we love transforming little spaces

Late last summer I received a phone call… “We need help turning an attic space into a bunk room. And if we could squeeze a bathroom into the space too that would be great.  Oh and if the room could at least sleep 6, that would be nice.”


Not bad (my attic doesn’t look this good)… but not fully-functional for their needs.

The plan, elevations, and selections:

Notice trundles pull out beneath two beds so they can pack in like sardines.  I’d hate to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with that one trundle closest to the bathroom pulled out, but kids like obstacle courses, right?





The room is tucked in off the stairwell, see the door?




  1. Oh my word. You have outdone yourselves with this little space! Makes me want to be a kid again. Those numbered towels are genius!

  2. Oh I love this! This would be great for all my *littles* when they visit! Love the way you tucked the beds in and put the lighting on the wall for each of them. The bathroom is fabulous and I love the use of clear glass to make it all seem larger! This is one of my favorite things you have done!

  3. That small room transformation is awesome! Amazing work Erika!

  4. What a fantastic use of space, love everything, especially the “secret door”!

  5. Erika, you’re my favorite designer!! I love seeing everything you do. Great job team!

  6. Very cute! I can’t believe it is off the stairwell! Amazing!

  7. Totally unbelievable. I would have definitely made too much use of color and it would have quickly overwhelmed and overtaken the space. Subtlety is a much better choice. I also love the way that you made use of the sloping ceiling in the shower. Again, the monochromatic color choices served you well. I am duly impressed. Oh, how I wish I had the budget for a designer such as you!

  8. Wow! What a fantastic little hiding spot. Make me want to peak around the staircases of older homes to see if there is a little room hiding in there. Another great example of efficient (and beautiful) use of space!

  9. I think I have attic envy! Love the secret entrance door and love that it can sleep 6 – what a fun room for lots of little cousins visiting just not sure anyone would get much sleep!

  10. Love this! My folks are redoing some of their lake cabin and want space for the grandkids. Such a great idea! Great use if all those nooks and crannies.

  11. LOVE. what a great space for kids — i know mine would have a blast in there!

  12. Awesome work team Urban Grace.

  13. That room is lovely!

  14. I love it – what a fun space for kids.

  15. So fantastic!!!! Any chance on getting some resources for the beds and fabrics? I have an upstairs attic my two sons share with the same sloped ceiling and this has opened my eyes. Thanks

  16. STUNNING. I studied furnishings + interiors at UGA, and I would like to hire you. Awesome!

  17. OMG!!!!I adore, adore, adore this space and am super jealous! Why do I like in NYC- there attic is as big as our apartment. I just adore the way you ladies think!

  18. Allison says:

    fabulous!!! love love love the numbered towels!!!

  19. These are the kind of spaces kids love. Less is definitely more here! And those quilt/coverlets again. Can you tell us where you got them? They’re beautiful.

  20. Candace Horner says:

    That lav faucet is amazing! and those caged lights, groan!! Beautiful use of that space, the kiddies will never come down from there! Now if only I could clear all the crap out of my attic(closets, basement, barn, life)…>!! Great job Erika and team! Love you!!

  21. This is SOOOO fabulous! I love seeing small spaces with every inch utilized- it really excites me…maybe it’s beacause my house has such small rooms…great job!

  22. Monica Gallivan says:

    Fabulous use of space and color!

  23. They called the right person. You guys did an amazing job fitting everything into this space. It goes without saying, but I will say, GREAT & IMPRESSIVE work.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  24. WOW! Looks great. Mg parents need to do exactly this to their attic to house the grandchildren! I’m sending her to your blog!

  25. That is an amazing transformation! I love the creativity of the door in the stairway as well as the clean, simple lines in the room. Not to mention the fantastic use of sleeping space!!

  26. *SIGH* Oh, Erika … it’s simply perfect.

  27. Great job, E! Your team always does such a fantastic job, even in the greatest of challenges.

  28. wow wow wow!!! this is just darling!!!! erika, what a GREAT design!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!!

  29. Holy crap…this is AMAZING. Absolutely the most charming little nook I have ever seen. GORGEOUS work, Erika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I LOVE THIS!!!! It is ‘simply’ perfect!

  31. Suzanne Ulmer says:

    Love it!!

    Would love to know the names/maker of the fabric on the pillows on the bed. The big pillow fabric if JUST what I need for my den.

    Thanks so much!


  32. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! How are y’all so talented?! I am in love. Erika and crew– major kudos!!!

  33. Oh wow…love it! Especially the lighting and bathroom fixtures and the numbered towels! What an awesome job :)

  34. Love it!!! That secret door is awesome!! My sister and I would have been beyond in love with that when we were kids. Great use of space. I’m always so inspired by the work that you do.

