Seaside Yard Sale … Saturday, October 6th!

Hello faithful blog readers!  We’ve been busy prepping for the Seaside Community Yard Sale, which is just two weeks away.  This is our first year participating and we are pretty excited.  We have been sorting through excess fabrics and products and  have a huge pile to get rid of!  Here’s a sneak peek of some of the fabrics we are parting with…
yard sale blog preview


We will have fabric remnants, bolts of fabric (by the yard), and we even decided to go ahead and have decorative accent pillows made out some of our most beautiful fabrics.  The yard sale starts at 8am and we’ll be out there until 2:00!  Stop by and see us!!


  1. You are killing me!!! I want to come & buy everything!!!!

  2. SO wish I didn’t live so far south! Beautiful fabrics!!

  3. Laurie Baggett says:

    Erika… you’re killing me! I’m thinking you have some fabrics that would be perfect for my home… I can do a virtual visit… Please =). I don’t even have to see first.. I LOVE everything you select for my home. You can just send me a bill =). I’m almost begging.. lol.

  4. Can I make a purchase online or by phone?

  5. if we beg can we buy over the phone? ;)

  6. I would love to buy some of this fabric – or some of the pillows! If only I lived closer…

  7. i think maybe i should fly in for this

  8. This is just another reason for me to not live in Illinois! Wish I lived closer, am in need of some new fabrics!

  9. I’m thinking it would be worth a flight down! Anyone want to share a place & car with a complete stranger? Anyone? Bueller? To only live closer…

  10. Lacey Saggio says:

    Oh man. Please let us know if we can order by phone! Would love love love some of this for pillows and seat covers!

  11. I wish i was closer.. I would arrive early!

  12. I agree with everyone else, you are killin’ me. I so wish this was our vacation week down there! Best of luck to you all. Hope it is a fun day!

  13. Another vote for long-distance purchases! We’d be happy to pay shipping… or maybe I can share a ride with Jennifer if she is coming from up north? : )

  14. All I can say is amen to the other commenters! Wish I could be there. You’ve got that Robert Allen striped fabric that I LURV! Actually all those fabrics pictured are pretty drool-worthy.

  15. I feel so fortunate to live close enough that I will be there!! Can’t wait!

  16. well, I’ll stick with the comment theme… YOU’RE KILLING ME. I’d give a limb to be able to come to your yard sale and shop! (and hug your neck)… if you don’t sell everything, which I imagine is unlikely– post it here! I know this reader would gladly snag up as much as I could.

    can’t wait to see pics from sweet sloane’s birthday! :)

  17. what if we live in the local area, but can’t come to the sale that day? Could we prepay and you hold some for me or ship it to me? Or I could have a friend pick it up? What are the prices?

  18. Oh, yeah…so good to be a local! I am definitely coming to see you on Saturday!

  19. Luv ur instagram posts Luv. The Stickler young’uns need shades. they look so sibling ing but they need shades we all do in the bright @#$%^*& sunshine. sunshine good for eyes sunshine not so good trust me native Floridian. Happy Columbus Day.

  20. Oh wow, how I wish I could have been there…

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  22. Oh man. I wish I lived near you!

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