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It’s been a long couple of weeks.  Mothering a two year old, in and of itself, is emotionally and physically exhausting.  That, coupled with a lot of long hours at work and a construction project at the office, life has almost gotten the best of me lately.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like blogging.  Our cable has been out at the house, we went a week without internet and tv, which is a good excuse for my absence.  ;)

c IMG_3206

I owe you some answers on Sloaney’s birthday party.  I bought the red & white striped fabric from Ikea.


ikea fabic

Remember Annabelle’s birthday party?  That linen skirt was the inspiration for my table skirt.  I went with the red & white stripe because I can use it at Christmas, Valentine’s, 4th of July, and any other time of year I feel like throwing a party with a little red in the mix.   As a lover of green, I’ll be honest, I also bought enough to have a skirt made in the green & white stripe too. I just measured the antique pine bar that is in my kitchen and asked my seamstress to make a gathered skirt per my measurements.  I pre-washed the fabric so that if needed I can wash the skirt.

The invitations I designed and printed myself.  I bought the cardstock and envelopes on clearance earlier this summer at Paper-Source in Chicago.  As well as that fabulous red and white striped fabric tape.


fabric tape



On another note, while I was at Paper-Source I also treated myself to their vintage bicycle glasses.  A friend bought me the older version of these (which have beautiful bugs on them) a few years ago and I love the size, so I figured I’d add the bicycles to my collection…
bicycle glassesIf you have considered buying these, I can vouch for them… they are darling.  However, they aren’t joking about “Hand wash only.”  I now have 3 bicycle glasses, as one found it’s way to the dishwasher and the cuteness was washed away, it came out of the dishwasher without a trace of a bicycle.

I made Sloaney’s birthday cake.  It was strawberry cake out of a box (fancy, huh?) and the frosting came out of a tub (even fancier).  I bought round 6″ cake pans for her birthday last year and they are the perfect sized birthday cake for a little one.  My buddy Shane Carter taught me to add sour cream to boxed cake mix to make it more moist and people ranted and raved that it was the most moist and tasty strawberry cake they’d ever had.  Thank you, Shane Carter.  The polkadots…. obviously I’m not Betty Crocker and if the cake came out of a box I wasn’t going to spend two hours coloring and rolling fondant, so the polkadots were just red candy melts.

giant balloons

I ordered the giant red balloons online and seriously had to tow my cargo trailer to Publix to get the helium-inflated balloons home.  This MSR company is wholesale only, I couldn’t find them a retailer online, so I had to open an account to purchase.  Maybe Urban Grace needs to open a party supply website and sell these giant balloons?
cinnamon stick covergirl outlast

And backing up a little further, I had more inquiries about my lipstick in those pictures Marla took, which makes me laugh. It’s my old standby Covergirl Outlast.  Can’t remember if it’s 528 “Timeless Ruby” or 661 “Cinnamon Stick“?  Looking back at the pictures though, I’m leaning towards Cinnamon Stick, because it is a little more orange.


birthday candles

The tall skinny aqua birthday candles and the “2″ candle are by Tag, here they are on Amazon.


Alright, is anyone still reading?  Or have I bored you to the n-th degree with all that information?

Here’s a little of what’s been happening around here lately…

photo 17c

The view from my outdoor shower is delightful when my Mexican Sage is in full bloom.

photo 22c



photo 10c


I hope everyone appreciates this one.  I stood like a statue in my garden for over twenty minutes waiting for the hummingbirds to zip to the feeder…

photo 8c

photo 9c

September and October are my favorite months here at the beach.  The tourists are gone (no offense, tourists) and the weather is phenomenal.  I’m still enjoying my early morning bike rides.

photo 6c

Darby was in town over the weekend and even though I only got to see her for a few minutes, it was wonderful.  She had a weekend away with two of her precious friends and I know she enjoyed every second of it.
photo 5c

photo 3c

I’ve been hoarding this sink for years, finally wrapping up the office renovation/addition and it is going to be installed… soon, very soon. Chance is a saint when it comes to holding things up for me.
photo 12c
photo 13c



photo 15c

This past Tuesday night my girl and I went to the park and look what we found… a vintage ice cream truck selling shaved ice.