  35. Coolest room ever! A hidey spot that’s a bunkroom?! Love it.

  36. When can I move in??? Secret door, yes please!!

  37. I would have DIED for this space as a child. A secret door?! Amazing!

  38. Oh, amazing!! Once again you have done a terrific job. Thank you so much for showing how a little space can look so good! :)

  39. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  40. What an amazing transformation! How fun to be a kid and have a space like that! Love every little fixture and the numbered towels are so perfect for kids. Bravo to you and your team!


  42. This is so fantastic! I love the rustic hardwood with the neutral colors. Perfect amount of accent color and that bathroom – you have made it very special even though it looks TINY! Great small space remodel!

  43. Such a challenging space and you’ve completely transformed it! You’ve packed a lot of function into that small attic. Love the trundle beds (though maybe the reading lights could have been a smidge higher, just so no little arms get burned if they get too hot?). The towel hooks and showerhead on a slide bar are great ideas for tiny kid’s bathrooms. And I love the door! How fun is a hidden door. Brilliant work Urban Grace team!

  44. This might be one of my favorite things you have ever done. I love every single thing about it. Oh to have a secret room behind a hidden door off a seemingly normal staircase… Can I be their kid/grandkid??

  45. urban grace girls, you are the best!
    i love it all, but the numbered towels and reading sconces make my heart go pitter patter. how much fun would it be to be a kid here?
    oh! and the secret door? loooove.

  46. Woah, that is completely amazing! I want to stay in that room … how fun! :) I really like the pillow fabric you chose.

  47. i love it! functional, magical (secret door) and gorgeous! love the ceiling globes and numbered towels (not to mention all that plumbing hardware). pam

  48. You make my day with each every new post. Thanks for sharing :))))

  49. stunning!!!!

  50. Kara McCaa says:

    LOVE the fabrics…can you send your resources, specifically on the pillow behind the bolster?



  51. Wow… that is amazing. If only I could carve a 6 bed bunkroom out of my staircase… my kids would die! Looks like everyone is curious about that beautiful pillow fabric. Can you please let us know the details?!!

  52. wow! that’s amazing. I love it all!! :) The secret door off the stairwell is very fun!

  53. Adore the fixtures in the tiny bath, especially the little Marine light – it makes the whole space! Also love the clear globe lights in the bedroom. You Urban Grace girls really have a way with picking out the BEST lights, lamps & harware. And everything for that matter too. Always great to see pics of your work!

  54. I want this for all the Finkles!!!!!!!

  55. Ivy Lane says:

    awesome job! WOW! great use of space!

  56. jaw-dropping amazing! the numbered towels are BRILLiant! and that door…i bet kids LOVE this space. so magical.

    well done, and thanks for sharing!

  57. Adorable!!! Simply adorable!

  58. love it e! but then again i love everything you gals do. your biggest fan up in boston!

  59. What a tremendous job you’ve done! That has to be so rewarding knowing how many little people will appreciate that space for many many years. Yay!

    Love the boathouse sconce in the bathroom…I just ordered one for my son’s big boy room.

  60. This is absolutely amazing and gets me so excited to check your blog each morning :)

  61. I’m at work and can’t anything done because I keep looking at this space! This motivates me to do something with my upstairs, which is very similar in design. High fives to UG!

  62. Now you’re making me want a bunk room! :) You guys did a fantastic job!

  63. I love it! On so many levels, it is perfection. Oh, to be a child spending the night with cousins…

  64. kara hebert says:

    Oh E, you da best. No one can top you!

  65. what an amazing use of a small,difficult space. I especially like the bathroom.

  66. what an incredibly smart use of that space. Well done!!!

  67. Dang, I want a sleepover! Beautiful use of the space. I have a room just like this without the bathroom, think I might Single White Female that 4 bed built in idea. :)

  68. i love love love how the towels correspond to the beds. genius!

  69. Well done, as usual! Love the details- thanks for sharing!!! Great lighting, and I also LOVE the towels!

  70. Jessica says:

    that is just awesome! i love your superior taste. tell us about the bedding…

  71. wow! what a great use of space. i love the bathroom, you always do such beautiful work :)

  72. This is fantastic!! Such a fun room!

  73. AMAZING! I love it all but the numbered towels really take the cake:)

  74. loooove it! great job!

  75. I love your work! Charming new space with this attic. If you ever read this…(cross my fingers) what is the fabric on the square pillows, the vine style? Love it!

  76. Why didn’t you put the trundle beds on the same side? It would make the beds easier to walk around if pulled out.

  77. Amazing! The hidden door is so cool. What a fun spot for kids. Great memories to be made. Your love of fixtures is so evident. They are always stunning.

  78. This is so, so neat. Makes me wish I was 10 with a big “Babysitter’s Club” book I could go curl up with in this bunkroom!

