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Sloane’s skirt was one of the goodies she scored from Joules, the fuscia zipper up the back (next photo) is my favorite detail…
nellie and sloaney

lemon tree bound

l and r

So much to be grateful for this year, a house full of healthy and happy family tops my list.  What a treat it was to host Thanksgiving dinner!!


Last week, pre-Thanksgiving, was busy as we had a photoshoot at Marla’s house.  It was such a pleasure working with the folks from Better Homes and Gardens again… Paige Porter Fischer and Michael Walters (both of whom were involved in the makings of my story earlier this year) make a photoshoot feel easy and laid-back.  Or maybe that was the muscle relaxers?


Behind that big ole wooden bowl is the makings of a baby bump.  Marla is due in April with a baby girl… pretty darn excited for her, even if she was quite surprised!  She has a very healthy food blog now, have I mentioned it before?  Left on Amelia.  Her no-bake Chocolate Oat Bars are to die for. More on the story once it’s published, promise.



  1. I know it’s annoying to answer a million questions BUT can you you tell me what color that cozy room is painted? Thanks!

  2. Glad y’all had such a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!! Sloane’s out fit is precious as always!! Everything looks wonderful-I think the new fabric will be perfect for that room 🙂

  3. could that skirt be any cuter? love it. and what a pretty thanksgiving table!!

  4. Hi Erika!
    Love the latest blog! Sloan looks adorable in her Joules skirt…That was one of my favorites!

  5. That skirt could not be anymore precious! If you happen to answer questions on that room… where did you get all the gold frames from? Were they custom or did you buy them retail? I am looking for similar ones for my bedroom. Thanks!!

  6. what a beautiful family!! sloane is growing up way to stinkin’ fast. her valentines day pic still adorns my refrigerator, and i constantly get comments about how cute she is!!

  7. WOO HOO!! So glad you won! Not surprised a bit… I was hoping that I would win the makeover part of it…not surprised about that either. 😉 I LOVE the Chevron drapes and think that room looks so fun – the daybed is to die for…. ok, I need to get back to studying – glad that your back is feeling better and that you had a good Thanksgiving! the ironing board story was hilarious!

  8. WOW! it does feel like a hug! I think the new draperies are going to be gorgeous!
    I love that pink zipper detail, too! TOO CUTE!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing the information about the chevron drapes. Leigh Ann’s one lucky girl. Looking forward to seeing the new draperies as well.

  10. Alison Belcher says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post! Can’t wait to see the BH&G photo shoot results. It is always fun how the chaos behind the scenes translates to beautiful stories!

  11. another great post! So glad to hear you finally got a pair of those orange slippers….their SO dreamy…I remember seeing them in one of your previous posts 🙂

  12. love your cozy room. i want to sit in there and read..looks great. sorry to hear about your back. i have had mine go out several times…especially when my kids were littler and i was carrying them around everywhere. i was slumped over like quasimodo for 3 days around my daughter’s 1 year b-day…it’s difficult. thankful for your blog..i love it.

  13. Caroline R. says:

    In re: your back troubles. I happen to know an excellent neurosurgeon, whose wife would gladly barter treatment for your services.

  14. If your friend changes her mind about the High Voltage panels let me know! I would buy them in a heartbeat! Love your blog!

  15. I just love your photos! I meant to comment on the heart attack ebay post. I get heart attacks when I ebay too. Once, I cried. Sad, but true.

  16. So glad ypu had a lovely Thanksgiving! That tablesetting is to die for and the skirt is just too cute. Love that room with the day bed too.

  17. Marla looks gorgeous. She reminds me of a J Crew model. They had the best catalogues back in the ’90s when I was young and infactuated with all things J Crew.

  18. I literally did the same exact thing to my back on Friday – all it took was one sneeze and I thought I was going to die, stumbled backwards, threw myself on the couch, wiggled my way to the floor and laid there until I could get an emergency physical therapy visit. Just went to my first chiropractor’s visit today and feel like a new person. Hope you feel better 🙂

  19. Sloane is getting so big! She looks like such a big girl in the jeep! I also love the framed pictures of all the doggies!

  20. I want Sloane’s skirt in my size!! Precious pics!!

  21. Please come to Greenville and help me decorate my house…
    we are in the throes of a renovation and quite frankly, I am way underskilled when it comes to decorating. To illustrate: I painted the front two rooms of our house aqua, as in big living room and dining room, as in AQUA. It hurts me a little to think about it. It also hurts me to think of my dad and I painting over it with Carrington Beige a year later. Alas.

