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c IMG_5215

Our friends got chickens, I believe I’ve told you this already.  Chance was elated because they are within walking distance of our home and we aren’t responsible for cleaning up any chicken poop.  We get the pleasure of visiting the girls and.. ahem, boys.  That’s right.  Two accidental roosters in their mix.  Anyway, I’ve been crowned fairy godmother and I am very proud.  (Just for the record, I still think we need a few chickens of our own.)  My friend asked me to do a little fairy godmothering this weekend while they were going to be out of town.  You know, check on the chickens.  Sloane and I bundled up ran over this morning to check on the birds.  She was in heaven, until she realized they weren’t too interested in her.

c IMG_5236 copy


c IMG_5231

My girl is much like her Momma.  She got distracted playing farmer and decided to try her hand at a little decorating.  Perhaps it was that she knew these cushions were covered in Scalamandre.  😉

c IMG_5248
c IMG_5258

She worked so hard aligning her cushions she collapsed when she completed her task.  I doubt we’ll be getting a call from Scalamandre’s marketing dept requesting rights to these photos, this is probably the first time their fabric has been paired with astroturf.

c IMG_5266

c IMG_5275


There are not words to express my love for that girl.  We have spent so much quality time together this week, and while it’s a lot of work and exhausting work, it’s so very rewarding.

As we were leaving she spotted this contraption… and  I had to bribe her.  These friends who have the chickens are also the friends who introduced me to the hydroponic garden system.  Theirs is just a little bigger than mine!  😉


Someone may ask… Sloaney’s jacket is Lands End from last year, her boots are OshKosh.  The moose hat is from Target.

While we are talking about clothes, let’s talk about Joules. Joules is based in London, but a client of ours in Boston is responsible for sales/marketing in the US… and that’s from memory, I could totally be wrong on exactly what she does for the company, but I do know one thing for sure… she is very generous.  After we posted that we were madly in love with their sweatshirts she emailed asking for our sizes.  Last week a big ole box of goodies arrived.  It was like Christmas.  Thank you, Marie!!!!!  This is a terrible iphone picture… but you get the idea.


Sloane really scored.  The goodies for her made my heart skip a beat.  This very Auburn-y tunic top/dress is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.  And you fellow Auburn people who are reading need to hurry and scoop this dress up- it’s on CLEARANCE now!  It runs small.  Sloane is a 2T and hers is a size “3” and fits perfectly, so order up a size.  I attempted to photograph her in it yesterday, but she wasn’t exactly in the mood for pictures…

C IMG_5192 copy




Have you seen me this weekend?  If you have, you saw me in this… I put it on Friday night and here it is Sunday afternoon and I’m still wearing it.  Did I sleep in it last night?  Hmmm…. perhaps.  I usually wear an XS, and mine is a UK size 8, fits perfectly.
SWEATSHIRTSo now I can really vouch for Joules… their stuff is fantastic!  I just need those orange ugg slippers to complete my weekend uniform and I’m set until Spring.  But wait, it rains here a lot in the winter so I’d need a back up for the Uggs.  I believe that the other boots in my closet would be delighted to welcome these guys to the crowd…

joules wellies




  1. Love the pics! So adorable. Being a working mom is so tough and sometimes the neccessary evil! But you do amazing work and I know your clients are graeteful for that side of you too!!

  2. Melissa Tarleton says:

    Every day my first prayer when I wake up and my last before I go to sleep is just “please don’t let me screw this up.” It’s so, so, SO hard to be a good everything, isn’t it? You are obviously doing an amazing job with that precious girl. The design work– not too shabby either:-) Sloane is the same age as my youngest, and I can tell you that it will feel A LOT easier in two more years– even the balance part. Hang in there:-)

