I just thought I didn’t like seagulls

Wayne Pate found here @ Gen’s Favorites via Kayce Hughes



  1. Allison H. says:

    Very Cute!

  2. How cute is that?! I love his pipe, hat, and stripes.

  3. love!!

  4. CUTE! I really really don’t like seagulls and they kinda made me dislike birds in general. Now you’re going to show me a crazy adorable penguin drawing that will really make me question the world as I know it, right?

  5. love that cute sailor seagull~

  6. Thats adorable- and so simple- love the fabric (?) incorporation!

  7. I’m not crazy about sea-themed stuff, but that is cute.

  8. That is sweet! Seagulls aren’t so bad…
    Did you see the London print?! It (almost) makes me think the pigeon is cute! Except that the pigeons in London are basically rats with wings….

  9. CUTE. Your sis has to make a tee like this, just South Coast it up a little, well I guess she could do a Pink Flamingo and Pelican too.

  10. I’ve been stalking your blog. Love it! Funny and candid. Have a happy day :)

  11. I have this in my kid’s bathroom and it’s even cuter in person!!

  12. That is too cute! and it is the perfect colors for my son’s not so nautical/nautical thmed room- hmmmmm…..

  13. That is so cute! If I lived at the beach I would have to have it. :)

  14. ooh..and did you see his owl print? cute!

  15. Perhaps you never saw one with a pipe, jaunty hat and boots!

  16. Ahhh YES I have seen this and I LOVE it. xo.

  17. Just coming back home from a week in Hilton Head I was sure I didn’t like seagulls, maybe I just don’t like 200 real ones coming at me!! Fake ones wearing boots are a whole other story!! So awesome!

  18. cool..

  19. That is super cute! I am not a fan of the real thing but this print is too stinkin cute!

  20. This guy clearly has visited the beloved Chatham Squire restaurant on Cape Cod. This seagull looks just like their logo, see for yourself: http://www.thesquire.com

  21. Lol! This made my day! I his little pipe and legs! So cute!

  22. Adorable! I need to find one for my niece!

  23. I see him as a piratey seagull. Lovin’ his hat & boots.

  24. J Allen says:

    You don’t like seagulls. They are the rats of the beach.

  25. So glad that you got to Gen’s blog. I am really looking forward to following it.

  26. such a cute print! I want one! just to find a place to hang it….

  27. that is the cutest thing ever! who knew seagulls smoked pipes!

  28. I love this!

    Now if I only had a beach house to put it in…

  29. That is fab. I’m not sure if I’d have it in my house though…I think my prejudice against seagulls is too deeply rooted.

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