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traditional home

Ten thousand dollars could go a long way from Ballard Designs!  If your Family Room needs a makeover you should go to Traditonal Home’s website HERE and sign up to win.  You can enter once a day up until October 9th.  It sure would be great if a blog reader won!!!



  1. You are so cool! Love it! How on earth do you get it all done?

  2. Congratulations on being featured! Thanks for the heads up to enter…oh to dream! Love your blog!

  3. Sure the money from Ballard would be great but the real prize would be having YOU design my room! Thanks for the heads up on the contest.

  4. This is AMAZING! What a great opportunity! I will be entering daily- Have a great holiday weekend!


  5. On my way over to sign up…congrats on being the featured designer.

  6. That is so exciting!

  7. Now I fell guilty. I have been entering “secretly ” everyday! I should have posted about this but greed got the best of me and I want it, bad! Mainly because I saw that you were the featured designer .hopefully Karma will look the other way dice I confessed? Fingers and toes crossed! Happy Labor Day Weekend UG!

  8. i saw this in the mag and i’ve already entered. keeping my fingers crossed….we just moved into a new home last week. congrats also on the bhg spread! fantastic! little sloaney playing in your skirt folds was precious.

  9. Rebecca Meier says:

    I love your blog & sense of style Erika. And your baby girl’s nursery, I die!!

    I tried to enter just the sweepstakes & wasn’t able to. When I unchecked all of the other boxes, except for just entering the sweepstakes, it kept giving me an error message & wouldn’t let me submit my entry.

    Do you know if we have to sign up for the magazine or newsletter, or more info from Ballard Designs, etc. in order to enter?

    Thank you,

  10. Wow!!! I was just browsing through the new Ballard catalog this morning. How exciting!!!!

  11. Oh my goodness!! You are famous like WHOA! I am going to enter and win because we just built a house and it is bare like WHOA.

  12. What in the world could be better than you and Ballard teaming up??!! (They have been really delivering the goods lately, right?) Good for you!!! What an amazing opportunity for you…I want to win but could not be happier for whomever does!

  13. I would love to have you redo my family room!
    xo jana

  14. Very cool! I will definitely be entering. And, to have you as the designer? That would be incredibly cool!

  15. Jenn Roberts says:

    {{{oh happy day}}} anyone of us would be tremendously blessed to win this!!! so excited for you, erika! i love your style. sloaney is too darling!

  16. Oh my gosh. That is so exciting for you!

  17. Oh, wow!!! I soooo hope I win!! I need your help in my family room BIG TIME!!

  18. How cool is that!!

  19. This would be a dream come true!!

  20. Lisa Christian says:

    wow! that is great! your work is amazing – and I’ve learned a lot about making a HOME “a home” from you (and your sister).

  21. amazing! I’m going to enter my parents since they’re building a beach house.

  22. I would love to win! The merchandise would be nice but the best part would be your design!

  23. I WANT TO WIN!!!!

  24. It would be so very fun to win. I never win anything, but you bet I will enter! Honestly, over the last several years I feel like I have gotten to know you, just a little bit, through your blog and published work. You are so darn funny, sweet and incredibly talented. It is wonderful to see all this national attention come your way. Enjoy your weekend!

  25. Erika, Celeb Status! Get it girl, that’s awesome!

  26. I have entered and will enter again. I am a reader and would so love this!!

  27. Next thing we know, you are going to have your own show on HGTV. Congrats!

  28. headed over there right now to enter.. would be a dream come true to have you design a room for me :)

  29. I would love to win this! wow! My new house will be on McPherson Drive–does that increase my chances? ;)

  30. I totally SAW this in the magazine! Though I don’t normally sign up for those sweepstakes, I couldn’t help it this time knowing how amazing it would be to have you design a family room for me! Congrats!!

  31. This has simply made my day. I am feeling lucky….

  32. Oh, I forgot to say thank you, thank you for the chance…

  33. The only thing I have ever won was a box of moon pies. I am not kidding. And that was probably before you were born. I am not one of those people who wins, except in the game of life, and then I thank God for His amazing grace every single day. So I will enter, but I will leave the winning to someone else. Even though if you saw my tired rooms you would run to my rescue. Just sayin’

  34. Ooh! I want to win!! How cool – Thanks for posting Erika! :)

  35. You’re killing me with all the fantastic press lately. Congratulations! And yes, it would be great if a blog reader won… this blog reader, in particular!

