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I love weekends.  And since I can’t seem to come up with any juicy design posts how about a really long post full of more randomness from the past couple of weekends?

Last weekend, or was it the weekend before last?  I’m not sure.  It was Memorial Day Weekend and Chance’s birthday.  So we went on the boat and spent a lot of time together as a family on the beach.  It was really wonderful.  I live in paradise, yet I rarely take time to soak it all in.  I hadn’t been to the beach in over a year, nor on the boat in three years!  Sad.  I live on the gulf coast of Florida, the “Emerald Coast”.  If you haven’t been here you should plan a trip.  It’s beautiful.  Here’s the birthday boy (who needs a hair cut… but I’m his stylist and well, you see how that’s working out).

















photo (76)

photo (75)

Last week two of my dear friends (sisters) from high school visited and I was able to sneak away for a wonderful dinner with them!  (My shirt doesn’t have a wire hoop, that was the wind.)  Cameron, Whitney and I played field hockey and tennis together in high school and then went off to Auburn together. There’s just something so wonderful and comforting about old friends.  We would often carpool the 11 hours between  Louisville, Kentucky and Auburn, Alabama- you gotta like someone to spend that much time in the car together.  And we did it multiple times a year.

In other news, I finally convinced Chance to come hang up our light that’s been collecting dust for over a year.  I should have wired a light up in that spot during construction, but since I didn’t we’ll deal with the cord cover.  Don’t look in the background… we need approximately 2,000 more square feet.


And more from the home front, this little nugget has learned that she can use her stool (thank you Auntie Marla, this stool was your idea- Sloaney loves it!) to reach whatever she fancies.  Yesterday I turned around and she was helping herself to pita chips. Last week I caught her flipping lights on and off, she was so proud of herself.  I am so proud of her, she is a sweet little rascal.
photo (73)

Then there is the morning “peek a boo” routine she plays with my shower curtain while I get ready.  (We are both getting our hair cut this afternoon!)

photo (74)

Also, a few weeks ago Allison and I went to Houston to check on a really fun project.  While we were there we were able to lunch with my dear sweet Courtney… she’s pregnant and I am so thrilled for her.  She’s been busy with a new business venture… check out her gorgeous baby blankets (new website coming soon, but feel free to email her if you are interested!).  They aren’t for sale online yet… but when they are I will let you know.


We also had dinner with our wonderful (fun and funny) clients (who would not get in the picture!) and Megan Davis (who is also a client). You know Megan… Megan of Toast & Laurel, our go-to girl for paper goods.  We love her!

megan and erika

Speaking of Toast & Laurel, she just hooked us up with a big ole stamp for the bags we mail samples out in.  (Copied you Marla Carter.)


And last but not least, guess who installed Words With Friends but can’t take the heat… ;) !!

photo (1)


  1. Sloane is getting so big!! She no longer has that baby face, but a “big girl” face. She is so precious!!

  2. What great pictures! I love the random posts. :) And I lol’d at the last pic. I play with my sis too and email her pictures of Hulk Hogan when I beat her! What a sore winner, huh??

  3. fun post, erika! i’ve seen you wearing white skinny jeans a fair amount ;) where do you get them? not to mention, i need them in long. love your posts!

  4. We are such big fans of the emerald coast. We spend a good deal of our summers here. In fact we’re here now! — http://www.amandadovewells.com/?p=679

  5. Can I let the cat out of the bag that Darby613 means Erika and Darby’s birthday is in 5 days? Happy early birthday girls! Love the pics E!

  6. You are so freaking hilarious. I know you have a WWF cheating ap! One day I’m going to totally kick your tail! I love all these pics, especially my lippers and her big side pony… I see I’ve turned you on to that style!! Love you, come visit soon!!!!!

  7. I loved the randomness! After all, everyone’s life is pretty random from one minute to the next (at least it seems like it to us). Seeing Sloane get into things prepares me for what my daughter will be doing in a few weeks (they’re 3 weeks apart). That way I know what to childproof next! :) And how do you get her to keep a clip in her hair?

  8. where you live looks beautiful! your daughter is REALLY adorable…love her lil’ pinafore/gingham dress! {AND that baby blanket looks so precious..i’d love one for my daughter’s room..can’t wait to see her site when it’s up!}

  9. Beautiful pics. Sloane is just too cute and is growing up so fast! Loved the picture in the pantry!

  10. Y’all have such fun! I’m loving your white jeans. Any tips on where to get some good ones? ‘Tis the season – I just need to work on my tan to complete the look!

