spring hasn’t sprung yet, so we’re daydreaming


A. very fun striped top B. never worn purple nail polish, but why not?   C. a big gold cuff D. an edgy mom suit E. a rolling box for Sloaney’s toys F. cut off shorts  G. I have the Gizehs in silver, but need a new pair (may go gold) and in my searching I found the Kairo Braided… I like them a LOT   H. I need a lightweight bag that I can find my cell phone in, I think this one will solve my problems    I.  Plant Nanny, my sister’s mother-in-law had this in a planter on her front porch and I loved it!  It’s a terracotta stake that you place a wine bottle full of water in and then stick in your planter.  I have some planters that I have to water often, these would sure be handy.   J. Giant Zinnia seeds.  It’s garden-starting season.  Zinnias are my favorite annuals!


A. Warmer weather always makes me want a margarita. Preferably in a cactus-stemmed glass. B. Fabric for for spring. Perfect for pillows on the big yellow bench. C. New sunglasses. D. A fun clutch. E. A bright yellow bench. F. Is march too late to start a journal for the year? I love this One Line a Day journal, mainly because it doesn’t involve too much thought or time. G. Obsessed with this locket. H Citrus decoupage plates. I. Because Verizon is finally carrying it, and I am officially the last person on the face of the world to still have a flip phone. J. And if I am going to do it, might as well do it in style with this Iphone case.


A. This Katie Leede fabric is my favorite for Spring B. Ray Ban New Wayfarers C. I love anything vintage inspired, or straight from my Grandmothers kitchen cabinets. I would gladly fill this lovely cup full of sweet tea! D. Gorgeous necklace to wear with a tank top or sundress E. Personalized notepads – I’m always looking for a notepad F. Yum, chips-n-dip G. I recently purchased this chapstick and it is AWESOME H. Judith March put it together perfectly for me. I love bluebirds and I love spring dresses I. Ping pong, yes please!! J. This barstool is simply wonderful.







  1. y’all are seriously making me ache for warmer weather. and i’ve got a long wait because here in seattle spring, summer and july 4th all occur on the same day.

    great picks! pam

  2. I am so ready for spring! I’m lucky it comes pretty early in Texas! Love all your wish lists!


  3. I just took off that nail polish color today and was contemplating what shade will be next. Happy almost Spring…it’s gorgeous here in TX. Hope you’re having the same kind of weather. We’ve been rodeo-ing over here! xx

  4. Haha, Allison, I too was the last person on this earth with a flip phone. Every time I pulled it out my friend’s laughed. I just upgraded to the iphone on verizon and it has changed my life. Also, I bought that locket for my best friend for her birthday. Best present ever…

  5. I’m loving all of the posts! Seriously love all of the choices – I just went through and bookmarked like crazy! I’m loving the mom suit, Erika…just worried it would push my boobs even flatter if that’s possible. I was hoping yoga would allow me to wear a bikini again, but it’s not looking very hopeful! lol I’m loving the kairo braided sandals – sending the link to Sam as a hint!! ;)

  6. I can’t wait for Spring! Everyone’s picks makes me want to shop. You will love the Plant Nanny! I picked them up in Fairhope a year ago; makes watering fast and fun. Tell Allison I will come sip margaritas with her!

  7. Thanks for the ideas- and the source lists- Im shopping online now :)

  8. All this warm-weather-daydreaming makes me wish I was still in Seaside wearing that sweet bluebird sundress and Braided Kairo sandals (though it got really cold after the race on Sunday). I guess I’ll be daydreaming until my friend’s bachelorette party brings us back to SoWal in April.

  9. That was so much fun! I’m ready to shop :)

  10. Love those Gizeh sandals – I just ordered them in silver. Haven’t worn Birks since I was like 16.

  11. Allison- have you seen Kate spades gorgeous iPhone cases for spring? Love!

  12. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    I tried to click on the link for the barstool on Lauren’s wish list (which i LOVE) and the link didn’t work. Can you fix this or list the source in a future post? I’d love to see where these are from and what they cost.

  13. Great post! I’m so ready for spring!!

  14. UMMM- So the Cairo braided birks are so HOT! I think I might have to purchase a pair- I have the Gizah’s in silver too- wear them all the time- but I really like those Cairos in brown!!!

