working 9 to 5

Most of my jobsite photos look like this:


Exciting, I know. But it’s the minute details (and photos like these) that eventually evolve into pretties.


Leigh Ann and I stopped by this morning to check on a powder bath that was papered over the weekend.  We weren’t disappointed.


Villa Romo’s Rowan Pearl paper in “Lipstick” and trim in Benjamin Moore “Grant Beige” working well together.  I was tempted to paint the trim pink, but the berries pop this way and I think that’s how it was meant to be.


The grassclothed ceiling in the Dining Room worked out pretty well too.  In love with Urban Electric’s Chisholm Hall pendants.


And before I get back to work, there’s a tiny ballerina in my house now…

CIMG_6039 - 860


  1. oh my heavens that little ballerina just melts my heart!

    can’t wait to see more of your projects unfold. they are looking mighty fine!

  2. LOVE the paper…maybe cause my sons name is rowan 😉 pink trim would be ah-mazing! you shouldn’t have said that cause it looks ah-mazing, but pink…oh my wow! love your little ballerina. so adorable.

  3. what an adorable picture of your little ballerina! Love the grasscloth ceiling!

  4. Where oh where did you score those bathroom sconces? So elegant.

  5. How fun for Sloane! (And the other photos were great too.) 🙂

  6. WOWOWOW that wallpaper is delectable and your little ballerina is . . . . absolutely precious! my little 2yr old goes to ballet and it is my favorite thing to go and watch! sweetest thing ever!

  7. Loving all the soft pink in this post! Lovely!!!

  8. Love, love, love it all… that ballerina is too precious!

  9. Great wallpaper! And, aren’t those ballerina costumes just too much? It gets my hormones going every time.

  10. Sloane is absolutely adorable. I loved ballet when I was little… The recitals were the best part 🙂

  11. I love it all! The wallpaper, the light fixtures, the paint, grasscloth ceiling……completely gorgeous!!! Sloane looks adorable as always!

  12. jeni bailey says:

    Makes me maybe want to turn in my little chicos for a ballerina… maybe;)

  13. Give me that wallpaper. and your baby. XOXO

  14. omg…your little pink ballerina!! my heart is bursting!!! LU all!

  15. Precious, precious little one! Love the beige…my goodness.

  16. Grant Beige is my color (just redid my kitchen and painted the den in it – ceilings too). LOVE the ballet picture! Melts your heart even though they are learning to point a toe for $40/month! 🙂

  17. Ah! I just used the Chisolm Hall pendant in a pool cabana project. I had it painted BM’s Aberdeen Green 🙂

  18. now she’s a ballerina bumble bee!

  19. You have a beautiful ballerina and the wallpaper is pretty awesome as well. Thanks

  20. Andrea, the sconces by Visual Comfort: Gorgeous!

  21. Your tiny ballerina melts my heart. She is so precious.

  22. Your ballerina is adorable. I used to have one of those too. Now, she’s almost ten and rides horses. Where does the time go, indeed?! That powder room looks divine with that wallpaper!

  23. catharine says:

    does that wallpaper come in fabric?

  24. Elagent, elagent, elagent including the little ballerina!

  25. You are a brilliant photographer- love that picture of little Sloane.

  26. Oh my goodness, she is absolutely adorable! Was so fixated on that gorgeous paper, but I think your tiny dancer steals the show!

  27. Oh. my. goodness. Sloane is precious as always!! Don’t you just want to squeeze her tight. She looks like she is concentrating so hard on getting her feet just right. Hope she loves ballet class!

    That wallpaper is beautiful with that paint color and that pair of Urban Electric lanterns is amazing as well!! Always love these sneak peeks of projects.
    Hope you’re well.