  11. So jealous of where you live! I wish I had a nice beach nearby.

  12. how nice that you took time out to take advantage of your gorgeous paradise home! Love the pictures. Looks a lot like a weekend on our boat at the lake…lots of Auburn accessories:) War Eagle!

  13. OH how I want your tan! and your location-(both) so amazing!

  14. Katharina says:

    Beautiful and fun pictures!! Hope you get to have more weekends on the beach while summer lasts! First I couldn’t believe that you can drive with the cars right to the beach/more ON the beach – so AMERICAN!!! I think in Europe we would have the “environmental protectionist” complaining right away. Unthinkable over here ;)

  15. I think we can all relate to the randomness (What? I haven’t updated my blog since DECEMBER?!!!). Nearly sold out of all my sheets, but I’ve already placed another order for more Twin/Queen/King sizes. I still have lots of baby blankets here though…love them! Maybe I need to email your web peeps so they can help me. Miss you and I can’t believe I’m less than a month away. Time is flying and I can’t seem to hold on. Love you!

  16. OK, I have to ask. Where did you get the coral shirt? With or without the hoop–looks great!

  17. I think it is just because you are so pretty (and that tan doesn’t hurt!) that everyone always wants to know what you are wearing in every pic. Even if it was a paperbag, I think you might get a comment like, “Oh, love that brown looking sac you’re wearing. Where did you get it?” But, a clothes rundown would be SO appreciated. Love the green and white check. You just are too darn cute!! (as is your offspring of course!)

  18. I love your style, Erika. I’m sure this post will be full of “where’d you get it” questions ;) You could probably wear a sheet and still look cute. Sloane is precious! Love the random posts.

  19. wow! I had no idea Courtney was back in the states–her blog has been asleep for awhile (but still on my blogroll…because; that’s how I roll) and congrats on her pregnancy. Yes; you MUST get back on your boat and enjoy what your area has given you!

  20. i can attest…. the emerald coast is beautiful. about a decade ago i lived on st george island and then in the apalachicola area. the beaches are soooo pretty! sloane is just too cute in her gingham dress. pam

  21. I just went to Courtney’s blog in the hopes that she’d have more pictures of her baby blankets only to see that, unfortunately, she hasn’t updated since 2010. Please feel free to send us her way again when she has them available online.
    Have you and Darby been ambushed by WWF game invites after posting your usernames?

  22. The shot of you poking the crab with one hand with a margherita in the other made me really nervous :) Dangerous combination

  23. I would love to know where Sloane’s gingham dress came from? Need that for my little one for the 4th!

  24. Such wonderful pictures. Don’t you love those tidal pools the Gulf gives us? They are perfectly designed for toddlers and dogs alike. Please tell me how you plan to disguise the wall mount for your lamp. I would love some good ideas in this regard. Take care and hope you make it a point to get out to the beach and on the boat more often. Maybe your sister will inspire you! Oh, and you obviously have the upper hand on Words with Friends!

  25. ibeesdablock says:

    I’m so jealous. Since I can’t have the beach can you at least tell me where you got that cute blouse and your shower curtain.

  26. I’ve pretty much always lived in Paradise as well. It’s hard to appreciate what is in front of you every day. It’s good to see someone that works so hard enjoy it!

    And as always, that little girl is sweet as a peach! I don’t think I could let my little girl have a stool quite yet. She would help herself to standing on my counter tops and dancing!

    Bee good!

  27. you hadn’t been to the beach in a year?? sounds like you work too much! ;) it does seem though that when you live at the beach you don’t go to it as often as people that don’t live there. the picture of you poking the crab – is that thing alive still? looks like you gave him some of your drink and he passed out. you’re brave! Sloane is so cute with that mischievous look – she and Soraya would be trouble together. Soraya’s started dragging the bathroom stool around the house and getting into all sorts of things – and she loves to turn all the lights on and off too. good thing they’re so darn cute! ;)

  28. Love the photos! We live in LA and never go to the beach, so I totally understand. (I am, however, totally jealous of your tan. I’m white as a ghost.)

  29. I’m so excited for Courtney!! Love it all – Sloaney, the bags, that sand??? Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Can I have your life? It seems so wonderful.

  31. Hi Erika,
    I have a very random question for you. You spoke of paradise, and I just might agree with you. I visited Florida a couple of weeks ago. I had been there before, but for some reason I just fell in love with it this time. My husband and I are thinking of relocating and I think Florida is at the top of the list. Do you love it over there? If you could pick a place to leave there what would that be? I would really appreciate any tips you may have. And hey, who knows, that could be a topic for a blog post. Pictures are gorgeous by the way. Best wishes, Patchi

  32. I love the random posts! And seriously, where do all your cute clothes come from?! I LOVE the green and white checked shirt and the pink silky looking one.

