I’m blogging…

Where should one start when they haven’t blogged in months?  Many thanks to those of you who have checked in and said you are concerned and/or that you miss my updates.  Life has been quite hectic and as a result the blog took a backseat.  However, in my absence I did give the blog a little face lift.  She just needed tidying up, so I enlisted the help of two very talented people Carolyn and the Blog Burglar.  If you need help with your own blog I would highly recommend those two.

Can I just make a list of what’s been going on these last few months?  The thought of writing a post to get caught up causes anxiety.

1. I’ve been gardening.  Three new raised beds for vegetables are going strong.  Already harvested some beans and I might be up to my eyeballs in tomatoes in a few weeks.

2. I love instagram.  It’s like twitter minus the words.  You know my words aren’t always good, so this is easier.  I had the Blog Burglar load my instagrams into the sidebar of the new blog layout, so even if you don’t instagram you can see what’s going on in my world over there in the right column of this blog.

3. There’s a pet rabbit that runs wild in my neighborhood.  We call him Smokey.  I might have already blogged about him.  He comes by morning and night for carrots and it brings me such joy.  Say a prayer that the coyotes don’t find him, please?


4. Sloane is getting big.  I know that’s what happens with children, but I want to keep her little.  I want to cradle her in my arms like a baby, but she’s almost too big.  She wants to be outdoors all the time.  She likes to dig and garden.  She uses the word “importment”… for example, “Momma, I’ll be inside in a minute I’m working on something very importment!”  We look quite patriotic here, don’t we?  [I hate to make any assumptions, but someone might ask about our dresses.  Sloane’s is Tea (thank you, Marla Carter, it still fits and is darling) and mine is Canvas.]


5. Sloane had her first Itty Bitty Ballet recital this past weekend.
SCP ballet recital 104 copy 2

6. I have been traveling quite a bit, which is fun and exhausting.  I think I am almost over the anxiety that comes along with never feeling caught up.  There are emails that need response that are weeks old.  Since last we spoke I’ve been to North and South Carolina, Scottsdale, Miami, New York, and Louisville, KY.   Oh, and Atlanta.  The thought of all that makes me tired.  All work related trips except Scottsdale where I turned my brain off and accidentally ended up at the wrong hotel when I arrived to town.  I met nine girls there for a girls weekend.  It was just what I needed.  We not only woke up early, but we were also in bed early each night, usually laughing as we compared vitamins.  We came to the conclusion that we are kind of old and tame.  I even made the comment at the dinner table the first night, “everyone looks more like their mothers since last I saw y’all!”  Nice.  Good thing they all have pretty mommas. 😉  This is my dear friend, Cameron, the bride-to-be we were celebrating.


Scottsdale 028 copy


Scottsdale 013 copy

scottsdale iphone 085

I’ve known Cam since I was 15 years old.  We had high school science class together, where we sat side by side and have been friends ever since.  We also played field hockey and tennis together, and went to Auburn together.  She is near and dear to my heart.  I’m so far behind on blog updates that she’s now married and lives in Florida, much closer to me, which makes me happy, I’ll be seeing more of her.

I loved Scottsdale, I had been before but was much too young to really appreciate it.  The cool crisp mornings with no humidity, leisurely sipping coffee by the fire pit (photo above), it was a wonderful break.  A couple of dining experiences worth mentioning: Chelsea’s Kitchen and The Mission if you find yourself in Scottsdale anytime soon, I loved both.

7.  Back in March I went to North Carolina with my new friend Nicole (seen below), from Coastal Living.  She is fantastic.  We have really gotten to know each other well these last few months as she is in charge of Coastal Living’s Idea Houses and I am working on their 2012 house.  It’s a rather large project that I’m fairly certain I’m going to survive, although there have been touch-and-go moments.  Moments where I realized the house is enormous and typically I’d have about 18 more months and a lot more money to work with, but let me digress, because if I think about it for too long I start to slip down the slippery slope of searching for loose tranquilizers in the bottom of my purse.  If you’re in Rosemary Beach this summer, come by and see the house.  Back to our trip, while in North Carolina we met with the head honchos at Lee Industries and Sunbrella, both of whom are sponsors for the house.  It was pretty exciting for someone like myself to see behind the scenes operations and the new introductions pre-High Point market.  Kinda felt like having a backstage pass.  If you’re wondering if Nicole did this Vanna White pose with all the fabrics, she did not.