  15. Loving these frequent posts! As if it needs saying, but I’ll say it again(because you can never hear it too much), you girls have some seriously great style! Thanks for sharing. Loving the plant nanny and the yellow bench.

  16. I still have a flip phone!! Don’t hate! Just can’t help the ease of it!
    Wishing some warm weather would come as well!!

  17. Where did you find the barstool? Love it, but the link doesn’t come through.

  18. Fun post! Love the cool finds!

  19. Seriously LOVE this blog!!! Just spent an hour looking at all the amazing things…still need to do lunch..me you and marla..we made it the other day but she said Sloane wasnt feelin to good..Soon:)

  20. Fun! I have a whole list of new must-haves now. Love love love the barstool.

  21. My girls have that essie shade! They love it! (and I love that Walmart now sells it!!)

  22. I love each of these lists. They definitely got me in the mood for spring… and this is so random but my name is the sample on the dabney lee notepads! I guess they took a picture of mine before sending it to me. I have it on my desk right now (love the pattern and color) and have 2 backups in my desk drawer.

  23. NEED the barstool – link does not work :(. love the post.

  24. Katharina says:

    More a comment on the last post – since you are obviously good dealing with small spaces and your sister is dreaming of an Airstream: http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2011/3/9/airstream-dreams.html :)

  25. Love your list! A few weeks ago blogged about my longchamp bag… http://nameisgrace.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-favorite-bag.html . It is my favorite bag and ive had it for over 6 years. Worth the splurge.Happy spring shopping:) xo grace

  26. my tulips are coming up! I cannot wait to try zinnias this year!

  27. Talk about a mini vacay! Love the favorites lists. Especially that fabric on Lauren’s list. divine. M.

  28. Oh, Allison, you’re in good company. My flip phone uses duct tape to hold the battery in place. It’s time for an iPhone. I love your lists. Erika’s purse is fabulous. And the rolling box–I’m always looking for a cool alternative to the stack of newspapers headed out for recycling. Thanks for the lists!

  29. The ping pong set did it for me:) I think it will end up in one of my kids’ Easter baskets. I think there may be something wrong with me ?

  30. love it when you guys do this :) i got my lucky bag from one of Allison’s wish boards. i guess i talked about it long enough that hubby decided to get it for me. Erika, i thought you were going to plant the zinnias in the rolling crate. How sweet would that be? but sloaney’s toys will work, too. thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

  31. Great inspiration, ladies! I always have fun seeing what you like. Allison, when you get your iphone, my husband and I will officially be the last people on earth with flip phones.

  32. Love what you girls have going on for Spring. The birks and cutoffs are my faves. And the zinnia seeds make me a little jealous that I don’t have a green thumb.

  33. Plant nanny – how cute! ALL the Anthropologie suits are so good.

  34. It’s been ages since i left a comment, I have been keeping up with you guys, I have just tied up with all my little blessings. Anywho, this is about 5 post late, but when you are in Mobile go to atchison imports on dauphin st 3 floors of great stuff. Pcola hit up DUH.

  35. Love the inspiration here! So many great options. I think we are all dying for spring to get here!

  36. yellow longchamp-BUY IT! there is a open pocket on the side, my blackberry and husband’s iphone fit in there prefectly! they clean well too.

  37. I can’t wait for Spring either! I am loving all of your pics Allison!!!

  38. Every bit of this makes my heart sing. SO ready for spring!

  39. Allison – I bought that iphone case and I absolutely love it! I went about a year without a case because I was looking for the perfect one…six months later and I’m still obsessed with it :) That says a lot coming from the gemini in me that’s always changing her mind!

  40. I am smitten with all the spring lists! I just wanted to share a website that has fabulous swim suits very similar to the one that Ericka had on her list. The website is marysiaswimstore.com. Also, I have noticed the lip color that you were wearing on your Chicago trip, please share.

  41. so sad, i ordered that suit after seeing this the other day, doesn’t fit my long torso….they need to make extra long! i do love it though :(

  42. Ok…an edgy mom suit. This kills me! What a perfect description.

    And Allison, I just got an iphone last weekend and after having it for 3 days informed my husband that he may have to stage an intervention. Seriously.

    Lauren, I think Wayfarers are so cool and that I am just slightly not cool enough to wear them… but I did just buy a pair of (imitation) aviators. When I put them on I’m capable of just about anything!

    Have a great day ladies, and thanks for the inspiration!

  43. Your style is very unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this blog.

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