Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House

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The Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House is complete.  We nearly killed ourselves to meet the deadline (the house is 7,000 sq ft under roof and was built in 7 months), but it is finished.  We celebrated with a grand opening party back in June, but it has taken me this long to recover and get back to blogging.  If you are in my neck of the woods the house will be open for tours through mid-October.  The hours of operation are: Wednesdays- Saturdays (11-5) and on Sundays (1-5) (closed Mondays and Tuesdays), I’d love for you to check it out.  The house is in Rosemary Beach (at 194 W Kingston Lane, 32413) and the tours are $15/person (benefits the Rosemary Beach Foundation).  If you are looking for a vacation and have never been here, you should make the trip!  And if you can’t make the trip the spread will run in the October issue of Coastal Living magazine.  Here are a few photos from the grand opening party. nicole and erika

Darby made me stand in one of my favorite rooms (the girls bunk) for a picture. 2012-07-03 iphone pictures (clubH, summer, etc) 3079

All my favorite people in one picture together. 2012-07-03 iphone pictures (clubH, summer, etc) 3078

My sweet summer interns, we couldn’t have done it without them, and I really mean that.  These girls worked their tails off. 2012-07-03 iphone pictures (clubH, summer, etc) 3077

Me with all my team + the builder’s wife, Cindy, who we’d like to adopt into our family, because she’s pretty fantastic.  I would not have survived nor finished this project without Anne Scott, Allison, Kendall, and Leigh Ann. (And Paula, Annie and Joan… who aren’t pictured.)  Thank you, girls!



In other, much more current news, we are participating in the Seaside Annual Yard Sale this year! We’ve already started clearing out all of our fabric remnants, so if you want to come see the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House (open through October 7th) and also hit up our Yard Sale (October 6th in Seaside)… start planning your adventure now.




  1. this is pretty fantastic. wow you did an amazing job! i love your style…. and your dress! it’s probably long gone but would you mind sharing the make??? also, the asterix/dot wallpaper is beautiful!!!! congrats to you and your team! you totally rocked it!!!!!!!

  2. i’m loving the star/dot wallpaper! it is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Congratulations!!! It all looks gorgeous! I’d love to see more pictures of the house. Love the bedding and the stars in the bunk house. The coral accent is beautiful too!

  4. Heading to Santa Rosa beach with the family for the first time in early October from Chicago….I plan to hit your house. I cannot wait to see your designs in person!

  5. my fiance and i went to the house in july and it is perfect! great job, from one anchorage kid to another 🙂

  6. Oh, I wish I was close enough to visit! Love how all you ladies coordinate your attire with the coral & green room!

  7. House is AMAZING! and where is your dress from/who is it by? 🙂

  8. I was so happy to see a post from you! Such an accomplishment and do you know how much I would love to a) see the Coastal Living house b) shop at that yard sale and c) go on vacation to the beach? The answer is A LOT!!! xo

  9. The house looks beautiful and I have been loving the peeks on Instagram and pictures floating around Pinterest. I love your work and I sooo wish I could make it down there to see the house in person. I think you have single handedly been one of my biggest design infulencers….great job and I hope you enjoyed your time off!

    Sharon Barrett

  10. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY Erika!! You are my hero 🙂

  11. If the excitement of getting to see the house in person wouldn’t throw me into early labor, I’d make the trip down. So so sad that the house wasn’t open yet when I was there. I should’ve have snuck by for a preview. 😉

  12. Unless I win the lottery I won’t make it in person but I’m so excited to see it in October’s issue! Have loved the little peeks I’ve glimpsed so far. Well done!!!

  13. Jan McGregor says

    We went to the Coastal Living house 2 weeks ago and it was ALL AMAZING even down to the laundry room! The upstairs kid’s quarter was fabulous and we loved the media room. I wanted to sit (lay) in those chairs in the media room and NEVER get up. All of it was breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful home with us! Urban Grace Interiors ROCK!

  14. Congratulations to you and your team! Can’t wait to see it in Coastal Living, although I’m not quite sure they’ll offer it at my small town Walmart.

  15. I want to plan my adventure now!!!

  16. I second the request for the make of your dress. It is perfection!! (as is the beautiful house)

  17. I was lucky enough to visit the house this past week, it’s beautiful and I loved all the so many details!!! Would you mind sharing where your dress and earrings are from? I’d also love to hear more about this Seaside Yard Sale? I might just have to make a trip down to 30-A for this…

  18. Love it! Glad to ‘hear’ from you…! Ohh I wish I were closer! I want to see your house SO badly! And I wish I could hit up the yard sale, too! {Do you remember it was on our wedding day?! I about died.} Miss you and hope to see you sometime in the not-so-distant future! XXOO

  19. You did such a wonderful job! So glad we were able to see the gorgeous house (and your sweet family!) last month 🙂

  20. Congratulations! I would so tour it if I lived in FL 😉 Glad you’re caught up and back! You look fabulous! All the ladies seem so happy.