  3. Love waking up and seeing that you’ve blogged!! 🙂 I loved all of the pictures and the details….not boring at all! Sloane is too cute all bundled up wearing her moose hat…. I thought those were new boots – I love them!! I tried finding some vintage frye boots on ebay a few months ago but wasn’t having any luck with any that I liked enough to bid on… you always get lucky! 😉 I’ve had that sweatshirt saved to my favorites…. might have to put it on my Christmas wish list. 🙂

  4. So sorry Sloane was sick this week. My hubby works a lot and I can relate to that exhaustion. The photos from the chicken coop are adorable! And I’m incredibly jealous of the clothes – what a great connection for you to have! The striped sweatshirt looks so incredibly comfy. I’ll have to check them out! Ok I’m headed to Ebay to see if I can score some Frye boots for myself… Happy Monday!

  5. Congrats on the boots score, they are gorgeous!

  6. Lori Murphy says:

    erika…sadly, i wish i could tell you that the worry will get better, that the balance will get easier but alas, no, i cannot….i will tell you that the physical exhaustion will be replaced by mental exhaustion as the kids get older but the worry is always there.
    eventually, we can only worry about what we can control (which, with three teenagers, is constantly an issue) and consume more red wine (my mother-in-law is always saying that our generation doesn’t drink enough-instead, we obsess about our kids….mmmm, maybe she’s right?)

    your blog has been a lovely reminder for me of what life was like with my kids when they were little while also inspiring design details for my home.
    you are amazing! thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with us…

  7. I love, love, love all of the Joules goodies. I’ve gotten on their site quite a few times and debated buying some goodies of my own, but the shipping is just too high for me to justify the purchase to my hubby. Oh well. But I’m seriously tempted to buy that adorable Auburn-ish tunic for my “future” daughter- pitiful I know!

  8. Your little Sloaney is getting sooo big!! And looking more and more like you every day. I love chickens and have been trying to convince my husband that we need them as well. For now…I have honey bees…chickens are next…then goats. 🙂 I have a 2011 chicken calendar and I am dreading the end of the year. There go my girls! I remember when you posted the Joules sweatshirts a few months back! I loved them then and really love them now that it is sub-zero here in Boston. The sales rep is here, eh? I might have to reach out!! And, you could never bore any of us with design posts!! I think that’s what we all love so very much about your blog! I know that I live vicariously through your clients…my house is full of mis-matched tiles and ugly fixtures. I always think “someday Erika will design my home too”. 🙂

  9. That sweatshirt is great! They’ve been selling their polos at horse shows and some tack shops for years now. I’ve even seen their wellies. I will have to keep my eyes open for that sweatshirt though, loving all the detailing in it!

  10. I’m so excited to see pictures of your home decorated for Thanksgiving, and all the cute kiddos running around. You are always very inspiring Erika!

  11. any blog post from you is just wonderful … be it about design, clothing … or chickens … they are always so fun! and i totally can related to the whole working mother thing. it is hard and something that i struggle with too … i agree we just have to take everything one day at a time and such soak up as much “little girl” time that we can … my Caroline is 18 months. hang in there and keep sharing these wonderful posts!

    and ps — we’re hosting thanksgiving for my family too! so thrilled and a bit nervous too! i think we may attempt to use our wedding china for the very first time (we were married over 4 years ago and still have yet to eat off it!)

  12. I totally get the working mom balance thing… Sometimes its hard to ignore the negativity associated with it but then I just pat myself on the back and think, we are doing great. Crazy but great and I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s 🙂
    Good luck with Thanksgiving. Very exciting!
    And I love your mom posts just as much as your design posts.

  13. Erika, I have been loving your blog for a few months now and feel compelled to comment on this post. Wow, your words about mothering and working really hit home to me. It’s like you read my mind. You are not alone! And just maybe there’s some comfort for us all in knowing that.