  36. How exciting to be the featured designer! Very well deserved. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  37. Signed up! I bet anything from Ballard would beat the red & blue inflatable bouncy house that is my sole piece of living room furniture. okay, not true. the bouncy house sits on a fibreworks siskiyou (sp?) rug. But really, this would be so fun.

  38. holy moly, i can barely contain myself! this would be such a wonderful gift in my life! i’ll cross my fingers! ;)


  39. Congratulations! You are so talented-can’t WAIT to see what you end up doing for the lucky winner!

  40. awesome, good for you :)

  41. War Eagle I am soo excited for you. The Auburn Interior Design program must be awesome —would love to hear about your days as a Tiger.

  42. Awesome site. Would love to win. So happy that I found your blog! Be blessed.

  43. I am obsessed with your blog! I don’t know if I’ve ever entered a contest before, but I just entered :) You are incredible and SO talented.

  44. pick me! pick me! i so need this…and YOU!

  45. This would be amazing to win! I love all of your designs- and this would be a blessing to win since my family room only has a sectional in it right now…

  46. Reading your blog is a joy and having you come to my home would be a dream come true!

  47. This is my first attempt at blogging. I will be visiting your blog frequently and praying for the Family Room makeover. I have absolutely no talent for furniture placement or decorating. To avoid the stress of it all I just leave the room exactly the same year after year. In fact, I just looked at picture that was taken in the family room 18 years ago and everything in the room was exactly the same as it is today!!!!!!! Awful.

  48. julie fearheiley says:

    love your website..Erika .. I live in Mt. Carmel, IL. I know you have heard of it….Your work is beautiful.. I know your mom and dad are very proud of you. Ballard Design is a favorite of mine..and I would I could really love it if you would grace my family room with your great talent..

  49. What an honor! Girl, you’re all over! Hey, I tried to enter but the website has a glitch or something. It wouldn’t let me press “continue”… I realize you have nothing to do with that but it makes it impossible to enter for a chance:( Will try again another time. Truly happy for you! And dreaming about how great it would be to have your help making our family room pretty:)

  50. Oh how fun! What a great venture for you. I want to win!!! I’m going to enter now :) Lauren

  51. Ohhh, how fun would this be?!?!

  52. Congrats to you!! When somebody loves what they do it really shows, your style is spotless…and my family room is a mess, so come on over !!!

  53. Um WOW! What a contest!

  54. I have featured you in my latest “You Should Know” post. Here’s the link: http://casabellastudiosblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/you-should-know-erika-powell-from-urban.html.

    I hope you like it!

  55. I am entering everyday like a crazy person!

  56. I’m just gonna say it, I soooo want to win!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  57. What a great thing to see on Tuesday morning! Off to enter!

  58. Oh- Pick us, pick us! We are entering every day because we are working on our family room – used primarily by our teens- right now!

  59. OOOOOOOOOOH, sign me up (errr, or I’ll sign myself up) :)

  60. OMGosh! Dream.Come.True! Someday I’ll be rich and fly you up to design my entire home, until then…I will keep my fingers crossed for this prize!

  61. Kristin Rollins says:

    We have lived in our house 14 years, put 3 kids through college and thought now is our time to fix up the house. My husband was fired at the age of 63 in May.

  62. hope i win….

  63. yup…i could so use you to come here to hawaii and help me….

  64. oh never mind. i just read that hawaii is void and out. oh well…

  65. Kristin Rollins says:

    Have lived in our house for 14 years and have not been able to afford to re-do living room at all. (wood paneling and carpet) Please please help. Husband unemployed. So excited to hear from you.

  66. Kristin Rollins says:

    Please help. Have lived in our house 14 years with no updates. Husband is out of a job. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE a makeover. (wood paneling and carpet) Quite 70′s

  67. Its too cool and superlike :-)

  68. Just entered! yay!

  69. Wow! What amazing style! May I ask what kind of camera you use? Your pictures are gorgeous!

  70. kristin rollins says:

    Husband was let go after 35 yrs at his job (he’s 630 Kids are grown and we thought we could redo our den that currently has wood paneling and carpet. With my income only, there is no way to do that.

  71. kristin rollins says:

    Husband is 63 and was let go from his job of 35 years. We have wood paneling and carpet in our very outdated den.

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