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I took my show on the road last week.  I may be on the cusp of breaking a record for the fastest turn around on a design project.  It was a fast and furious week.

The project is in NYC, which of course that aided in my decision to commit.  I love New York. Hard to refuse.


When I returned home I had visitors at my house.  My sister, mom, nieces and nephew were passing through on their way to spring break.  (I need a spring break.)  We hugged, debriefed, and then they were gone.  Just like that.

It looks like Sloane is in immediate danger in this picture.  Thankfully Chance waited until she pranced by to release Paige in the swing.  Phew.  And do you like how Morgan is half on the porch, half off?  That’s a dogmade doggy door.  Convenient for all the neighborhood canines who may want to visit.


  1. I am in love with those tan and ivory fabric swatches.

  2. I have those blue and white striped ‘drilles. Been living in them! Great minds think a like ;)

  3. The photo of your family is so great! I love Sloane’s dress and my eye immediately went to your niece being half in & half out, I love it, it just makes your house well…a lovely and comfy home!!

  4. Looks like an amazing room is coming together once again! And I love the “near miss” caught on camera. Looks like a nice family gathering…and a nice welcome home!

  5. Love the porch picture. Such a fun snapshot of your life with all the kids.

  6. Hey…good point! When is spring break for us workin’ momma’s whose kids are not in school yet? Can someone let me know? I need one too- HAHA! LOVE the preview pics- can’t wait to see more.

  7. had to tell you CONGRATS! I saw your Top 20 designers in Traditional Homes, i know that is a lot of hard work with lil sloan, so CONGRATS again! Great pic too!

  8. Love those blue striped shoes! How fun to go to NYC and work! The fabrics are gorgeous! Love the porch photo with the all the little ones :)

  9. You always poke your cute little shoes into the picture and then you have to do a whole ‘nother post on your cute little shoes! :-)

    Congrats on your Top 20 finish! Yay!

  10. Love those fabrics! It’s going to be gorgeous!

  11. even your whilrwind of posts are so fabulous!

  12. Erika-Just read in the comments about your Trad Home recognition, just decided to scrap TH, now I’m gonna have to pick it back up b/c TH and I agree on something-the talent of Urban Grace!

  13. oh man, I’m anxious to see if that leopard rug made it into your final design and relieved to read that your little lady was not in harm’s way!

  14. Love the fabrics! I’ve had the itch to go to NYC as of late. When don’t you have the itch, is the real question though. Good porch sittin’ is always a dream, too!

  15. I need a spring break, too! And I love the dogmade dog door, haha!

  16. yummy fabrics….

  17. oooh love that you shared this post.
    it’s all in that little suitcase! A little Mary Poppins’
    dreamy fabrics – paint – flooring.. It would be a pleasure to have you arrive carrying all that and know that everything in the end is going to be beautiful!

  18. Hi Erika! Are you going to be in town for the New Trad Launch party? I just got the invite and saw your name/pic. I would love to meet you! Hope all is well. As always…love the blog!


  19. Love the photo of your busy family in action. And do tell where you found those adorable striped shoes!

  20. Oh, I just love your choices here. The Lee Jofa Heath sofa is a stunner!

  21. I would love to spend an afternoon with a glass of wine digging through your stash of fabrics. Yes, I know that sounds weird, lol. xoxo Shelli

  22. HE HE- let me say the work shots look amazing- what a cool job you have! NYC is the best!

  23. Saw you in Traditional Home this month. Congrats!

  24. Hey Erika! I’m interested in some info on the fabric in the top left corner of the first photo. It appears to be maybe a coral geometric? I have a chair that I’ve been needing recovered and am curious about this particular fabric. If you get a chance to let me know more details, I would be very appreciative!! Thanks!

  25. What beautiful selections.
    Would you ever share the manufacturer of the drapery fabric?
    I imagine you have one very thrilled client!

  26. Need photos of the finished product… STAT! Loving the tan draperies and seriously impressed by the organised fabric sample bag!

  27. Theresa Daniel says:

    Hi Erika,
    I’ve been following your blog for awhile. LOVE it! I just got my new Traditional Home magazine and saw the Duralee favorite designer contest. You go girl! I’ll be voting for you.


  28. Don’t you just love cousin love? My nieces and nephews live within a mile of us and we just cherish all the togetherness.

    We were in your neck of the woods last week..took a break and went to Seaside. Love that place!

  29. How exciting it was to be flipping through my issue of Traditional Home last night and see your pretty face! Congratulations on the recognition. You deserve it!

  30. Ugh, lusting over that suitcase of fabrics. I have been dying to recover a chair that I have – and I think I need to head to the Merchandise Mart and browse the showrooms. So envious of your gigs!

  31. I’m in love w Lonnymag and am over the moon for the launch of TradHome. Congrats to being named as one of the “up and comers!!” Super excited for you!

  32. I hate to comment on your pic of New York first, but I love it! Your family is adorable always and Sloane is becoming a big girl fast.

  33. Hi! I included this post in this weeks from my reader round-up. Loved the post and thought it would be super useful to my friends and readers. True eye candy!


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