  14. Paulina J! says:

    Your baby is absolutely precious! I have serious baby fever going on and my husband and I have strated trying after 7 years of marriage. To say I’m excited is truly an understatement. Love your Frye boots! I broke down this weekend and bought my first pair!! I had a 20% off coupon and was able to get the Melissa in a dark brown for less than $300 dollars. I’m in love with them and can’t wait for them to get that aged look which I’m sure won’t take too long since I’ll be wearing them all the time!!

  15. Love that little orange and blue dress- too cute!! As always- precious pics of your girl!

  16. Erika – you never bore us — be it about work or family — I’m always so happy to see a new post from you. Love that you’re spending so much time with Sloane — that’s the most important thing you will ever do…the fact that you happen to do it with great style is just another reason we love your blog!

  17. I think I’ve been reading your blog for too long…I was watching 48 hours mystery last night, and a man was on the show (for the whole episode), and right when I saw him I thought, looks just like your husband! WEIRD, he has a twin that’s into music in Austin, in case you were wondering.
    I love your design pictures, and Sloaney pictures!

  18. Just a new follower and love your photography, design aestetic and HONESTY! I think so many of us feel like you do between loving our jobs but scared it will take over our lives and never having enough time for family/friends. You are right – one day at a day! 🙂

  19. Chickens, Joules, Vintage Fryes, never a bore!! One day at a time!!!

  20. not a boring post at all! my favorites are always the ones that just tell real life and have lots of pictures! Sloane is such a precious girl! and those boots are pretty awesome as well!

  21. i LOVED this post. cute baby clothes and unintentionally SEC themed clothes are RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, especially since it looks like they have a purple and gold sweatshirt too!

  22. erika-
    as a long time ebayer 🙂 here’s a tip: go to and you put in the top bid you’re willing to pay and they bid for you…sniper attack in the last 5 seconds. That way you’ll never miss an auction and can be busy doing other things and not forget to bid. I LOVES it 😉

  23. My gift to you, are two simple words…auction sniper. It has changed my life! I haven’t bid on auctions in years, they do it for me. All you have to do is set up an account with them, deposit some funds into your account because they do not do it for free (they charge very little, $5 lasts me a long time). When an auction comes up, copy and past the listing number into your snipe box, set your highest price limit, they will bid at the last 5 seconds of the auction…you can try sniping yourself but that involves you hanging around and refreshing and god forbid there is a glitch and you miss it and they go for a few bucks! I love all of your posts, so just keep them coming! I am a mom of 5, I work from home, so opening a side window to read blogs while working relaxes me…sigh:)

  24. Hi Erika, I have been following your blog for sometime now. I have no idea how I stumbled onto it, but I love your interior designs and what is really inspiring to me is the photos you take on your blog of random things in your everyday life and your little girl. I’m an illustrator and I’m wondering if you would mind if I used some of your images for reference for my paintings someday? Please let me know at your convenience. Thanks so much, Cheryl

  25. Erika, I love your posts!!! You are not boring!! I love to know where all your cute clothes come from. Thank you so much for sharing your life!

  26. Ummm….Can I just say, those Frye boots are amazing!

  27. I can totally relate – I’m 8.5 months pregnant, still wrapping up client projects (and just taking a new one on… I must be crazy), and trying to finish our nursery and keep up with my own blog and life in general – and I don’t even have the baby yet! We all appreciate every post you write, but we know that your family is #1 and that’s a very good thing… you are doing great!!! Balance is overrated! 😉

  28. Love the real life posts like this. Thanksgiving will be very special at your house. Will Darby come and cook? 🙂 I always put my sisters to work!!!

  29. So much cuteness – I love your detailed blogs like this; thank you! Of course, the one thing I was curious about, her green cords from the last post, was the one thing you didn’t mention :(. I’m always on the hunt for good cords each winter for my 3 year old – not loving all the color-ways out there this year, though. Those Clarks and Joules dress are darling! Love the little bird on the inside!

