Southern hospitality, Viking style

Allison and I have returned from our adventures in Mississippi.  We had an amazing time.  Viking invited us to participate in 4 days of appliance training and cooking school.  Hmm, I’ll be honest, I was a bit apprehensive.  Appliance training?  I love appliances, but 4 days of training?  We bit the bullet and went for it, and are so very glad we did.  We could not have had a better time!  And thanks to all your feedback on where to eat and shop in Mississippi we took our sweet time journeying north and basically ate our way through the great state!!  Here are a few pictures of adventures…




 crescent city grill


vent hood for lori






club wispers



pizza and butter


original range dwg
range design

new friends

allison at the catfish fryer




range on the line

fridge testing area

z b a

chocolate tarte and ventilation training


wine tasting

cooking school



viking 2

designer viking

outdoor viking


zack lavender



friendly competition

viking 3

viking on wheels

training center doors

delta kitchen

box lunch

big house renovation




back entry to hotel

alluvian sign

courtyard fountain



commercial viking island

spatula city




mockingbird bakery yummmm




alluvian spa



pita mozz

old house depot jackson



Our time at Viking was nothing short of fantastic. Perfect, really.  We learned a lot and had an absolute blast doing it.  Laughed and ate and drank and ate some more and made new friends… it was great.  We toured the manufacturing facilities, we cooked on all sorts of Viking appliances, they treated us to wine tasting, fantastic meals (Giardinas and Delta Bistro), and put us up in the beautiful Alluvian Hotel.  We didn’t make it to the spa, so we’ll just have to go back.

This post could get really, really, really long… but I’m gonna keep it short and sweet, hopefully the pictures are proof enough that good times were had by all. We stopped in Jackson on our way up and our way back and I was able to see an old friend who I love dearly, not once, but twice!  Such a treat!

Thank you to our new friends at Viking for showering us with Southern hospitality and for arming us with knowledge that makes us better designers.  We hope to be invited back one day!!

If you have a minute to watch these videos please do…

And if you are considering a visit to Greenwood… I highly recommend it!

A few links…

Alluvian Hotel

Viking Cooking School

Giardina’s Restaurant

Delta Bistro

Viking Range


For my local friends, there’s a mini-version of this right here on the Emerald Coast!  Across from Silver Sands there is a brand new Viking Cooking School (next to McAllister’s Deli). They offer really great cooking classes and have lots of Viking appliances on display.  That’s actually where all of this started, I went in there to check out their new set up and my friend Margaret invited us to Greenwood.  Thank you Margaret and my friends at GM Appliance and HADCO!!  Here are a few photos I snapped that day that I dropped in…
viking destin
viking destin2


  1. Love the pictures…where is the one with all the blue glass from?

  2. Looks like heaven to me. I love kitchen appliances, and 4 days with them? How cool! Thank you for sharing.

  3. So glad you had such a great time! Next time – you’ll have to try Lusco’s :)

  4. Jennifer says:

    So great, you are!!! Memories…

  5. What an amazing opportunity – glad you took advantage of it! Any to-die-for recipes to share?

  6. So glad y’all had such a great time in Mississippi. And so glad you made it to Keifer’s. I used to live in Jackson and it was a favorite. Was actually able to make it that way on Friday night and the turkey melt, pita mozz, and cottage fries were such a treat!! And glad you enjoyed the Alluvian. Love that place!

  7. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us:)

  8. omg, this looks so fabulous…i would be in HEAVEN there – in viking school and with mississippi eats!!

  9. what a fun trip! I’m so jealous… and now I want to eat bacon!

  10. I’m glad you made it to Keifers! It is my favorite!!

  11. I don’t think I could contain myself around all the beauty! My forever house will have a Viking range. I don’t even know how it is rated, good I’m sure, but I want it just for looks. Theres something about those red knobs that make me weak in the knees!Looks like a good time you had!

  12. LeAnne Gault says:

    I’m so glad y’all had such a good time! Come back soon!


  13. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good trip!

  14. So fun! We gave my mom gift certificates to the Viking School for Mothers Day last year. She and her best friend went for a long weekend, they took a TRAIN from NOLA to get to Greenwood (isn’t that so oldschool and fun?!), and stayed at the Alluvian too! They very much enjoyed the spa… The HELP was being filmed in Greenwood when they were there, they just raved about that sweet southern town and all the great people at Viking! I am dying to go!

  15. I just died and gone to Viking heaven! Thanks for sharing your experience and all those shiny, pretty pictures. :)

  16. I had never heard of the Viking School, but it sounds like ya’ll had a great time. I love all the pictures, especially the ones of the places in town and on the road. It looks really relaxing there…I might need to go!

  17. That Viking kitchen is my idea of heaven. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Super fun! Maybe one day I’ll have a Viking Range. One can only dream, right?! Luscos’ is a must next time you are in Greenwood. Keifer’s is my favorite, and Old House Depot is such a wonderful place. Glad you enjoyed Mississippi. Come back soon!

  19. julie carter says:

    this makes me so happy!! being from mississippi… those you tube videos made me so happy and the fact you went bc most ppl have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to mississippi!!!

