sweatshirts, NYC continued, and other miscellany

In the last post I referred to myself as “uptight”, then I felt sorry for myself… like you guys might think I’m a stick in the mud.  I’m not.  Allison says I’m not uptight, I just get frazzled at times.  I have a staycation coming up, hope I can do some defrazzling.

Moving right along.

We talk about these sweatshirts often.


We haven’t ordered, we just look at them and then discuss amongst ourselves how great they are.  Right?

Sloane’s pants.  I bought them last summer when Darby and I went to Italy.  They were not expensive, I bought them at Accessorize, which is sorta like a Claires. She wore them in her Valentine’s card as well.  They just barely still fit… she’s a tall drink of water like her daddy. Her little red shoes are hand-me-downs from Darby, not sure what brand.

Booked our NYC sailing adventure online through www.sail-nyc.com and our sailboat was the Adirondack.  It’s definitely not a “tour”, in the history-of-this-or-that-building kind of way.  It’s more along the lines of: sit back, enjoy the view, sip champagne, if you have questions we are here… it was great.  They also offer guided tours of architecture and bridges, which sounded good, but champagne sounded better… especially after a long day of working.

Someone inquired about the sofa in the last post, it is (my new favorite) the Lee Jofa “Heath“.  It is so very nice.

And speaking of Lee Jofa, I realized half my NYC pictures didn’t publish in the last post.  So here’s more than you probably care to see or know about our adventure.

I’m not really the Lilly Pulitzer type, but love the new collection on display at Lee Jofa.  When they change this out I know a little girl who would love that turtle…



We did not eat croissants at Pastis!  ;)



Okay, maybe we did eat croissants at Pastis, but when you shop really fast you burn off the extra calories.




Shake Shack (again)?  Check.



Wouldn’t be a trip to NYC without a trip to Johnny D.  I wanted this porqupine plate, but did not buy it.  I regret it.  Next time.






Brace yourself for this next picture… father and son drapery installers.


We dinnered with my friend Beth on our last night in town! We ate at The Dutch, it was hot and loud in there, but the company was exceptional! I had to edit the picture so you couldn’t tell how shiny we were.  We hit the streets of NYC hard that day.



These are out of order now, but another boat picture.ALS EMP sail

And I had to take Allison to the Back Fence, which is always fun.



Did someone ask about this fabric?  Carleton V “Oxus” in blue. den drapery



As it always is… it was a fast, furious, and fun trip!!


  1. I need one of those sweatshirts ASAP – I am putting it on my Christmas list. I also need a NYC trip ASAP – your photos have inspired me to plan another trip soon.

  2. Th Back Fence?! How much fun. . . {Wasn’t there something about Wizard & Lee Jofa?} Miss you! Coming back to the beach Aug 2 for a week. Would love to catch up! Will be at my Dad’s! xoxo

  3. Karen D'Andrea says:

    Please tell me the about the Ikat rug in the pic after the Carleton V “Oxus” in blue. Thanks!

  4. What a great trip!!! Love all the pictures!

  5. Not particularly a Lily Pulitzer girl either but DIGGING that green and white rug under the turtle!! Your pics are some serious eye candy of prints. Love!

  6. Looks like you both had the best time. Always good to include a lot of fun into work! I also heart the Heath sofa and want it for my own home. The sweatshirts looks perfect and so cozy. I may need something like this as our weather is more like Fall right now and not Summer. Crazy!

  7. where in NYC is that street with the gorgeous trees, and green windows? Love your NYC posts!

  8. Those sweatshirts are TDF. Now I remember Slogna-bologna’s pants from the vday card. I love them! I think I had similar ones when her age…need to ask my mama. Your trip to NYC looks magical! Next time I’d like to come along please! And the father/son draperie team pic made me spit my iced coffee out…LOL! hahahaha

  9. I love that Lilly collection display-so much fun! Y’all look beautiful on the boat! The sweatshirts are so much fun. I’m sure you are looking forward to your staycation. That’s what we did this year since we live in Savannah/Coastal Georgia area. Sometimes it’s nice to stay around the house with no agenda :) Have a blessed day! xoxo

  10. Father/Son Drapery Install-Killing me!!!

  11. OK I am serious now. I have to go to NYC. If not only to eat at Shake Shack, but perhaps to spend a day with that father-son team (which can only be hilarious from the looks of the photo).Love those 2 framed pieces in the second to last photo.

  12. Love your run and gun posts of New York! Truthfully I find them a lot more fun and full of personality than just shots of showrooms (that I see on others blogs, not yours). As for uptight, don’t believe it! We all get a little nutty when we have lots to accomplish in a little amount of time. Loved this whole post.