  30. im sitting at home today with sick kids rotating from making overdue orders with schumacher to cleaning up throw up to monitoring the painters at my house to snuggling while sick kiddos need some lovin to overseeing a kitchen cabinet install on a job an hour away. trying to get work done and still be attentive to the babies that need me too. you can guess which tasks are more fulfilling 😉
    i love your honest mom posts. and you dont bore us. but the fact that you feel like you are makes you seem more human…bc seriously girl your design skills are quite INhuman…whether you realize it or not.
    war eagle!

  31. I love your “catch up” posts! Thanks for sharing. That little Sloane is too cute for words. And her clothes just kill me- the pink Burberryish jacket and the orange Patagonia vest from the other day. Too darn cute! I better have a little girl someday!

  32. I adore your posts – design-related or Sloane-related, I love them all! C didn’t get the memo re daylight savings either. Brutal!
    That Joules site is amazeballs- I am frantically adding things to my shopping cart!!! (…..And then will have to run away from the computer so I don’t click & buy).

  33. oh no, I’m so sorry to hear Sloane was sick. It’s hard to see them that way, but I hope she’s finally starting to feel better. She looks so cute in your pictures! Your boots are awesome! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate them into your wardrobe.

  34. Okay, two things…

    1) I am very jealous of your sweatshirt.
    2) I love how you pair Target and “from Italy” in the same post when talking about outfitting Sloan.

    I so enjoy your posts 🙂

  35. So glad that you got your own Joules sweatshirt to enjoy. I love mine! I just wished I’d ordered a couple 🙂

  36. Those boots are awesome!!! I am going on ebay right now! I have a 19 month old and work part time. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. WHen I was pregnant someone told me “you won’t remeber what you did with all the time you had before kids” It is true! What was I doing all those years:) I wouldn’t trade it for anyting though. I feel like kids grow so fast so I just try to enjoy it because it is not forever. Again, Sloane is adorable! And you just post whenever you want too, I always enjoy them. My friends and I always talk about how we love your blog!

  37. You’re too cute Erika. Love this post and the way you captured the pressures of balancing life as a working mom. Love the boots and I always enjoy seeing pics of your little sweetie!
    Happy new week to you.

  38. I love your updates, whether they’re about your little lady or pretty fabrics 🙂 I also love your vintage fryes (when my dad got me mine I assured him that my great-grandchildren would one day were them so it was totally worth it 😉 and your description of your blood pressure while stalking ebay! Have you heard of sniping on ebay? There are a couple companies that do it…you get a bunch of “snipes” free, but basically they bid for you at the very last couple seconds of the auction…maybe that would help with some of your nerves 🙂 xoxo

  39. ….your pics rock! 🙂 I read thru your whole post and not once was I bored. Love your style. Those rubber boots are AMAZING.

  40. Give yourself a BIG break. Fitting work into “mommy-ing” is tough and never stops evolving. You know what’s most important and just think, you’ll get some sleep in 16 years or so. That is once you stop crying your eyes out after she leaves for Auburn err….I mean college (ha ha! War Eagle!)

  41. I think you have best deal going with those chickens! And could Sloane get any more adorable. My goodness. You are never boring. Ever. Have fun at Thanksgiving hosting. Love your new boots.

  42. I do LOVE seeing what you are up to in the world of design but I also understand your plight. Be gentle with yourself. Balance is knowing the beautiful Sloan will only be little once and your career can wait(or at least idle at times). Keep doing what you do. Your passion is transparent.

    Urban Contessa

  43. cindy griffith says:

    Erika, I started reading your blog about a year ago…I was getting ready to host Thanksgiving for my family….. I think the first post I read was the one where you painted the little pumpkins gold, silver, pretty metallic colors. I copied your idea, and spray painted the pumpkins and placed them around the island with all the wonderful Thanksgiving food. Hosting Thanksgiving was fun, and beautiful! Thanks!

