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It’s tough to blog in the summertime.  Heck, it’s tough to blog no matter the season.   We’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  We are in the process of expanding our design studio and I’m starting to wonder if we should put in a bunk room in the new found square footage.  Leigh Ann comes in early, Paula and Allison stay late.  I do a mixture of overtime.  Actually, I never turn it off.  I’m starting to think they don’t either.  So very grateful for them and their dedication to their jobs.

photo 2 (2)

I know it’s rough work, but someone’s got to do it.  Leigh Ann on a  jobsite visit earlier this week.

photo 4

On the homefront my husband, the engineer, has been building a dock.  I think he did a fantastic job and I have been thoroughly enjoying my new coffee spot.  I think the terriers love it too.  I have also been riding my bike in the wee hours of the morning.  I’ve decided that waking at 5am, laying in bed, repeating a to do list over and over in my head, is not nearly as fun as a bike ride.

This  morning I rode to the office to pick up fabric for a table skirt.  I’m doing a little party prep on the side,  there’s a girl in our house about to celebrate TWO years of life.

photo 2 (3)

It has felt so good to start my days this way.  My vegetables are done for the summer, but I have been tracking the progress of a mid-summer adder, a flower box… pardon the shampoo bottles, swimsuits, etc.

flower box progress week 3
photo 1
photo 4 (3)
In other random news… I’ve been thinking about a big girl bed for Sloane, which is sad and exciting at the same time.  I feel like I was just leaving the hospital with my two day old girl.

photo 3 (4)

Sometimes we eat cereal for dinner.


Last weekend we had an exciting visitor.


It finally dawned on me.  Perhaps the plate was throwing him off.  Notice, he ducked deeper into his shell, he had no interest in my offerings.

turtleman no plate

Before we let him go Sloane insisted he needed a bath, so if you see an unusually clean turtle, he came from our house.

Victoria Hagan’s Marie’s Field fabric looks pretty darn good with this trim, also thinking it would look great with that gray pompom trim I’m considering for Sloaney’s updates.


In the last issue of House Beautiful I was reminded, once again, why I love Stephen Gambrel so much.

photo 21

Earlier in the week I was searching around for a large tray for a client’s coffee table and that night when I got home I glanced at my own coffee table.  It used to be loaded down with beautiful design books and pretty little things.  I don’t miss those pretty little things.  I see pretty little things all day long and when I come home it delights me to see Sloane has stacked her things (with care) on our coffee table.


It also does my heart good to see Sloane in her daddy’s car.  This ’65 Mustang (my mother-in-law’s first car) was  passed down to Chance when he turned 16.  He drove it (as his main form of transportation) up until a few years ago.  I think she likes it.

photo 3

I’m running out of words… I think most of you come here for pictures anyway.

photo 4 (4)



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  1. I can’t believe Sloane is going to be 2! I love, love the Marie’s Field fabric- and that trim is pretty special too! I also can’t believe how well your little garden box has grown… I literally kill everything I plant! Have a great weekend!


  2. Love little Sloan and the planter. I’m going to add that to my list for next summer. My youngest will be 2 in November. I love this age.

  3. Happy Birthday Sloane! And I love the mustang. I have always wanted to drive one of those. But I was passed down a 2002 BMW when I turned 16, which was pretty cool too. Will ya’ll pass it down to Sloane. Only 14 years to go! Hope that thought doesn’t make you cry!

  4. I’m hoping that chick in her lap means you got chickens?! If so, I’m jealous!!! Keep enjoying your little girl. They grow up so fast, and the work will get done sooner or later:)

  5. Love all those little random tidbits! :)


  6. How cool is it that you can ride your bike to work and have water outside your back door! I started reading your blog right before you had Sloane. We just moved into our house and I was looking for design inspiration. Can’t believe it is almost 2 years! She is adorable!! Have fun with her “big girl” room!