  13. I am saying “ditto” to what all your other fans posted…as well as…LOVE the porcupine plate. :-)

  14. Could you just gimme your entire wardrobe, already? So cute. Kthanxbye.

  15. I love that fabric. Hmmm, I wonder where I could find a home for it!

  16. DraperY…I can spell.

  17. those sweatshirts are so cute! wish I could afford that, maybe if wearing a sweatshirt was allowed to wear at work :)

  18. When I read that last post, I thought, “Uptight? The woman I spoke with was NOT uptight.” Everyone gets frazzled. :)

    This looks like an awesome trip!

  19. The chandelier with the Matouk bedding is amazing. Do you remember what store that was or how I can find out more about it.

  20. Hey Yo! Those sweatshirts are on sale! 29 GBP plus an additional 20% off. So… 23.20 GBP. At an exchange rate of 1.6064 that is 37.27 USD. Thats a pretty good price for a cute sweatshirt. The shipping might be killer though. Can you tell I am an accountant?

  21. PS- Since everyone in the office likes them, Y’all should just order a whole mess of them for the office at once to save on shipping. I am a cost savings machine!

  22. love those sweatshirts!


  23. I’m British so seeing Joules just made me smile, I love their stuff! Have you seen their kids clothes? Very cute, not as cute as Sloane in the watermelon picture though :)

  24. Please tell us where your super cute top and necklace can be found…the ones you wore for your night out at The Dutch. Thank you!

  25. two major things pop out at me:

    1) i am going to get one of those sweatshirts…i’ll let you know how much i love it :)

    2) i really want that Carleton fabric in rusty orange or sage green…

    okay, maybe three things…you should have bought that plate…it is awesome!

  26. Erika, I love looking over your NYC finds/pics! Who and/or where did you find those colorful prints (2nd to last pic). Me LOVE!

  27. That linen tufted chair is divine!

  28. Accessorize is so much better than Claires (at least in the UK)! It looks like a wonderful trip.

  29. Jennifer says:

    How funny is the “father/son” installers, I just bought the iron he is using, glad to know it is used by a “PRO”….. Thanks for sharing your trip, looks like a blast!

  30. i wish i was your assistant :)

  31. Love the colorful framed prints ! Who are they by and where can I get them (or something similar!).

  32. Love the Carleton V. My hubby would die if we could do draperies out of this. He may get a pillow someday if he’s luck!

  33. Katie Moore says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I know a few others have asked but….the colorful prints, next to last picture in post???? where can i get these??!!! or something similar?? so so gorgeous! and yes, the plate is a must have :) too fun!

  34. Hi – love your blog. Next time you are in NY I hope you will call me. I am on Long Island – can show you what’s what here on our little island – and the Hamptons too!!


    PS – I think you hit some of the high spots…but there’s so much to see in NYC it’s tough!!

  35. Erika, Hi! You are just darling in every way! I love to read your blog….I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when there is a new post! Can’t wait to read it! Keep up the great work! A few quick questions 1) where did you find your adorable kat eye sunglasses 2)where do you find your beautiful wardrobe? 3) I love when you did a day in the life of blog! I want more:)

  36. wow..love that linen tufted chair! AND i just might need one of those sweatshirts!!!:)

  37. those linens! be still my heart! <3

    thanks for sharing, erica.


  38. I need that bedding!! Can you please tell me which store you were in so I can hunt it down? Thanks!

  39. I wish I could go on a trip to NYC with you! Y’all look like you have so much fun! So funny that you eat at Peels…that is our dear friend’s brother’s restaurant! He is from a small city in south Georgia called Statesboro and he gets his love of cooking from his momma. It’s so fun when we hear about people eating there because we love his brother and family so much! Now, if I could just make my way to new York and try peels out for myself….

  40. That “Decorated Gateaux” print — where did you see it? Its colors are spot-on perfect for my new renovated kitchen…

  41. Great post Erika! I love your botanical shirt in that photo of you and your friend. Can you tell us where you got it, please ma’am??

  42. You should check out an artist from Fairhope, she has a facebook page called Leigh Postle-Art. Her stuff is amazing and priced affordably.

  43. ohh my I LOVE that rug !! where is it from ?

  44. I. love. that. turtle!

    The drapery guy reminds me of “Mango” from older SNL skits! Hilarious!

  45. Those sweatshirts… I lived through high school in boyish hooded sweatshirts, and now that I am done having babies and getting “older” (yikes, 28!) I am trying to have a more sophisticated, mature fashion. I have not been wearing my sweatshirts forever, but you just showed me that they can be in style! WOW I really want the pink striped one with dark ties – I might just live in it!

  46. Natalie ozburn says:

    Do you mind sharing the name and manufacturer of the pink and ivory fabric you featured in this post? Thanks so much!!

  47. Hi there! When I saw the sweatshirts in this post I was hooked! I stalked their site for a couple days trying to choose which one I liked most and finally ordered it. It arrived today and I just blogged about it if you want to check it out:


  48. Love the colorful pair of works on paper in the next to the last pic. Do you recall the artist?

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