  44. The boots are bangin! Love all the chicken photos with Sloane in her pink jacket. Hope you get some rest!

  45. I just had to chime on this post. I have recently decided that being a working mom is one of the hardest things there is. Really. Your heart is one place but your head and your body have to be another. And most clients don’t really understand why you just want to turn the phone off sometimes and ignore their calls so you can savor the moments you do get to have with the little munchkins.

    On the days I’m working I miss my two boys every second. I’m sure you feel the same. At least the busy days go by fast. And hopefully you are better than I am about not thinking of your to-do list while you are reading green eggs and ham.

    Just wanted to give you a shout out for the amazing things you do, as a mom and a designer.

  46. I know the feeling of it being hard to perfect that work life balance, and I thank you for being REAL with your struggles! I’ve definitely had thoughts before when seeing your blog “wow, she’s got it all 100% put together!” and the reminder that you are human is a little refreshing 🙂 Only makes me like your blog more! 🙂

  47. I think if you wear that sweatshirt and some orange ugg slippers you will no doubt be able to achieve that elusive balance we are all searching for…

    If so let me know. I will order the same thing straightaway.

    Thanks for sharing, as always.

  48. love these pics! your daughter has THE BEST CLOTHES! and i love the “joules” brand…esp. the one you wore all weekend! good luck hosting thanksgiving..i cant wait to see your pics after that..i am sure everything will be beautiful! 🙂

  49. Katherine Benson says:

    Great post, as always! I love seeing what things y’all are doing and purchasing. Now if we could only see an update on Sloane’s big girl room 🙂

  50. Actually, my favorite of your posts are the one that share your family life and photos of Sloany. Interior entries are nice, but cute photos of Sloany are much more interesting. It’s always interesting to find out what interests a 2 year old, don’t you think?


  51. I love your details posts!! That sweatshirt is very tempting. I love it. Hope Sloane feels better soon. Thanks for blogging.

  52. I have loved every blog you have ever posted. You are doing one heck of a fine job at being a mom and everything else too! You have a beautiful family and we all love hearing about “stuff”. And, I am sure I speak for all when I say that you will do a super job on that Thanksgiving gathering. Bless you all!

  53. This past week for me was just about identical to yours. My husband was also out of town all week (unfortunately, again this week) and it IS exhausting working full-time and spending quality time with the little ones (especially when there are two). I find the balance to be a constant struggle. I think being self-employed certainly adds to the struggle because it is all riding on you to take care of it…at least that’s how I feel. Having husband around sure makes things a little more manageable. I also so relate with how you think things in your work world would bore us. I can assure you, it does not though I truly love reading posts about your Sloaney. She’s right between my two girls so it reminds me what Avery used to be like and what Olivia will soon be like.

    I hope you get some rest! I know it’s hard to when things are going 90 mph.

  54. Yay for ya’ll, Erica! I spent the weekend with my girlfriends and referred to you several times….as if I know you personally. My friend, Laura, said, “Now, which Erica is this?” HA. Anyway, I like to take a little gift to share with my girls, so I got each of them a Baggu…..We actually talked about this striped sweatshirt, too. Target has a solid version, sorta. As I ramble on, my daughter likes to decorate, too! I’ve jokingly told her there’s only room for one decorator, and that’s me! (as she continually wants to change something about her room – she’s 13).

  55. Love the pictures! My husband is military and is usually deployed for more than half the year and I find it hard enough to balance, work, the house and my dog….I can’t imagine how I would do it with a child thrown into the mix. Keep your head up-you’re an amazing designer and, from the looks of it, an even more amazing mama!