8.  Allison and I went to Miami for a couple of days, but now I can’t remember if that was in March or April.  Bevenidos a Miami.  Our design center is there, even though we are closer to Atlanta all our accounts run through Dania.  So we went.  And we conquered.  And I left my makeup at home and did/said foolish things that I was glad Allison witnessed.  We put faces with names of people we talk to on the phone daily and found new fabrics and furniture pieces and other designerly things.




And I’m going to end this post like this… to be continued.


  1. Glad you are back! And wow, you’ve been busy!! Keep up the great work, and I love your dress from Canvas. Going to check that out!

  2. Noticed your mug in one of the pictures. We love Hominy Grill in Charleston S.C.!

  3. You made my day. So happy to have you back:)

  4. So glad to have you back!!! I’ve missed your posts 🙂 You and Sloane are so cute!

  5. So glad you’re blogging again! I look forward to the updates.

  6. Glad to see you’re back! What is your instagram username? I tried a couple versions of your name and the blog name, but couldn’t figure it out. The link on the right side of the blog just takes me to the instagram website instead of your page, even if I’m logged in. Thanks!

  7. I, too, have missed you and your updates. I love living vicariously through your life! 🙂 And congrats on the tiny piece in Southern Living this past month (May). I was like, “I know her, I know her”! I don’t, in fact, know you, but you know…ha! A bigger congrats on the Coastal Living house…you deserve it!

  8. I’m always so happy to read your updates! That picture of Sloane at her ballet recital makes me so excited that I also have a little girl 🙂

  9. I used to live in Scottsdale and I”m so glad it’s getting some recognition–it’s such a cool little undiscovered city! Perfect spot for a girl’s trip — and between all of your work trips it sounded like you needed it!!

  10. I love the instagram widget on your sidebar! I have been avoiding instagram because I don’t have an iphone but looking through your pics was so fun! I love your little nomad bunny! You have pushed me over the edge and I think I’m going to get on the instagram bus! 🙂

    I’m glad to see the new post. You are one of the few blogs that I check daily!


  11. YAY! Glad to see you’re doing well. Thanks for updating us on the happenings in yall’s life. Sloane really is turning into a big girl. My little big girl just turned four and we tell her often how she needs to go back to being a baby.

  12. glad you are back!! i received the update via facebook! i need to let that be my notification instead of checking your blog twice daily!! 😉

  13. Glad you’re back and that spring/summer has been good to you. I live in Louisville, and I feel like I remember reading that you grew up here (??? Or did I make that up?), so I hope your visit was nice. We’ve had a lovely spring. Cheers!

  14. Yea, you are back! Great post to make an appearance again! Can we follow you on instagram? what is your tag there? Sloan is still a little cutie pie!

  15. So Sloaney is taking after LDC’s language, correct? Love y’all. xx

  16. Laurie Baggett says

    So happy to see you are back! You’ve been missed. I always look forward to reading your blogs, my favorite for sure! I can’t believe Sloane is so big! Time has passed all too quickly… When I worked with you she was just in your belly =)… She is precious.. Vann just turned 5.. it’s time for another one =).

  17. Yeah! You’re baaaack!

  18. Yay, I got lucky today…I haven’t checked over here in weeks…you popped in my mind for some reason and voila! A new post.
    You sound busy, but you look great. Do you workout regularly? Or are you just so busy you burn the calories off?
    Sloane is a beauty.

  19. Yay! Missed you! Lol 😉

  20. Erika. I’m so glad your back! Your blog update looks great. Your daughter is getting so big. That quilt in the picture of you sitting on the beach is amazing. Where in the world did you get that?! So happy your back!!