    Congratulations on your award! It’s well deserved.

    And I’m happy you had a happy Thanksgiving-it looks like a lovely celebration!

    And I’m envious of that fuschia zipper.

    And this comment is getting too long, so I’ll bid you adieu and say thank you, as always, for sharing.

  22. so glad you’re feeling well again! i was getting nervous (ha) when you didn’t blog for over a week!! sloane is a doll and if i could, i would buy every last thing joules sells. amazing company!! i sent you an email when i saw that picture on darby’s blog… i am madly in love with that little room in your house (if it’s possible/normal to be in love with a room)… and if you ever find a moment, i would love to know where that amazing orange bed is from and if it’s possible to ever get my hands on one. i think i NEED it. have a wonderful week! you brighten my day!

  23. Hey, can you tell me the name of your place setting dishes? I was wondering if they are the same as mine.

  24. I loved the Joules items! I tried to shop online but had issues, you have inspired me to try again!

    For what it worth, Anne I think she may have posted the info on her dishes here: (I randomly was looking at the kitchen images the other day)

  25. I love the delighted look on Sloane’s face in the picture with her cousin. So sweet!

  26. Ok the “room looks like a hug” comment is so perfect. I saw that picture and thought man that is so Erika, so warm and homey but “looks like a hug” is the perfect description. Love it!!!

  27. I think that the room being a big hug compliment is one of the sweetest I’ve ever read. Family holidays are the best aren’t they?

  28. Love the table setting! I have the High Voltage in gray, but can’t figure out what I should do with it!!!

  29. Back pain is the worst 🙁 I feel you! Hope you’re doing better, and can rest it!
    Your Thanksgiving sounded lovely! Sloane is such a happy girl!

  30. oh,nice Ugg Dakotas !!!

  31. hope your back is feeling better. take it easy! would you mind telling me where you got sloane’s cute fuscia thermal l/s top? it is adorable. i would love to get one for my niece.

  32. I adore the reading nook you have in that picture (I saw it on Darby’s blog too). What are the curtains hiding? Anything? I have been itching to hang draperies in front of a wall for nothing other than the texture and just wondering what yours is hiding? Love the Uggs 🙂 My husband calls them “Ugg-lies” but I don’t care. So comfy!

  33. Love your blog, Erika! Its inspiring!

  34. What an adorable baby girl! Wishing you a speedy recovery on your back. Can’t wait to see the new curtains in your “hug” room when they’re up 🙂

  35. The first photo is sooo beautiful! Congratulations to Marla! If she ever needs help in her photo studio or an “assistant” let her know I’d love to help (seriously). Plus… now I am even more curious about more photos of their new home! 🙂

  36. Only you could pair a colonial painting and a giraffe animal print runner together in a room. The dining room looked great for Thanksgiving!

  37. Hi Erika,

    I haven’t commented in so long, so I feel bad for asking you this, but… You have a beautiful floral on your sofa (I noticed it in the photos you posted at Halloween and in this post, in the photo of your cousins. Is that Ralph Lauren?

    Sloane is so beautiful! I especially love, love, all the photos of the two of you together.

    And I agree – that room,that daybed, all the wonderful dog paintings – fantastic!

  38. Any chance we could see a house tour of Marla’s house? Every time I catch a glimpse my heart goes pitter patter.

  39. I love the orange daybed and the sweet dog paintings! So cute. I think I may have to get myself a pair of those slippers. Your blog is just adorable.

  40. Sloane is the cutest! 🙂 I saw that photo of you reading to the kids on Darby’s blog and thought what a great space that is. Excellent daybed! I adore the dog art (paintings?) and would love to know more about them…. My little girl is crazy for doggies right now and she would love a dog-filled art wall!

    Glad you had a happy thanksgiving and congrats on winning that contest!

  41. Those chevron drapes were my favorite, but I’m sure the room will look just as cozy without ’em. That daybed is pretty awesome also. And of course, little Sloaney is too precious for words!

  42. That daybed is AWESOME!!! I would love to recreate that room for my 7 year old son. He just looked over my shoulder and studied the picture for so long. 🙂

  43. A story teller photos lol!

  44. Carolyn Simmons says:

    Erika, I love your style. I am in commercial interiors and live in Santa Rosa Beach. I work for Innerspaice Architectural Interiors. We are a furnishings dealership. I would love to meet you. Perhaps we can partner on some projects. Shoot me an email with your number and maybe we can hook up for a bite to eat!

  45. Looooove your daughter’s skirt. Where did you get your giraffe-print table runner?