our jaunt to Miami

This first photo is not related to our adventures in Miami, but did you see this in Coastal Living back in March? I couldn’t believe my eyes… swimming pigs.  I need to go here.  I bet Smokey would like these guys.

miam 045

As I mentioned in the last post Allison and I journeyed to Miami.  Really we spent most of our time at the design center which is in Ft. Lauderdale, but managed to spend a tiny bit of time in Miami too.  I probably should have titled this post “things I want”… because really that’s the emotion that comes over me as I dig back through the photos and decide which ones to post here.  I did actually buy this little beauty…

miami 091

miami 096

miami 108

miami 113

miami 142

miami 146

miami 147

miami 154

miami 157

miami 165

miami 173

miami 180

miami 182

miami 196

miami 204

miami 208

miami 213

miami 216

miami 224

miami 230

miami 234

miami 247

miami 262

miami 276

miami 280

miami 282

miami 283

miami 297

miami 302

miami 305

miami 349

Allison is buying me this green Baker Chesterfield sofa for my birthday, isn’t that so generous of her?  😉 It was on sale. One day I will have a green chesterfield in my library.

miami 363

miami 405


We skimmed the D*S Miami guide and decided to eat at the first place on their food list, Yardbird. It was unbelievably good.  Two blackberry bourbon lemonades, two slow braised short rib sandwiches, house cut fries with bacon salt, and blueberry crumb pie with sweet corn ice cream.  It was the best meal I’ve had in a very long time.


That’s it for the Miami recap, sorry for the lack of words.  Two posts in two days after nearly three months of silence is almost more than I can handle.  I’ll be back soon, and I mean it this time.




  1. Love the pretty pictures! That green chesterfield is awesome as is that bird fabric. This is so random but that coral vine-y fabric? I think I’ve seen it before and would love to know who makes it. I believe it was on Amy Meier’s blog in her nursery. Loved it there and made a mental note to figure out where it came from…. So glad to see two posts in as many days! 🙂

  2. Oui, and NO. Blogs must make their own time.
    [silent prayer… such heady success and celebrity; that it would be as nothing to such a one as this, her husband purely confident that she would give it up, ALL, for him; for them. amen.]

  3. That post was imagined at 2:22pm, but a 22 year old son was earnestly describing an awesome invention he’d been pondering… I love 22.

  4. glad you are back, and love the photos! great fabrics and inspiration!

  5. Ohhh…. I love swimming pigs! I want one!!!

    I also want one of everything you found in Miami. You are such an amazing designer with an amazing eye.

  6. so glad you’re back! yours is my favorite blog.
    the fabrics are amazing – thanks for posting pics!

  7. I got so nervous with the Bloody Mary type drink and then the picture of the white chairs. I was afraid of stains.

    And in my time at Auburn, I had the green Chesterfield sofa from my Uncle’s country club…and I left it in that duplex. I am pretty sure it is probably still in that duplex with some nice stains and tears.

  8. Very fun . . . loved seeing you today 😉 Never thought I’d say it, but your pictures make me miss working. xxoo

  9. Lori Murphy says:

    have missed your musings, posts and inspirations! love love the chest with the acorn (right?) baubles. oh where and how can i find one??

  10. What eye candy! Thank you for sharing your photos.

  11. Oh hi! I’m sad that, had I known of your pining for a green chesterfield, I would have alerted you when I found one here in West Palm Beach a few months ago. Dang! I wanted it badly but am vowing not to hoard anymore. Glad you had a fun trip!

  12. Georgine says:

    Drooling!! Have a major crush on this post 🙂

  13. Justine Palmer says:

    So happy to see a post from you! the fabrics are amazing, love all of your photos. 🙂

  14. Your Life Is Gorg.

  15. For starters, I did not know swimming pigs were a thing – I would really like to see more of these.

    Second, that bloody mary looks delish!

