson flats. Check target or dillards for slips if you still haven’t found one.

  19. Love the Target shoes even if they do fall apart!

  20. I sure hope you are feeling better. After following your blog for awhile now, I want to bring you some soup. I love navy and white stripes,too. They are everywhere now. I am stocking up!

  21. so sorry to hear you’re sick but wow do i ever LOOOVE those last shoes from TJMaxx – wonder of they’d be all the way up here in massachusetts?! definitely checking …

  22. Love the ballet/pointe shoe toes on those TJMaxx finds – perfect!

  23. So…I totally wear slips ALL the time. My friends make fun of me. I actually have one on now under a cotton dress. I mean it’s either panty lines or a slip. Gotta pick one! I’ve bought mine at Target or at a department store (i think)

    And I totally saw those JS flats at TJX last week…tried them on but passed. I might go back and get them. They are adorable!

  24. i love those shoes..i could see they were “jessica simpson.” my fave pair are her brand! i like “marshalls” shoe section too! i hope you feel better!!!

  25. I absolutely “Love” both pairs of shoes. Gonna go check out the cheap pair first. It’s hard to find a great pair of espadrills!

  26. Kohl’s has slips. It’s the only place I can ever find one.

  27. Vintage slips are the way to go! They don’t make them like they used to!!

  28. Nope, people do not wear slips any more. I got a few from my grandmother, but I’m not sure what I’ll do when they wear out.

  29. Have you started using a different format for your photos? I subscribe to your blog via GoogleReader, and suddenly for your last two posts I can’t see the images!

  30. Of course I want those shoes now – Jessica Simpson sometimes busts out with a great shoe!

  31. Oh yuck…hope you feel better soon. As far as slips go, I was once told by an older woman she was offended that she could see straight through my skirt (that I didn’t think was very sheer) so I’ve tried to wear a slip ever since. I’ve gotten mine at Target and JCPenny (their catalog/website has a bunch of options I can’t find elsewhere).

  32. Michelle says:

    I bought the same espadrilles at target in solid black- they didn’t have the stripes or I am sure I would’ve bought those too. Mine soles were wearing away on the first day- oh, well. I’ve got them on today. Worth the $15 I guess. Now, off to TJ Maxx to do some shoe shopping…okay, if my 2 1/2 year old will cooperate. Doesn’t seem to be high on his priority list today! ;)

  33. Erica I can’t tell you how much I love navy and white stripes with a punch of gold thrown into the mix. I’ve been craving a striped navy and white ticking upholstered english roll arm chair with casters, of course, ever since I saw Ashley Putnam’s living room. So of course, I think, those shoes are to die for!!!!

  34. I really hope you’re feeling better soon! Being sick is the worst. Love the shoes, too bad they have worn out so quickly. Can’t beat the price!

  35. Hope you feel better! The cortisone shot should be a good jump start. Rest up and drink lots of water! Love all the striped shoes! :)

  36. I LOVE slips and they are so hard to find. however, you should hit up Kohl’s! they have a good selection & it’s reasonably priced, too.

  37. love love love the nautical stripes!

  38. Can’t go wrong witha navy and white striped slip-on! I used to have a pair that I was in love with. Always got compliments when I wore them! This reminds me I should find myself another pair <3.

  39. I just bought the exact same shoes from Target and had the exact same experience with the soles! I was so disappointed but am hoping that the other layers on the soles hold up better? I guess that’s what you get for 14.99 shoes… sigh

  40. Love those T.J. Maxx shoes! I’m making a run to my local TJ Maxx to see if they have them. Pretty sure I need them.

  41. is my go-to place for slips and spanx!

  42. I got a pair of striped shoes almost just like your at Express and they have a different sole. I’ve worn them about 5 times and so far so good!! They even had the glitter ones like Toms.

  43. I have the same Tar-jay specials! Love them!

  44. I am with you on the slips! Where are they?! I think a lot of women/girls do not know about them! Have you noticed how a lot of women wear practically see-through skirts/dresses, and they are seemingly unaware? There should be public service announcements that if your skirt or dress is not lined, you need a slip. I found one that I liked (i.e., the fabric was not super-synthetic and hot) at a Hanes outlet last summer. But they are hard to find! You can see you hit a hot-button issue for me :-)

  45. Most of my dresses are lined,so I dont have the need for a slip….but I own several and will break them out when needed! I just wish I could find some that didnt “stick” in the Fl. heat. I also like the look of pantyhosed legs when you dress up….but I’m a lot older than you! My infirmary currently looks a lot like yours too. Feel better.

  46. I am a slip wearer (otherwise, I feel like I either have a panty line), but I agree, it is a dying undergarment! I couple of years ago I bought a nude one and a black one at a dept store, I think it may have been JCPenney? Good luck!

  47. I have the tar-jay shoes, love them but your right they wont last. I also don’t think there is anything like plastic between the outer and inner I wore them when it was wet out and my foot was soaked from the bottom all the way to the inside, absorption.

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