  7. PS- saw you in Better Homes and Gardens! Loved your outfit! Congrats!!

  8. oh my goodness, it seems like just the other day you & chance were in boston and you were sporting that baby bump…now she’s 2??? as always, love seeing what ya’ll are up to. i promise i’ll make it to florida one of these days, i might just have to be a snow-bird. xoxo

  9. tfaulkner says:

    Beautiful pictures and Sloane is growing so fast!

  10. It’s always a good Friday morning when a new post from you pops up!! Love the shot of the road ahead when you’re biking, that looks like such a perfect place to be riding. And that cracks me up that Sloane arranges her things in the coffee table tray, too cute!

  11. Oh my gosh, I love ALL the “pretty things” you get to look at. Love the color scheme for Sloanes updates! I’ve already warned my hubs that when we build our next house you will be the one to design all the “pretty things”. There very few people in this world I think are truly fabulous. You are one of those people. TGIF!!

  12. Love these – Henley loved looking at her friend, too. And she loved the little birdie dog toy! Love you!!

  13. Precious photos. Love the fabrics. The pups looks like they’ve been swimming! I agree with the bike rides…I am going to try to get up early and do yoga instead of making lists. Have a GREAT weekend!

  14. Your daughter should be in commercials. She is gorgeous!

  15. Your daughter is one of the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen. She is just stunning.

  16. I can’t believe your baby is about to be 2!! She is such a doll! The new dock looks wonderful and the terriers do look like they love the new space, too! Your planters are beautiful! What a treasure the Mustang is-it suits Sloane :) It’s wonderful you are so busy with work, especially during these unstable times, but hopefully things will work themselves out so that everyone can get a little relief soon. Have a blessed weekend!

  17. I visit for the photos, your darling girl, your vegetation, and to get a peek at your fabulous design style. Thanks for blogging. I know I certainly appreciate the visual break in the middle of my day. Happy weekend!

  18. My little girl has that same Calypso romper and honey bee tee! Twinsies! Ha! Do you have an outdoor shower? That is so awesome. We’re dreaming of putting one on our house.

  19. Sloane is such a doll! Love the fabrics for her room re-do too.

    PS. I was so excited to see you & lil’Sloane in my latest BHG magazine last night! You both looked beautiful!

  20. Loved this post! So much fun, casual eye candy in seeing how you put things together.

  21. Havent commented in a long while (always here reading AND looking) but had to tell you how darling your “big” girl is! Absolutely angelic!!

  22. I love your words as much as the pictures. Happy Birthday to Sloane! She is such a sweetheart. It seems she is going to be tall. And she is so darn adorable in her daddy’s mustang. Have a beautiful weekend!

  23. I can’t wait to see the big girl bed!!!!

  24. I loved your feature in Better Homes & Gardens – great picture of you and Sloan! I was so happy when I turned the page and saw there was a feature about you – always love to see what your working on! Enjoy the birthday festivities!

  25. Sloane is SO cute with her 60′s style hair in that Mustang. And that Steven Gambrel’s dog toy as part of a design board is hilarious. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

  26. So many fun and beautiful pictures! I can’t believe that little cutie is about to be 2!!!

  27. ALLIDOISWIN says:

    Happy Early Birthday to sweet Sloane!! And congrats to you and Chance for doing such a fabulous job raising that gorgeous girl!

  28. Well, my dog chews on an Audubon bird toy (I think he is attracted the real bird sounds it makes), but I never thought of designing a room around it. I guess that’s why I am not Steven Gambrel nor am I earning 1/100th of the big bucks he brings in. But life is still good. Especially since I am heading down your way tomorrow and am hoping to have some fried oysters at Nick’s on the Bay, a little Cafe Tango followed up with some Marina Cafe (all the way in Destin) ’cause we have been eating there for the past twenty-nine years…give or take a few! Love your girl, your potato vine in the flower box, your outside shower (of course you use shampoo out there) and the basket on your bike. I was wondering how you were going to transport those linens. I should have known!