  20. OMG Erika! Isn’t that just the most wonderful place ever???? I am doing an art show April 15th along with Chef Martha Hall Foose (husband is the Viking baker) yumminess+++…Anyway, Martha will be signing her new cookbook and I’ll be doing a Solo Show. It will be at Turnrow Books. Some really famous singer who’s name I forgot will be playing as well. I’m sure you saw the bookstore, it’s wonderful!! Loved the pics! I love Greenwood!

  21. oops, I meant April 12th!

  22. That looked like an AMAZING trip!!! and it confirmed for sure- that I NEED some Viking in my life;)

  23. Please please please tell us where the plethora of colored glass jars are!!!

  24. Candace Horner says:

    Perfectly delectable pics, the melting butter, the tin ceiling, the FOOOOOOD, the shiny Vikings, OMG! Thanks for all the ooohs and aaaahs and for sharing your wonderful trip; such a quaint town, looks like paradise!!!

  25. What a great trip!!! What I wouldn’t do for a Viking Kitchen!!

  26. what a wonderful opportunity! everything looks SO nice too! great pics! glad you had fun! :)

  27. Wow – I love all of the pictures!! I didn’t realize Viking had a cooking school. pretty cool. Looks like you had an amazing trip…Can I tag along on one your trips?! lol they all look like so much fun!

  28. Looks like a lot of fun! And now I can’t stop humming, “I’m goin’ to Jackson…”

  29. You have made me wish even more that I was with y’all! Are you friends with all those people now!? Looks like a blast and I want to know what you did with all that butter!?!? Yum!

  30. Erika,
    It was great meeting you and Alison at Viking training. Hope to see y’all again soon.

  31. my husband and i spent our anniversary at the alluvian last year and are planning to do it up again this year. our dinner at giardinas was literally the best meal i’ve ever had in my entire life. you definitely need to check out the spa next time, and i’ll check out a cooking class at viking. such a great little getaway not too far from memphis!

  32. I’m no chef, but I want to become one after seeing these photos. Wow!

  33. So glad you went to Keifer’s! It is my favorite place to go when I am home.

  34. Greenwood if such a fun weekend trip, especially for a romantic getaway!

  35. How funny…I was just looking at The Alluvian yesterday on line b/c one of our clients was the specifier on the project. Would love to visit this little town. Looks like y’all had fun.

  36. I tried to book a last minute get away at the Alluvian a few months ago, but the spa was closed on my day. I hear the hotel is really nice and can’t wait to check it out. 4 days of Viking School sounds intense, but glad to hear it was fun.

    I would personally love a professional range myself.

  37. What a fantastic post! I’m originally from Mississippi and so thrilled that Viking is there. This looks like the most amazing girl’s weekend (not to mention that you were working too!!! bonus.) M.

  38. I totally “get” what a great time ya’ll had.
    I have been to training classes for “another vendor” that we sell appliances for through my homebuilder and it is always so educational- BUT FUN! What I wouldn’t give to do the same for Viking! WOW!
    Looks like a fun southern road trip!

  39. wow, incredible!

  40. at first glance i thought “omg, how cool are those blue refrigerators!” then i realized it is just the protective coating. pam

  41. Where did you get that gorgeous cream top with the big collar? I love it!

  42. Charlotte Lacey says:

    Hi Erika
    I am one of your English fans and absolutely love your blog and all your interiors work. I hope it’s not too cheeky to ask for advice on the blog…. but we are ding a major renovation project, including installing a new kitchen. (we are putting a Plain English kitchen in, am sure you have come across, but if not check out the website). Anyway, against all advice here we want a Carrara marble worktop – impractical, apparently but so lovely. I have seen examples of your work with this marble, and wondered what your advice is to your clients? To use or not to use… Honed or Polished? How to treat/maintain/clean etc… No-one will help me here…
    Thanks so much
    Charlotte x

  43. stephanie says:

    pita mozz!!!!!!

  44. We had two Viking stoves in our home growing up and these brought me back. Looks like fun. Thanks for the post!

  45. Im drooling over these appliances!

  46. LOVE the Old House Depot shot! It makes me wish Mississippi was closer to Virginia! Do they have a website? I just did a post on herringbone on my blog and linked your photo of the chevron backsplash. I hope you get a chance to check it out sometime. I really enjoy reading your blog! Awesome job!!!

  47. Looks so fun. Unless the quality has changed I would never buy one of their dishwashers. We bought two when we built our kitchen and they are both money pits. But they do look good.

  48. Wowza, what an amazing trip!!!

  49. Natalie G says:

    I was excited to see your post on your Mississippi trip! Greenwood is just one of many visit-worthy small towns in Mississippi. Viking Range Corp. and founder Fred Carl have been central to Greenwood’s downtown revitalization progress. Here’s hoping for more companies taking an active interest in their town’s historic downtown as opposed to the burbs!

  50. um…awesome! very jealous! love me some Sip!

  51. That looks like an absolute BLAST! ALL of it! The viking school particularly, and everything else too. The place with the old school bathtubs too. OH GOSH, I would love to peruse that store!

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