  21. You are so incredibly talented Erika! I wish I could come see the house, but can’t wait for the issue to come out!

  22. This is so amazing, you and your team are rock stars!! Congratulations to you! Your hard work certainly shows, just from the little I can see I can tell it’s absolutely beautiful!!

  23. Looking good Anne Scott!

  24. Absolutely fabulous! So proud of you and all the girls at Urban Grace!

  25. Wish I could get there to see it!! I know it’s amazing! And you are having a yard sale?! I bet there is such cool stuff! Best of luck!!

  26. welcome back! something about school starting and having a little more time to myself has starting the blogging bug back up again for me, too. you do such beautiful work!

  27. Absolutely gorgeous!!! We saw it when we were at Rosemary a few months ago. What a fabulous job y’all did-worth every second!! 🙂

  28. I saw the house when we were visiting my inlaws in Watercolor this summer. You all did a fabulous job and we loved it!

  29. Congratulations! We were vacationing a little too early in June to catch a tour, but will be so excited to see the issue this Fall arrive in my mailbox! You are so incredibly talented. Be safe as Isaac moves through!

  30. you’re baaaaaack! this is almost better than Christmas! 🙂 the Beach House is A-Mazing! I want to move into that girls bunk. Now I’m off to convince my hubby that I deserve/need/can’t live without a trip to Florida the first weekend in October! 😉

  31. The house looks so amazing! I suppose a house that size, with a deadline like that was reason enough to stop blogging for a little while. 🙂 Nice job to you and your team! And I love your dress too – ever since I first saw it on Instagram, please share if you get the chance!

  32. So glad to have a post from you! Thanks for sharing. Of course, the house is beautiful! I’ve been getting my Urban Grace fix from Pinterest….whilst you girlies were so busy working… all of you!

  33. Congratulations, Erika! The house looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it in the October issue!

  34. Glad you are back to blogging and the house is amazing! Congrats!

  35. Can’t wait – I’m checking out the house next week! Welcome back!

  36. Gee as an added bonus –too bad that artisan bakery did not donate gift cards to the group for visitors to purchase to raise funds for the charity. It would have made me stop by ( A we drove by ” look a bakery”–) that Crust(y) place- a $25 dollar gift card in hand -to savor what that place had to offer. I just visited their web site( did not bring laptop on trip) also local library locations should be known (don’t have GPS) no wonder I miss out on so much stuff. (Granted , local bakeries can be hit or miss but you never know—-) Just blindly discovering places- oh look a goodwill (Mondays clothes are half off –I mean prices reduced by 50%) Once we stepped in no wonder it was so crowded. Anyway, that is a fun thing for us Junking in SOWO — is it possible? yes, Panama city has about five Goodwill shops– so close by though. I will always remember that picnic at camp Helen on this trip. SHHHH it is a sleeper of a park.

  37. From what I can tell, that place looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the spread! Glad to have you back!

  38. Welcome back! We love the idea house–have seen it in person and are going back for a second trip this weekend! You are so talented–perfect beach retreat!

  39. The house looks beautiful and so do you! Love that dress! We will be down there for a few days at the end of next week. I am looking forward to seeing it in person.

  40. Sara Crooks says

    Congratulations! I’m an Oklahoma girl and was so excited this Spring to find out that our Rosemary trip was at the same time the house was open! I drove my hubby nuts talking about it. It did not disappoint! I loved it so so much (and so did he). I loved the mixed metals, the wallcovering in the master, the color palette, the bunk room, the media room, the fabulous army green wall color in the upstairs powder bath…I could go on and on. Job well done!

  41. I was wondering if I may ask where I may purchase the plates used on the wall in the diningroom?

  42. I had the opportunity to viist this beautiful home in July. We stay in Cape San Blas several times a year and this July made a special trip to see the coastal living home. I loved every. square.inch. I threatened to hide in a closet and stay, but chickened out! I am already borrowing some of your design ideas and have purchased an olive bucket to keep my ping pong balls in once I figure out how to copy that crazy fun ping pong table. I am glad to hear that the October issue will have some pictures…..I didn’t take my camera and only had my cell phone…….unfortunately, I wish I had my camera!

    Some day when we can have a second home at Cape San Blas….I hope that I can afford you! I love….Love your style. I am hoping you will be able to post some sources too? Loved the furniture, artwork….all the simple touches that made this home so special. I loved it so much I couldn’t even begin to choose a favorite room…… Congratulations…….you made this home so special.

  43. cindy griffith says

    i have to say I loved, loved, LOVED the Coastal Living Showcase house you designed. I went twice….and I wish I had gone once more. I would love to know about those plates above the dining table….love them!!! My very favorite thing was the front door and the color!!!! Wow!!! I could not get over it!! Where does one get a door (extra big door) like that? Please do tell!!! Erika, I have read many blogs, but yours is the best….. and I think it is because you are genuine, real, truly a nice person….not a snob like so many in the industry become. You don’t forget the little people who have love of family and home and appreciate beautiful things. High, low is what makes it all work, knowing that one can’t put a price tag on style!