  29. I love your style, but nothing beats the pictures of that little girl!

  30. OMG! your pictures are too cute and your daughter is just so precious! My mom actually has that exact same mustang- ’65 coupe (and possibly the same color too)! My parents still own my dad’s first car, a ’69 fastback 351 mustang, that they actually went on dates in when they were in high school! LOVE IT!

  31. I so look forward to these random posts! I love the trim with the wood rings on it, wow! Great things are happening in your life, thanks for sharing :-)

  32. Tracy Watters says:

    I do love your beautiful pictures and your beautiful family. Both make me smile.

  33. With some blogs, I just “come for the pictures” but I do read yours. Congrats on the feature in Better Homes and Garden. Great picture of you and Sloane!

  34. I just love getting a glimpse into your fab life. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  35. Love her red, maybe pink, toes. And those thighs! Hello! It goes quickly, so soak up every little bit of it. People talk about how fast it goes, and you really don’t know until they start kindergarten and first grade. Love you posts. Keep them coming.

  36. I want an outdoor shower. I’ve only had one in the house we rented in Seaside and I used it every day :)

  37. Thanks for the update. A charming post, and Sloane is beautiful

  38. Hey Erika!

    I’ve been checking your blog out for a while and I truly love your style and all your postings, both of a personal and professional nature. I just had to comment today….thanks so much for keeping ‘it’ so real! It’s truly refreshing. I have a six month old son, and I was lunching with a friend today and talking about how I need to quickly remove my beautiful small metal and glass tables in my family room and find a more “baby friendly” coffee table. And, I was also talking about how I will no longer be able to have all the ‘pretty little things’ on the table anymore. So, I laughed when I read your comment and saw your picture of what adornes your coffee table! Mine will be filled with colorful toys and trucks and cars soon enough! So, I am right there with ‘ya! Again, thanks for keeping it so real!

  39. I love your outdoor area! and Sloane is just too cute for words.

  40. I love the Mustang! I was thinking of getting a small car in a pretty color, now I think I may just do that. Sloane’s hair cut is adorable. She’s a beautiful child.

  41. BTW… do you mind sharing what kind of fabric you’re making the table skirt with? I’m planning a party and I happen to be using those colors too.

  42. I’m so envious you can ride your bike to work! LOVE that Marie Field fabric-perfect for a little lady’s new bedroom, though I have to say, I’ll be sad to see the Oscar de la Renta go!

  43. I love the pink skirt you were wearing in better homes and gardens september issue. Where is it from?

  44. Lovely images as always! What is better than an outdoor shower? Seriously. Enjoy the work that is coming in. So many of your colleagues are laid off or underemployed. We’d give anything for that kind of business in this economy!

  45. Big girl bed… I have read that full size beds have been growing in popularity as a first big bed for children, as it allows room for mom or dad to sit and read bed time stories … I hope so –I have scooped up three frames from yard sales two for under 60 bucks they soo reminded me of styes sold by grandin road years ago. one has a tulip shape for a finial. each has a head and foot board. will paint them.

  46. Hello – Found your blog from Better Homes & Gardens and just wanted to compliment you on your daughter’s name. We have a Sloane too. :)

  47. This is my first time reading a blog. In fact I was going through my bh magazine and saw you featured in an article and read it. I was so excited to see that you shopped at thrift stores because I do the same! I mean why pay $1000.00 for a table when you can find it cheaper if you just look around. I am a designer at heart just never went to school for it! It is truly my passion in life though. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thanks for the inspiration- Lori

  48. What a convenient life for you! Biking to work? keep it up!

  49. your blog is adorable! your pictures are great but i read the words too :-) just saw you in BHG; way to go!

  50. Hi Erika,
    I got my new issue of BHG this weekend and wanted to send you a little congrats. Loved the pictures!!!! Your house looks great!!!!

  51. Do they rent out the McBeach house? It looks fabulous and we are looking for a fabulous beach house to rent next summer…

  52. I loved Steven Gambrel’s quote as well:) My eye went straight to the dog toy, and I couldn’t help but smile! Genius!!