Our friends have new chickens.  (I’m a wee bit jealous.)  Sloane LOVES them.

photo 16c


That’s it from here… happy Friday, friends!


  1. Love, love, love your garden. Looks like a true labor of love. Please show up pics of your updated office space! Sometimes a short time getting unplugged from the tv/internet is so good. :) Glad to see you back.

  2. *us*, not up. Dang typos!

  3. I have heard that the beach is much less crowded now than during the summer…so my husband and I are making the LONG trip from Illinois to our favorite beach down your way (Cape San Blas) to check it out…(we go every summer). Funny….we had a more difficult time booking a beach house now then we do in the summer….it seems crazy busy!!!!! I love your couch pictured with your sweet little girl…need to find something similar… pretty.

  4. bless your little heart for answering all those questions, complete with links. loved catching up with you! have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I dream of living in your garden one day. So if you see some feet sticking out from under one of the gorgeous bushes then just know that it’s me sleeping. I promise I’m not creepy. We just moved away from there for a year and I’m itching to get back. I miss everything about living at the beach! I love love love the picture of Sloane “planking” on the couch and table. She is adorable and looks exactly like my niece, but with brown hair. So cute!!

  6. Sorry to ask but, how much sour cream? Thanks!

  7. erika, i used to live across the bridge from apalachicola (toward st george island). you’re right…. october is the best there. no crowds and super weather. your lantanas (i think that’s what the butterfly landed on) are gorgeous! i planted mine in the heat of late august (at our new home in dallas) and they’re suffering because of it. and… thanks for playing statue…. love hummingbirds! pam

  8. your garden is gorgeous and I love that sink for your office. One question, what type of printer do you use? Sloane’s invitations printed out so nicely. Mine doesn’t do quite as well.
    Thanks for sharing everything with us!

  9. Girlfriend, love the skirt idea for mucho holidays!! Leave it to you for great ideas ;) Hope you get to relax a little this weekend. Tell your sweet family “Hey!” xo

  10. I really love your images. The idea for the fabric you used for your party was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Is that a Boston Terrier on Sloane’s shirt in the shaved ice picture?? ahhh…. I have 2 Bostons! And 0 kids but I think I need this shirt for my future babies! where’s it from??

  12. I am one of those annoying tourist that like to come to the beach in September. At the risk of sounding crazy- it is good to hear what you have been up to. I actually wondered this morning if you and Darby were OK. Am I a bonafide blog stalker, or what?
    That red and white table skirt is delicious!

  13. Is Sloaney planking? That photo made me giggle :)

  14. THAT GARDEN!!!

  15. I feel like doing a face plant on my couch, too…..and maybe pout a little?!? Two year old’s are fun!! Have a good weekend :)

  16. Your backyard is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I hear you, but way down here in South Florida our tourist season is just about to kick up. Your yard looks so wonderful, I really need to take a class or something. I wouldn’t know where to begin. You’re a busy girl, enjoy your downtime when you have it!

  18. Is Sloane planking?!

  19. hey erika! love the details :) with 3 little boys birthdays coming up i’ll steal some ideas for sure :) is that charcoal gray caulk in your subway tiles? i was thinking about that in my kitchen. xoxo

  20. i meant gray grout :) hahahahahahhaaha

  21. I love all the links! So many different shops and sites. I must start doing as you do, I’m dreadful and just go to one shop for everything. Sloane is looking as gorgeous as ever. Have a great weekend.

  22. Ok, the image of Sloane face down on the couch is so darn funny. As the mother of 3, I sure can relate to that! I wish I could have always been this jovial in the midst of it around here! I think it might be weird that I recognize that sink. I hope not. I think you should visit your friends with chickens a lot…and be glad you don’t have to clean up after them. I think it might cease being a good thing. Enjoy your weekend!

