sketchy lampy stationery

I ordered too many navy envelopes when I sent out Sloane’s Valentines… what’s a girl to do with a pile of left over navy envelopes?  Have stationery designed around them, of course.  I’ve been married for quite a while now, but have never had stationery made with my married name… figured it was high time.  So I sketched up a few lamps and sent them to Megan at Toast & Laurel.  Here’s the final result, couldn’t decide between chartreuse and papaya – so I ordered both! (Sorry for the poor photo quality.. it was dark and these are grainy!)

lampy chartruese

chartr close up



Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to tackle a very long list of overdue thank you notes!  If you need custom stationary designed I highly recommend Toast & Laurel!


  1. I’ve been married for going on eight years and also have yet to have stationery with my married name printed. I must check out Toast & Laurel. They are beautiful and so simple! Love!

  2. I love that sketchy little lamp! Also, so envious of the next gal who gets to work alongside the two of you. If I lived in Florida, I would have sent my resume over with streamers and sparklers!

  3. So lovely! It’s funny, I was recently trying to decide on the color scheme for my daughter’s first birthday and couldn’t decide so I also went with chartreuse and papaya! I’m also including strawberry as a color to round it out. I love the idea of including navy.

  4. Oh how cute! I am really trying to restrain myself from buying stationery since I have a cajillion left over from my wedding stationery. 12 years ago!

  5. I love these! Your name looks great. Beautiful stationary will never go out of style.

  6. LOVE them! I love that they’re quirky and classic all at the same time!

  7. Those are great!

  8. Stands back from the keyboard in azemament! Thanks!

  9. kathlene says:

    Erika, the the stationery is really fun and classic. You and Megan down at Toast and Laurel have an impeccable eye for design.

  10. There is nothing like personalized stationary!! This is so cute! So much better then an email too!!

  11. i have got to hook up with her..i was in that area of houston just today..i love hte lamp!

  12. Love them and adore your sketch! Personalized stationery is the best!

  13. Erika, these are beautiful! Love Megan. She is so talented!! I have actually turned for her for help with a custom project since seeing one of your postings about her work! Truly a wonderful designer!!

  14. Megan’s work is wonderful, and she’s a joy in person! We got together recently and could’ve chatted all day! I recently closed the personalized stationery part of my business, but was thrilled to tell my clients about Megan!

    Your lamp sketch is too cute!

  15. I love stationary! LOVE. For my first married birthday, I ordered a set of 150 pieces with my new initials. I’m out of it now and I’ve ordered more. Gosh. It’s so fun.

    I think the orange is a more unexpected color to accompany navy. lime green and navy has been done. I’m all about the unexpected.

  16. cute! love personalized stationery!

  17. I’ve been missing your blog for awhile and I return to find style and cuteness as always! :)

  18. i’ve been needing to get new stationary :)

  19. They are perfect for you! I really love the lamp!

  20. Erika – I just posted about my visit to the Alluvian –

  21. When does the voting end for the TRADhome Top 20 Designers contest? If the voting is still on-going, please put the link to the voting on your home page and if possible, keep it there until the contest ends. As one of your many loyal blog readers who admires your eye for design and your sense of style, I would love for you to win!

  22. Soooo cute! I love the lamp idea! It turned out beautifully!

  23. Love it! So classy- simple and yet- personal! Great idea!

  24. those are awesome- I love that it is your sketch….I will have to look into this ASAP!

  25. what a fabulous finished product!

  26. Wow – so classy. Simple and yet – effective. Love this design.

  27. Simple.

    Love it :)

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