  53. Mary Crozier says:

    Just read the article in Better Homes and Gardens this month. Am enjoying your blog. Would you kindly tell me where you got the cool shelves in your kitchen? They are just what I am looking for. Fun, stylish and hip. Thanks.

  54. guess the turtle wasn’t a Derian fan

  55. Sloane is so adorable. I love the haircut.

  56. Katherine Benson says:

    This is a random question that I’ve been meaning to ask…what paint color did you choose for the walls in your kitchen/den? I have your Paint Post bookmarked as a source, but I would love to hear of any news favorites :)

  57. you are fabulous. sloaney is fabulous. your precious picture & feature in BHG was fabulous. that hot pink maxi skirt is AMAZING. do you mind sharing where you found that lovely treasure?!

  58. I love your posts, always my favorite to read. Your sweet little life is so dreamy!

  59. I think I am in the right place…saw you in Better Homes and Gardens! I loved your outfit…can you tell me where your pink skirt came from?

  60. Have not been to your blog in a over a month…your sweet little lady has grown. Love the pic of her in the Mustang! So remember my little girls being that small…it’s the best! Enjoy….but I think you are already doing so. :) Jennifer

  61. Hey Sis! It’s sad the only way I get to see you is on Erika’s blog.

  62. I’ve come back to this post a dozen times to stare at your inspiration for SB’s room. I AM IN LOVE! You’re so talented. Mom called me last night to rave about your BHG spread…I’m off to find the mag so I can read it, too. Love you and so happy for all your much deserved successes.

  63. Happy Birthday Sloane…you are a cutie!
    Congrats Erika, I just received my BHG and you are a stylemaker!!!! I am so thrilled with all the publicity you are getting. It is so deserved!!!!! xoxo

  64. After a long summer away in Northern Michigan (have not even had a moment to get on-line and catch up with your blog) I opened my newest BH&G and found you. I LOVE it!!!

  65. Wes would be so jealous of Chance’s mustang – he had one at 16 too and I’m pretty sure selling it is the biggest regret of his life. Ha.

  66. Sarah Kyle says:

    Happy Birthday to Sloane! She is too adorable!

    Is that fabric in your bike basket red and white awning stripe!? If so, where did you find it? I have literally been searching for that for 2+ years!

    Also loved the other fabric/tile combos!

  67. My son used to play in my husband’s ’65 Mustang. The lack of a/c got to us in the end.

    And, my daughter used to have that orange and white striped dress. Now I’m all nostalgic for two reasons!

    Congrats about the magazine.

  68. Paige Porter Fischer says:

    I feel the need to post a little comment to say, first of all, that I’m so proud to have been a part of this shoot and to have entered into your lovely world, Erika. And I am so delighted that you’re featured in the pages of our magazine, Better Homes & Gardens. My big hope is that the millions of readers who thumb through it this month will be as inspired by you, your work, and your authenticity as I was. I’ve been shooting houses and designers for the magazine for almost 8 years now, and there are few experiences I’ve enjoyed more than this one. You are so real, so kind, and so joy-filled that I can’t even be jealous of the fact that we had to clothespin that size 0 hot pink skirt on you so that it wouldn’t fall off. Thank you for welcoming us in–and sharing your jelly beans and iced tea. Hope to see you again soon!

  69. Ok, so i must know… what is the game plan for Sloane’s amazing baby bedding and window treatments? I recently stumbled upon your blog (via the Better Homes & Gardens article) and found the photos you posted of her nursery way back when. I am truly in love…


  70. Where did you find the tan trim that looks awesome with the Marie’s Field fabric? I absolutely love it.

  71. Beautiful work! I came across you in Sept. 2011 BHG

    Blogging is fun and demanding all at the same time! For someone who loves design and style, I try to blog as often as time permits while expanding my full service design/retail store.

    I’ll try to keep in touch through your blog. Looks interesting and inspirational and diversified! I like that.

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