  33. Green Gingham Shirt – LOVE IT! Must know where you got it =)

  34. hehehe–love all the photos! Can’t wait to see Courtney’s baby and blankets–I’ve been missing her bloggin’!

  35. I love Sloan’s dress! Your Emerald Coast photos are always dreamy. They make me want to pack up and go.

  36. I love your random posts. You really do live in paradise! One of these days I will make it down there. I’m sure Sloane loves getting into the pantry, such a cutie!

  37. Christy says:

    Okay, so besides wanting to know where you got all the tops and the bathing suit you are wearing, I want to know about the print that is behind the coolers. Sloane is just to cute!

  38. random posts are some of my favorites! The beach pictures are amazing, we have had only 2 days of sun the past 2 weeks, other than that has been day upon day of rain, so I am so jealous of your beautiful weather (and your tan!! :) )
    Little Sloane is growing up, she is such a doll-

  39. love your post. and totally random question.. where did you get the linen bags that you stamped your logo on? I think they’re perfect for gifts!!

  40. Oh, babies on the beach … so sweet! Good gracious, girl, you are tan! And you haven’t even been spending time at the beach?? I’m so jealous. :) Are those two old coolers stacked up?? And your girlfriend’s necklace is so pretty. Enjoy some more of these summer weekends on y’all’s boat! You have to!!

  41. Great photos! The beach looks so pretty. What part of the gulf were you in? Thanks for sharing.

  42. looks like a lovely weekend! love all the AU shout-outs.

  43. Your beach pictures are so fun to look at-looks like it was the perfect weekend! I love it that locals can park on the beach at sunset :) Sloane is a doll! xoxo

  44. Janette says:

    I love it! I think I actually prefer “life posts” over design ones! :)

  45. Ha! Marla copied me :) love your photos.

  46. You might be able to fix that lamp wire with Glow Rods, it’s how I finally got a light over my sink in our kitchen. Kinda the same idea as fish tape but they work a lot better. Looks like you had a great Memorial Day Weekend, hope Chance had a great birthday!

  47. I don’t know you but I feel like I know you and love seeing pictures of your fam! It brightens my day…thanks for sharing. Also, would love to pick your brain on your design business and all the strategies you employed to get it to where it is now…I’m looking for good marketing strategies/ways to acquire clients for my interior design biz…I find it challenging and would love your advice/tips since you are a pro now!

  48. i’m not sure what to comment about first: sloane’s dress, the baby blanket, or that WHITE SAND! Wish we could have some of that in Port A. TX!!!!

  49. Susanna Jordan says:

    Where can i get the picture light you used?

  50. Looks fabulous!! Miss you and SB so much!! I’ve started a WWF with you, didn’t know you were on there:) It’s on!!

  51. for the record, i’m obsessed with your teeth.

  52. I love the Headlee girls. They were good friends with my brother while at Auburn. They are sweet sweet girls! So fun that they are like your sisters!

  53. Danielle C says:

    Hey Erika, I love the photo of Bologna sandwich with the vintage coolers behind her! Where did you get them?

  54. I love this post! I really LUV all of your posts! Your daughter is such a sweet doll! And I seriously need to think about moving to Florida! Or at least being very near by for vacations. It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  55. Love this post. Your little girl is looking so grown up and so very pretty. I like the shot of her in the bathroom with the fluffy white rug and white shower curtain. BTW, where did you find that great shower curtain?

  56. looks like the best weekend ever!! love all the pics of your little one!! :) p.s. your solid pink/coral shirt is gorgeous!! xoxo

  57. Beautiful pictures of the beach!

  58. Lindsey E. says:

    Sloane is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! Hope you get to enjoy some more time on the beach this summer…you deserve it!

  59. Wow! Your family is gorgeous and you have some mad photography skills.

    Thanks for sharing!

  60. natalie says:

    Hi! love the green gingham shirt! where did u find it? great for the beach. thanks!

  61. Leia Dailey says:

    War Eagle :) I just found your blog and am loving it!

  62. Cerissa says:

    I also am loving your outfits in this post! Would love to find out more about your gingham shirt, white jeans, and pink shirt! LOoks like you had a lovely time with your lovely family! : )

  63. That very beach is where I spent a week every summer for the first 20 years of my life. Our old house has since been sold and knocked down but I will always think of Grayton as my second home. Glad you had a chance to enjoy it! The Emerald Coast is truly stunning.

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