  56. Love your posts! And the boots are amazing.

  57. Your Sloane is SO cute! I have one, too 🙂 She is 11 weeks old!

    LOVE Joules! They use to have some rain boots with a bow that I wanted very bad, but never got 🙁

  58. Such sweet pictures of Sloane! I love chicken coops and she is so cute out there bundled up and playing. What fabulous Frye boots!! I am the same way with ebay…it tears my nerves up! How wonderful that you’re hosting Thanksgiving! I hosted Christmas for both my family and my husbands last year and while it was exhausting it was well worth it, though during the weeks leading up to their arrival I had visions of Clark Griswold and his holiday family escapades dancing through my head. Keep up the fabulous work! 🙂

  59. Erika, any post from you is such a joy … seriously. I’m not a mom or even married yet, but (as much as I love your posts) it always makes me so proud to see someone who has her priorities in the right place. I was reading something by Beth Moore a few months ago where she mentioned her best piece of parenting advice and this is what she said: “We only get one shot at it. Once they’re grown, they’re grown. Give up on doing it perfectly but do it with a lot of heart and a lot of laughter and a WHOLE LOT OF JESUS. And rock them all you can.” Looks to me like you’re living this out the best you can!! Anything you have for the blog is just extra fun & we love & appreciate it!

  60. Okay I know how busy you are so I won’t bore you, BUT, I discovered the secret to ebay success and just have to share! You can put it your highest bid and this site automatically waits until the VERY last second to do your bidding for you! I’m sure other peeps here have let you know about it by now, but thought I’d post juuuust in case. Try it out – it’s brilliant! Also brilliant? Any working mother in my book. I recently went back to my full-time job in media after having a beautiful baby boy, and sister, I can relate to everything you’re saying. Sigh. If only we could put them in our pockets right?

  61. Sloane is so stinking cute! Just had to tell you that!…and, I can TOTALLY relate to the work-mommy balance. I’m taking MQ into the office with me today…should be interesting. Gotta snatch up every minute with these babies that we can…they get big way too fast!

  62. Love those chickens! And Sloane’s dress!

  63. What sweet images. Has Sloane been to a play? A local elementary school no doubt this time of year will stage a production of something!! I have seen the local Elementary school production of the Nutcracker so many times –well, I miss it some years but pop in every other year to see if the hats I made with the ostrich feathers have lasted LOL– actually, just attended this past Sunday, a high school production of To Kill a Mockingbird. The community can support the arts also community coege theater productions are an awesome bargin to see stage productions of classics– Go see Godspell.

  64. I got those exact same boots on Ebay two years ago and still LOVE them and get tons of compliments. Hope you love and enjoy yours just as much!!

  65. I have to say that I can’t agree more the Joules is AWESOME! Thanks to you for introducing me, I bought a sweatshirt and haven’t taken it off since! So jeal that you got all that awesome free stuff!

  66. My mom gave me her old frye boots (similar to yours!) from the 70s and I get compliments on them all the time. Crazy thing is they are really comfy!

  67. Erika,

    I always look forward to your blog. Your pics are great! I know, motherhood is exhausting sometimes. I am also a mother (3 young kids, 7 and 4yr old twins). Get your rest and be proud of all your accomplishments (especially you beautiful young daughter). Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  68. That sweatshirt looks so cozy that I don’t blame you for wearing it all weekend. Oh, and I love Coal Miner’s Daughter! I can’t believe you had never watched it. Great, great, great movie! I totally agree about being a working mom. I struggle daily with finding the balance…..I feel like I’m missing out on so much at times. It makes the time together much more appreciated, I guess. You are doing a great job and Sloane is super cute!!

  69. adorable photos! and that sweatshirt and the boots are making me want to go shopping, i tell you!

  70. far from ever being boring! pretty pictures, as usual!

    ashley over @

  71. Always looked forward to your blog postings! I enjoy your fashion finds, peeks at wonderful interiors and, of course, your adorable photos of Sloane. What makes it special, however, is your willingness to share that life is not always easy and that you deal with many of the anxieties and worries that many of us do. Thanks for being so genuine.