  28. Is she a tiny dancer that you want to hold you closer?!?! SO CUTE, and the wallpaper ain’t bad either!

  29. I so love the Pearl paper! That may be the second cutest little ballerina I’ve ever seen…I’ve got one in my household too (the cutest, of course) 🙂

  30. I want that grasscloth all over my house!!!

  31. OH OH OH my goodness. Sloane, a ballerina, be still my heart! Sweet little photos like that one are one of the reasons why my crazy self will have a fourth (gulp) child. Love, the mommy of THREE boys! Ha!

    Loving that amazing wallpaper and those pendants too! Fab.

  32. your day job is still more exciting than my last day job! Sloane makes the perfect little dancer!

  33. That powder room is jaw-droppingly pretty! I love how the lines of the sconces mimic the branches of the vines.

    Sloane makes the cutest ballerina. She looks likes she’s already hard at work!

  34. Katharina says:

    I really like the ceiling color with the white walls and the color of the lights!

  35. I’m in love with the wallpaper and grass cloth ceiling!! The ballerina melts my heart!! She’s so sweet!

  36. Melt my heart ! That is a keeper:)

  37. That bathroom is gorgeous and so is your sweet little ballerina!

  38. Be still my heart! That ballerina is adorable!!!!

  39. The picture of your baby girl is so precious!!!!! Seriously. Love the paint with the wallpaper in the powder bath with the gold sconces!

  40. Ooooh lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And though I lovelovelove my boys, that last photo makes my ovaries itch a little bit wishing for one of those sweet little loves in a tutu! So sweet!

  41. You never cease to amaze me. Grasscloth on the ceiling. I have some left from the seventies stuffed in a closet somewhere, but I confess I would never in a million years have envisioned it on the ceiling. Again….that’s why I am just The Mom and you are…Urban Grace extraordinnaire! And who wouldn’t love a little tiny brunette in a pink leotard?!!! She’s a classic, that’s for sure. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  42. LOVE everything! Your style is amazing! And your little ballerina is absolutely adorable! I cannot wait for our daughter to be old enough to start dance.

  43. Would love to see the finished powder room if you get a chance to post the pics!

  44. “… with the bottoms of her feet together, holding her ankles too…” This picture reminds me of a fun little record (yes, as in vinyl) we used to do when I took dancing and helped teach the baby classes. My sister now owns that studio and since my oldest (and only girl) is 16 and cheers and my youngest three are boys it’s great fun to visit her and see sweet little ballerinas like yours. Precious! She is beautiful.

  45. Christina Nash says:

    Fabulous powder room – Love it!! Your daughter is adorable

  46. Oh my gosh your little girl looks adorable! So sweet x

  47. It’s great to see projects in process – the wall coverings look great and so does your beautiful little girl at ballet! I was wondering if you have a Christmas wish list with you and your staff? I love seeing what you all are wishing for – it helps me with my list!!

  48. OMG!! LOVE IT ! All I want for Christmas is ONE of those lanterns!! Love your ballerina!

    The ballerina…I mean, the paper is nice, too, but the ballerina….she steals the post!!!

  50. Love, love your blog and work! First time commenting, but have read the blog for a while now. I’m trying to get inspiration for my new kitchen reno and have been trying to view your portfolio, with no luck pulling it up. Just thought you’d want to know and thanks for sharing your work!

  51. I’ll bet Chance never thought he’d have a precious little ballerina in his life!

    The powder room is beautiful! Hopefully, we’ll get to see the rest when it’s completed.

  52. Silent Night, it is such a beautiful song. It always fills my heart with peace and it is what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. Happy Holidays to you!!

  53. Nothing cuter than a mini ballerina.

  54. Love the wallpaper and the ballerina!!

  55. love the powder bath. wall paper is adorable!

  56. Have you thought about joining Pinterest? I would be nice to see your “after” photos on there!

  57. Can you please tell me the paint color on the cabinet in the bathroom?

  58. Hi! Love your bathroom wallpaper! You mentioned it was Villa Romo’s Rowan Pearl paper in “Lipstick” but I can’t find it. Can you help?