  21. Glad you are back, you were missed!

  22. woo-hoo! so happy to see you blogging! made my day!

  23. glad you are back!

  24. I am so happy you are back to blogging! Your girls trip to Scottsdale looks fantastic. All of your friends are so pretty!

  25. Glad you’re back, Erica! I missed your posts! Sloane is adorable. She has gotten so big! I also want to freeze time with C and I try to snuggle her as much as possible. Love the “importment” – ahhhh, so cute! I would totally scoop up that bunny and keep him in my house (or yard?) if he were in my ‘hood. Does Sloane love him too??

  26. Kathleen says

    Rabbits are a lot smarter then we think. Perhaps a u tube video of a visit with Smokey would be fun. Then all the other neighbors could document S. visits a a Bunny face tail book page could be generated LOL and see how many friends S. has LOL

  27. So very glad you are back.

  28. Yay! We missed you. Glad you are doing well.

  29. Erika, I totally know where you are coming from, when the demands of your day job and your family and your friends get in the way of the blog. I try to do it once a week, but sometimes even that doesn’t happen. I just keep remembering though that as long as we are doing the important things, like spending time with family and kids and tending to the career, it will all be fine. When work and life get overwhelming, like you, a couple months go by without a post — oh well! But good to see you back nonetheless 🙂

  30. So glad you’re back! I have missed your posts by my goodness, you have been busy! You and Sloane look beautiful.

  31. oh happy day! so glad you’re back to blogging! can’t wait to see your work on the Coastal Living house! Sloane’s ballet recital– OH MY too cute for words! You look gorgeous, as always. Excited to follow you on Instagram. Your link doesn’t take us to your user page– and I tried, but couldn’t figure out what your user name might be? 🙂 Would love to follow along. Happy Monday!

  32. I NEED to know about the yellow pants that your hottie friend is wearing!! Can you tell her to email me?! 🙂 You’ve been busy…we forgive!

  33. Danielle says

    I would love to know where your friend got her yellow pants at?

  34. “you know my words aren’t always good” ha ha. got that.

    off to find you on instagram!

  35. Jennifer Boland says

    So glad you’re back! Been missing the blog posts 🙂

  36. I’m so glad you’re back!! Good to hear that the reason you haven’t been blogging is because your business is doing so well.

    Also, I know you hear it all the time, but Sloane is one of the cutest little girls ever.

  37. So glad your back Erika – looks like I wasn’t the only one missing you! I logged into FB this morning and saw you had blogged and it brought a smile to my face, just imagine, a girl in New Zealand drove to work this morning with a smile on her dial because she was excited to see your back on the blogging band wagon. YAH!

  38. Ok, even though I do follow you on Instagram I didn’t realize you came to Scottsdale?! The Mission if my favorite restaurant and my husband loves Chelsea’s Kitchen, so you did good girl on the food front. Well next time if you head out to my neck of the woods and if you have a spare coffee or cocktail break you must let me know. I would love to take you out for a margarita!

  39. So happy you are back! I am a worrier, so I was worried something bad had happened to you! I am also a teacher, getting ready for summer vacation at the end of this week, and I use my summers to work on my house. I LOVE your style and imitate it as much as I can. BTW, I live in Kentucky–I was so excited when I read that you are originally from Louisville!!!

  40. so happy to have you back to blogging. i adore your blog and hearing about your sweet little life!

  41. I’ve missed your posts! So glad you’re back! 🙂 And DCOTA – how I miss those days. I worked for a couple of years for a designer in Fort Lauderdale {pre-children} and LOVED getting to wander through and pick fabrics and such. :::sigh:::

  42. Love the new look!

  43. Haven’t even read your blog post yet, but I’m just SO darn happy that you’ve blogged…I’ve missed your photos and inspiration…now I shall go read your post 😉 XoXo*S

  44. Yay! So happy you’re back. I will have to find you on Instagram! 🙂

  45. We are visiting the Destin/Rosemary Beach area during the first week in June. Will the Idea House be open for visitors? Oh, I hope so!