  23. I like that planking picture of your daughter. Good form.

  24. Very important question!! LOL !!!
    How much sour cream do you add to the cake mix and do you sub that for oil!

  25. it looks like Sloane is planking….too funny! love that sink!

  26. your so helpful! and your backyard is amazing! great shot of the butterfly! your daughter is a hoot! beautiful pix!

    ashley over @
    {hooked on hickory}

  27. Your garden is pure bliss! How nice of you to share your party sources too. Looking forward to seeing more of your construction project at the office!

  28. Did you steal my child and place him facedown on your couch? Because he’s the one constantly face down throwing tantrums. You’d think that he had a perma-ice cream cone that everyone keeps stealing and eating. I feel ya’ on that one.

    Loved your garden. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I know you are a designer–and so perhaps it’s expected–but still, you’ve done a great job with your house. It’s been fun to follow along!

    Hope you are well. :)

  29. Big balloons at! Thanks for sharing all of your resources!!

  30. You are a woman after my own heart. Make it easy and make it work. Sounds like shades of Tim Gunn. I love that the polka dots were candy melts. I am gonna have to try that one. We have birthdays rapidly approaching with Little One turning two the end of this month and Little Two turning one in seven weeks. God is good, and I cannot complain. Being a grandmother is the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s what makes approaching sixty palatable. That, and the new hip! Oh well, I digress. Blessings to you and know that we in blogworld have missed you, but appreciate that you are giving your time to what matters most! Carry on!

  31. I’ve had a sno ball from that truck! Mmm Mmm good!

  32. What a sweetheart you are to answer all those questions and provide the resources. Sloane just gets more adorable! Sounds like your priorities are straight-blogging doesn’t have to be high on that list. You have to take good care of yourself to be able to take good care of the ones you love. So….don’t forget yourself!

  33. Sending hugs and love to you E!! XOXO

  34. Your garden is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing! You’ve got to be one of the busiest women in the business and I love getting little glimpses into your life. Have a great weekend!

  35. Beautiful garden! Can I ask what kind of camera you have?

  36. Loved all of the sources ! thanks for taking the time to share- you are one busy mamma and I know the effort it takes to publish a post!

  37. Renata Ledwick says:

    I have a 3 year old girl – it gets better – more rational, at least. Three is a bit more sassy than two!!! I just need to remember if I were watching at a distance I would find half of our power struggles to be hilarious! Hang in there! Wine nights with other moms are my saving grace!
    Thank you for sharing – I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog and am mostly scared of the guilt of not keeping my blog up to date. I think we all get that your busy – so don’t worry just share when you can!

  38. Do you have any favorite sources for basic white subway tiles?

  39. I just “pinned” on Pinterest one of your photos from Sloane’s birthday party – I loved it!!! I am trying to get ideas :) Hope you don’t mind!!

  40. Thanks for sharing all your great resources! Love your style of parties – so simple but yet the details are beautiful! Great job!

  41. Sloane had the sweetest party. Thanks for sharing the details. You used a lot of good ideas that can be borrowed by busy moms.

  42. thanks for the sources! i love the balloons and want to do them for my baby girl’s first b-day in December….how in the world did you order them? i created an account, but can’t figure out how to add to my basket. Do you mind me asking how much they were? also has them so I want to see which would be better. thanks :)

  43. Wow, beautiful photographs. I loved your party for Sloane, My little boy’s birthday is coming up soon so I’ve got lots of ideas from you!

  44. I can’t tell you enough how inspired I am by your blog! Your adorable family, amazing career {and success!}, and creative mind! I love stopping by and catching up on your life :)

  45. I like it a lot. I can feel that you paid much attention for those articles, as all of them make sense and are very useful. Especially entries are to use two different types of tile or stone.

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