  79. Nicely done. I love that stairwell. I would love to see the rest of the house just by glancing at that photo. Lovely.

  80. Oh my! How cool is that?! I love everything about it! Especially that it has a secret door!

  81. Love what you’ve done with this space! Looks practical and spectacular!

  82. Jessica says:

    You pick out the most gorgeous fabric! Where or what brand is the pillow fabric that resembles a vine. The whole room is amazing.

  83. michelle says:

    Your presentation boards are so nice. How do you get the line drawings and the pictures of the actual product on the same page? Do you use photoshop & cut and paste? Very curious. Thanks.

  84. This is an unbelievably great use of space, Erika! Love the bathroom and the “secret” door! Great job!

  85. What kid wouldn’t KILL to have a secret nook which also turned out to be a room o’ bunks for slumber partying. All the details are perfect, right down to the numbered towesl.

  86. Oh how I love every single little (and big) renovation you do! Please come hang out with me in Boston someday!! Brimfield is just around the corner!!

  87. I absolutely love it! I am using something similar for the lighting in a client’s galley kitchen. I can’t imagine the stories and memories that will be created in that bedroom:)

  88. Not only is this amazing, my husband is totally impressed.

  89. The bathroom…Oh my! The white tile is so clean and fresh. The facuets and hardware are the perfect compliment. The numbered towels are a fun finishing touch. Your attention to detail is phenomenal.

  90. This is just the cutest room ever! What a fun space. I wouldn’t mind staying there myself…especially with a group of fun girl friends! Great, great job.

  91. What kid (or adult) wouldn’t love their very own secret – and oh, so stylish – room?! Love it!

  92. Unbelievable adorable! I can’t get over it.

  93. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Genius!!!

  94. fabulous job erika! i was in your neck of the woods this past weekend (30a for the seaside school 1/2marathon). met lynn nesmith and bought her new book…your spread looked wonderful!!

  95. AH! This looks so much like my house – you need to come up to Upstate New York/Hudson Valley and take a look!

  96. I love the little numbered towels. Everything you do is to perfection and yet relaxed. You do things so much as some person would-someone who has unerring taste for making space crisps with a hint of whimsy- there is sweetness in everything you decorate and you make it new and inviting.

  97. Insanely functional AND gorgeous. Such a calming color palate. Love love love. Good stuff. The monogrammed numbers on the towels? genius.

  98. So clean and clever. I love it!

  99. Katharina says:

    Beautiful – very good solution (love the shower) and as always shows your and your teams great taste and style!

  100. This room is great- I love everything about it. Can you tell me about the bathroom mirror?

  101. Beyond fabulous!! Just amazing! Thank you for sharing the transformation.

  102. AMAZING! There is no other words.

  103. Wendy Resin says:

    This is amazing! I love the transformation. Everything you’ve done is spectacular. Can you please tell me the fabric make and names? Would love to copy just a little of your magic. Thanks.

  104. so much to love about this space… love the colors, the wide-planked floor, and those numbered towels! fun!

    visiting from your sister’s site…

  105. looks terrific!

  106. Sooo cute and inspiring!!!

  107. From one intern architect to an interior designer: CONGRATULATIONS! What an ingenious solution. Your work never ceases to impress me.

    Your Fan,

    Erica V. S.

  108. Absolutely funtastic! The only thing I would need is a window….but maybe they can open the door to the water tank room? LOVE the hidden door, trundles, light fixtures…everything! May I ask what software you use for the drawings? Looks clean and easy to read!

  109. COOL! It’s like a secret passageway. It looks beautiful!

  110. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    Amazing. Brilliant. Transformation!!! Really, so inspiring!!!! Came over via Mrs. Blandings!

    ~ Elizabeth

  111. O my goodness you are UNREAL. Keep up the good work and please keep showing us your talent…I love to see all you do and am even more impressed every time you post something new!! Y’all are amazing!

  112. wow wow wow! now that is awesome! LOVE THE DETAILS! those towels are TOO cute!

  113. That is too fabulous. You’re so talented.

  114. Can you tell me who makes the reading sconces and pendants?

  115. Very nice! The colors and layout make it still feel spacious. I love how the bathroom shower space works because everything is tiled (though I bet kids would attempt to get water EVERYWHERE!).

  116. That is the best, absolutely the best.

  117. Just catching up on your blog–this transformation is amazing!

  118. I love this! So clever!

  119. Fabulous! I love how this is aadorable and super cool at the same time!

  120. Awesome transforming <3.
    Specially i love bathroom door ^^

  121. oh my god, if I were a kid getting to use this room with a secret door I’d probably shit my pants.

  122. Wow! What an great use of space.

  123. can you tell me the details on the lav. faucet and shower head?! am starting a kids bath re-do and love this bathroom!

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