That chest I posted a picture of in the last post deserves a little more air time.  I really love it.  It’s a Guy Chaddock piece called the Country English Chest.  And yes… those are acorn pulls on oak leaf escutcheons.


country english guy chaddock chest

We also saw some teeny tiny acorns on a Charles Faudree fabric at Vervain.  I keep thinking about that fabric.

charles faudree acorn fabric


And that striped bag that kept making an appearance in the last post was the Baggu Duck Bag.  It’s part of our Urban Grace uniform.  I actually use mine for my laptop, but it’s a bit dangerous since it’s not padded.  It’s a great bag, perfect size, lightweight, and has a cross-body strap that comes in very handy when it gets heavy.
baggu duck bag


  1. I love the acorn drawer pulls. I am hoping to add some new knobs to the cheap dresser and nightstand I have in my bedroom right now. Interesting knobs always make a piece more appealing.

  2. Thank you so much for all the updates this week! Love your taste, so keep them coming!

  3. love that fabric, wish I could pin the image

  4. That fabric is so much fun- would be very pretty roman shades- and love the bag

  5. Dying over that acorn fabric!!!

  6. yowza….i LOVE that bag :) can you get them to do a give away? to me… :)

  7. aaaand…do people really spot that bag in those two pics?? are people so super over analytical? teehee :) and you should know that i love you so much, and your style so much, and i called your office to see if ya’ll could help me in my house in COLORADO lol and i believe it was leigh-ann who answered the phone and she was lovely. i think it was allison who emailed me details and she seems great :) hopefully i get my act together and get back to her :)

  8. Awesome! Love the bag. Thank you for the posts and updates! I just love your style. Im never one to ask or comment about your items but…..can you tell me about the pretty top you had on in the Scottsdale pics? I loved that color and style. :)

  9. Welcome back. You spoiled us with multiple posts this week so keep ‘em coming! Would love to see a sumemr etsy roundup from your crew.

  10. tee hee hee. Although I love that chest and in person I don’t see this, but in the picture, the acorns look like, well… ahem “man parts”.

    Maybe it’s the fact that I spent my morning with 6 yr olds, but it made me giggle.

  11. Very ncie e cool!

  12. I’m a newcomer to your blog and love it! I’m kind of tittering w/ Whitneyb in the corner: the acorns pulls do look like dangly bits, if you know what I mean. But I kind of love them – despite that or because of that, I’m not sure!

  13. Kathleen says:

    I am not on a feed. if one googles abby’s page a– this site may harm ur computer message appears — does she know this?

  14. LOVE those acorn pulls! Saved!

  15. I love the idea. I used a bumper with both of my children, but wish I would’ve had this as an option. You are going to make many mothers out there happy!

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