  72. Erika, we love hearing about your beautiful family BUT I’d love to see some more design posts from you. Your professional work is gorgeous and most of us reading your blog are here to learn about design. It seems like lately maybe you’re feeling burnt out and don’t want to blog about it, but it’s disappointing to your readers. More posts on your wonderful work please 🙂

  73. Hi, I just found your blog but have been enjoying reading it and your old post. Thanks!

  74. You are obviously multitalented. What I do not understand is WHY you do what you do and then complain about it. You blog when you are exhausted! You say it’s nap time…well, take a nap, for heaven’s sake!

  75. I think your blog is great, I hope the last comments do not discourage you, I love seeing your family, fashions finds,items that interest you, etc, thanks for taking the time to entertain us!

  76. Is this off topic but No. 19 is World Toilet day. A mom with children appreciates the community that provides public rest rooms. The Seaside structure for that purpose I applaude– its a contribution to sanity of families at outings!! In honor of the need for a loo or W.C. thank city hall for simple pleasures or bring them to task if they fail.

  77. I love this blog just the way it is. Talk about whatever you feel like! Heck, I am glad you once blogged about a hand vac because I decided to get the same one and I stinking love it. I am a stay at home mom with a deployed husband and although I love every moment with my nugget I also struggle with trying to stay relevant, use my brain, and create. So the pendulum swings both ways and we all reach for balance. You are doing great!

  78. …just might have to order that tunic for my girl. love the post, as always. question – what lens are you using in the chicken pictures?

  79. Each time I click on your blog & see the chicks I want to comment & don’t, so here goes! We have 2 backyard chicks, “Production Reds” is what they are called here (AZ). They live in a coop in our backayard & roam around with the dogs during the day. They are so easy to raise & maintain. Water, food & attention, just like any other critter. My husband just brought in a warm egg as I was typing. 🙂 We have a doz plus eggs right now, they started laying around 6 mos & are producing more than we need, with just 2 of them (there are 3 in our house).

  80. Erika- I come here for the “pretty” that you post and the panhandle scenery as well. But several years ago (I think) you posted about an app you purchased, C25K.
    I checked it out and purchased it. Since then I’ve become a fairly consistent runner having run several 5ks and my husband was inspired enough by my efforts that he started working out and lost 50 lbs. We are now preparing to run our first half-marathon together to raise money for Mi Casita, a safe home for children in need in Guatemala. So thank you, for the “pretty” found on Urban Grace and for the life enriching as well.

  81. I stopped by Darby’s blog today for the first time in a long time. Can I just say you both have such beautiful families! You are so blessed! My sisters family is coming this week for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait! Having a sister is such a blessing that it sometimes makes me sad that my daughter will never now what its like to have one. We have one girl and one boy! I absolutely loved the picture she posted of your upstairs landing! Can you tell me anything about that chevron fabric? I would love to use that fabric for a shower curtain in my kids bathroom.

  82. I love it. Brilliant writing, lovely photos, and of course– inspired design. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

  83. Barb Harper says:

    You’re right in your assessment of your readers wanting more decor stuff. I eat up anything you post though. You are a breath of fresh air for me, Erica. You seem like such a genuine, real, good person. All the best with the ‘balance’ you speak of. It’s hard! You’re one talented mama. Wishes for good health and a relaxing Thanksgiving!

  84. Staci Broderick says:

    Hi Erika-hope u had a great Thanksgiving. I have a random question. I am purchasing new barstools for my kitchen. I loved the barstools you chose for Elizabeth’s kitchen in Lexington. I can’t get the pics to pull up on my computer. can u send a photo or a link to where I can find them? I really appreciate it! I also like your stools. Are they the metallic?
    Thank you very much!! Staci

  85. Excellent post! It’s the small yet fun things that are a great addition to your must read design blog! Wish my girlies would still let me dress them 🙂 J

  86. Hi Erika,

    I love your blog. I actually have been looking for a pair of vintage Frye boots myself and just saw a pair like this come up on Ebay. Have you found that these run true to size?


  87. How much did you pay for the tablecloth and would your seamstress be willing to make another? Thanks.