  46. Erika, It’s nice to read about all that you’ve been up to personally and professionally since your last post. I actually found it sooo refreshing when I’d check-in on your blog, and see the Meyer Lemons up on your page. It was a sign to me that you are human — a super busy mom, and super successful designer. Did I worry that something was wrong? Yes – I hoped that no one was ill or that there wasn’t some life altering event that had happened. It’s nice to know that you were traveling and busy. As a relatively new blogger, I find it so exhausting to try to blog everyday with original content – and yet some veteran bloggers post even 2x or more a day. Your absence, though missed, set an example to me. It reminded me to reset my goals, and to remember why I started blogging in the first place – not to feel like I have to keep up. I love the Instagram pics in the sidebar – and love that there’s not another place to go “check” or keep up with. The Coastal Living Idea House is one of my favorite issues to pour through, so congratulations on being a part of that! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!

  47. Like everyone else I’m so glad you are back. I’m loving your Instagram photos and following you – and I love the comments you and Darby both leave for each other!

  48. I am so glad you are back- glad you took a break too! You are a busy woman but i just want you to know that i LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! and your sisters 🙂 Much love from Nashville!

  49. Welcome back! I was getting afraid that you may have forgotten all about the blog! You sure have been busy but it’s so nice to see you back in this neck of the woods <3

  50. Erika – do you know of any amazing interior designers in northern/central California?

  51. Welcome back! Made my day when I saw a new post. Your work is inspiring and love seeing it all come together! Looking forward to the day in the future when I can have you do my house 🙂

  52. Good to see a post, happy that you are so busy with all this great goodness! 😀

  53. so glad your back! i love reading your posts 🙂

  54. Erika,

    I am so happy that you are back. This is one of the handful of blogs whose post I really really look forward to because they have great content (well written, great posts, new designs). I’m so happy to see your back, glad business is well, sad you have been so swamped! Sloan is so big and beautiful!

    Welcome back to blog land!

  55. Erika – Your blog and design work are so inspirational! I don’t think that I can wait until June to see what you’ve done with the Coastal Living house!!! I am so looking forward to that issue and wish I could see the house in person. I would love to see some “behind-the-scenes” posts on the house after it’s done – pretty please?

  56. This is wackadoo, I was in Seaside on the day of lil sloany’s big performance. Missed your posts, but glad you were busy enjoying life.

  57. Michelle says

    I’m so happy to see your posts again! whew, you’ve been busy! I have that Canvas dress too and love it…of course, you look darling in it. Love your style! 🙂

  58. Erika, it was great meeting with you during your trip to NC!

  59. Loved the post! Especially the photo of Nicole! Hope to see you in Rosemary Beach in a few weeks.

  60. beautiful post! glad to hear that your garden is growing strong…mine isn’t doing so well….do you grow herbs in your garden?

  61. Michelle says

    Yea! Welcome back! On another note, please take Smokey in! He doesn’t deserve to be ripped apart by a coyote. Rabbits make great house pets, especially once fixed. They are easy to litterbox train & are awesome companions and are so smart, as you have already figured out. Check out http://www.rabbit.org for more info on rabbit care. Looking forward to more posts.

  62. Mary Grace says

    Hi! Wondering where you stayed in Scottsdale? My sister and I are planning a trip out west and looking for suggestions.

  63. Yay Scottsdale! Yes, I live here. Woot! Looks like the Camelback Inn perhaps, yes?? Thrilled you loved it here, and even more thrilled you visited when you did. It will be, ahem, 108 here on Thursday. Eeee GAD!

  64. Do you know if your Instagram feed is a plugin that other people can use, or is it custom code?

  65. Love this post and I love your mint top that you wore with the jeans. Can I ask where you got it? Thanks! I hope I can get over to rosemary Beach to see the house!

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