  44. Oh my goodness gracious! You are the cutest coraly minty bunch evah!!! Congrats from Beantown! XXXXOOOOOO

  45. YOUR DRESS!!!! Love it. Where’d you get it??? Thx

  46. carla thurman says

    such a beautiful home – and team! missing out on the seaside yard sale this year. would totally love some fabric remnants! hope to run into you and sloane at ballet soon!

  47. I saw the house when I was on our annual vacation to 30A. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved, loved, loved the whole house. You and your team did an amazing job!!!

  48. SO glad you’re back! I follow you on Pinterest and check your Instagram to keep in the loop. I was hoping you would post about the Coastal house! I am nowhere near there, but just maybe I’ll make a trip back home between now and then and swing down there…I would love to see it in person. Keep posting when you’re able!

  49. Just gorgeous!! Congrats! My 9 year old son just walked by my laptop and saw the top pool picture. His comment “Wow Mom that’s a “boss” place! Can we go there for summer?” Now that’s a compliment!

  50. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!! I’ve missed you on your blog and kept checking back in and am soooooooooo excited for you that this is why you have been mia from your blog for all this time. You’re work is amazing and I’m super excited to see the inside of this gorgeous beach house!! Welcome back!!!

  51. I just got back from a week long Grayton Beach vacation and my mother in law and I checked out the house. It was divine. The bathrooms were absolutely gorgeous. Everything was exquisite and your attention to detail is so perfect. I recommend it for anyone that will be in the area. Also, anyone visiting needs to check out Seaside. It’s such a beautiful area and the food and shopping is great. I’d highly recommend Great Southern Cafe- the food is to die for!!

  52. We visited the home during our annual vacation to Rosemary Beach. Beyond fabulous! The little girls room was my favorite!

  53. The house looks beautiful! Where did you get those earrings? Love them!

  54. Just saw ya’alls instagrams I do think small cake pans are Unexpected. R those circa easy bake oven ‘esque LOL. I have mini bundt pans trouble gauging bake times and amount to pour into pan… if u bring into work for co-worker the guys appreciate any any I say any home baked from scratch carrot cake item — but I do wish to find a perfect layer cake of carrot with a hint of coconut.

  55. Oooo! I can’t wait to see the October spread. I’d be there in a minute if I were closer!

  56. visited the house Saturday…absolutely, one of my favorite “show homes” –we’ve visited several in Atlanta and other points in the Southeast, and your team crafted an outstanding home. Literally walked through like 3x…as did many of the people that were there with us at the same time 🙂 Cheers.

  57. Years ago, your blog in its early stages, introduced me to your twin sister’s blog. I do believe I first read about you from a link in a decorating blog. Now today with Instagram, which I can view via Urban Grace by clicking on a photo( thank you) however your sister’s follow me on instagram invitation—- well not being so well versed –I am unable to follow your twin as easily as you provide the means to follow happenings around the green house. I suppose I could register with Instagram — I don’t have a smart phone —you have spoiled the non smart phone people (thank you) — and by what ever means you have downloaded and clicked and posted I wait for the day darby 613 will do likewise. Isn’t that silly but if darby613 knows what a mouse over can do I hope what ever marketing advantage the “download click post intagram method Urban Grace has employed will be valued and considered by your DS.

  58. My mom, sister and I went over Labor Day weekend. It was amazing!! We all loved it!

  59. Can you tell me where you got the gray table in the eating area? I just HAVE to have it!!!! Thanks!

  60. The space looks amazing! Great work!! (P.S. So happy you’re back :))

  61. Hi Erika,
    My daughters, their families, and I stayed a week this July in the next block from the Coastal Living House. Of course, they just had to visit this dream home. And one reason was because they love your work! They (and I) oohed and aaahed over so much in that house. It was very different from most of the houses at Rosemary (we have vacationed in quite a few of them), being glitzy and casual all at tlhe same time. They loved everything, but many exclamations were made over that girls’ dorm style bedroom, the plates with the gold edges on the wall by the dining table, the ping-pong table cover upstairs, the movie room, and gosh I could go on and on. Congratulations on a beautiful job!

  62. Wish I was close enough to stop and see the Coastal Living House. You just got my interest up as it looks great…hoping you can send some more pictures.

  63. kathlene young says

    Just picked up my copy of Coastal Living. Erika, you and your team have absolutely wowed this reader !! That house is amazingly beautiful and cozy. Love all of it.

  64. The house looks beautiful, and I hope you tell us where you got your dress. Love it!

  65. Erika –

    My family and I visited while we were staying at McBeach. The entire house is gorgeous, you guys never cease to amaze.


  66. Sarah Davenport says

    I’m so excited to see the house! My husband and I are coming down from Richmond, VA tonight! Can’t wait!

  67. Nicely done, Urban Grace, you do such gorgeous work, I am always truly inspired by it. Congratulations!

  68. The property appears to be lovely and so will you! Love that will costume! We are along there for some days and nights right at the end involving a few weeks. We are looking towards viewing it in the flesh. The property appears to be lovely and so will you! Love that will costume! We are along there for some days and nights right at the end involving a few weeks. We are looking towards viewing it in the flesh.