  16. All the shots wonderful…..wondering about your striped bag tho…haha…where did you get that?

  17. Swoon ! The chair with the ribbon, nailhead and brass caster will be mine one day… Mark my words! Darn bills!!!

  18. Thank you for “taking us along” on your trip to Miami. I know you’ve already designed a living room for us, but I might need to incorporate that bird fabric. Oh, my. And Allison: that necklace, those shoes! We missed your Spring Picks. Perhaps you’ll give us your Summer Picks so we can be as stylish as the urban grace ladies…

  19. I’ve had a sample of that Jane Shelton fabric forever now, trying to figure out how to use it in my house. Love it – and lots of others in your psot.

  20. What was that part about blackberry bourbon lemonade again? That sounds ridiculously good

  21. Christine says:

    So many beautiful things in one post! Glad you are back and hope to hear from you again soon. I will be in your neck of the woods June 2-11th and really want to see more of the Coastal Living house but I see the tour won’t be open yet. Can I sneak in?? 😉

  22. I have been reading your blog for awhile, and now I finally have to ask – photo miami 180 – which showroom or designer? I love it! You have such classic taste.

  23. This post is overwhelmingly glorious. Everything extraordinary.

  24. Oddly enough, I would not have pegged you as a “Chesterfield” person. Me, I love ’em. I guess it’s the daughter of the librarian showing through. I have toyed with buying the cream option that Mitchell Gold sells, but can’t bring myself to do it. Love everything else you found, as well! Good to see you back!

  25. Love to ride along on your adventures! The highland paisley fabric makes my heart sing. As does the “be humble” yardbird napkin ring. Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

  26. Glad you’re back…..I’ve missed your (and your sister’s) blog posts. You definitely made up for your absence with so many beautiful pieces and fabrics. My favorites (besides that awesome looking bloody mary) are the chest of drawers with the acorn pulls, white lacquer cocktail table, faux bois(?) chest, Jane Shelton fabric and those swimming piggies.

  27. Kathleen says:

    Searched the net for DCOTA and it states must be accompianed by a designer. The State of Florida was re defining what an interior designer was — did the person need certain training — what happened to the brouhaha over this ? do you know? Interior designer vs interior decorator = varying degrees of education PS grew up in Miami miss the H2O and the vibe

  28. Too much to love in one post! Swimming pigs, B&F bunny fabric, your dinner menu and then that delightful bird fabric to wrap it up.

  29. Thanks for all of the beautiful eye candy!!! the fabric! the chairs! I want it all. 🙂 Your trips always look like so much fun!!

  30. The word “covet” comes to mind.

    Glad to see you here!

  31. I’ve loved following you and Darby on Instagram. Love your blog but totally understand the need for a break. Sloane is too cute for words in your arms! Happy nearly summer. @baltiville 🙂

  32. I’ve been swimming with those pigs 🙂 love your blog, love your style!

  33. THAT TRIM! I wish I could move into the dec. center!!!

  34. yay swimming pigs! lol I grew up going to see this weee star: http://www.texascooppower.com/texas-stories/history/the-swimming-pig

  35. love this post! can allison share with us where she got those precious shoes?? LOVE!

    and, i agree with an above comment – y’all should do a summer wishlist ASAP!

  36. Elizabeth Holmes says:

    How can you leave us hanging like that? All those beautiful items and no links or notes….Will you follow up with more info?
    Love it all (well lost all of it!).

  37. Rebecca says:

    Love the Miama 180 fabric!! Who/What is it??

  38. Speaking of acorns, how about Kate Middleton’s acorn earrings that she wore for her wedding? Kind of stunning! Just go back and google them, least you have forgotten!!

  39. Amber Werbitt says:

    Hi Erica,

    Can you please post the name of the Brunschwig and Fils fabric with the rabbits? I tried to locate the pattern on their website without success.

  40. Chrissy Jackson says:

    hi, how are you?
    nice pics. some of the armchairs and sofa have a similar style with a brand I know. You may like the style. let me share with you. http://www.brabbu.com/home.html

  41. Love your fabric choices! Right up my alley!

  42. Thank you so much for all the updates this week! Love your taste, so keep them coming!