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Isn’t that a clever blog title?  I’m sorry I can’t think of anything other than “this is another random blog post”, which is dumb.  Especially considering last week’s blog post title was “hi”.

I had intentions of blogging on Monday, but the week got the best of me.  A client friend once told us a story about a time she could not form a sentence.  She was a week or so postpartum and was attempting to have a very basic conversation with her husband.  She couldn’t put words together to make any sense at all.  This tends to happen when you have a lot going on.  All that would come from her mouth was, “my words are not good.”  We love that line so much we use it daily.  Our client actually sent us this quote framed in a pretty little silver frame for Christmas and there are many days that I’m tempted to strap it to a sweatband and wear it on my forehead.

My words are not good, but here goes a blog post.

I had a little photo shoot at my house this week.  Not only are my words not good, but neither is my house.  Okay, my house is not that bad, but being in the business makes me extra critical of my own space, which has a serious case of cobbler’s children syndrome.  Nothing like a photo shoot to kick my rear into high gear and order a few things I’ve needed for a while.  I finally committed to pillows.  I love green, so it’s probably no surprise that’s the common theme here.



On more than one account I mistakenly called that Schumacher fabric “opium leaf”  and then joked about eating the pillow once it arrived.

Unrelated, I bought Sloane some moccasin booties last week.


Then I introduced her to painting.  And made the mistake of using the term “finger paints”.

finger painting

So the next day we took our party outside.

outdoor painting

(Table from Target, stool from Ace Hardware) If you look closely you’ll see that she took the colored paint brushes and placed them in their respective paint colors.

Yesterday over my morning coffee I was standing in a daze waiting for the caffeine to kick in and looked over at my rolling pins.  They make me happy.  I also like that my corbel brackets multitask.
rolling 2

rolling pins


Two of the rolling pins are Sloaney’s, but she shares with me.  I share cookie and pizza dough with her, so it works out well.

That’s all for this week, sorry about my words.


  1. Oh my that painting pic cracks me up – what a mess but a cute mess.

  2. love the booties – and piperlime! :)

  3. The pic of her painting outside cracks me up! Happy weekend!

  4. a colorful post…no words needed, a picture speaks a thousand words. Love the little artist

  5. I love the random posts :-)

  6. I love your random posts! They’re usually my favorite!

  7. I love it that you took the paint party outside! The photo is so darn cute. And your sense of humor makes me laugh…love that you made mention where her table and chairs are from. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. I agree with the other posters! Love the random posts! Love the outdoors shot too. HA! And I laughed aloud when you sourced the “table” and “chair”.

  9. Love love love the opio fabric! Did a whole post on it and my new pillows in my master – they are so charming! A great little french looking fabric!
    Can’t wait to see yours!

  10. Janis Covington Stufflebean says:

    Any WORD from you is awesome!

  11. what a fun friday post! always so great to hear from you! have a great weekend!

  12. Love the fabric and the sweet rolling pins. I especially LOVE that quote!

  13. i think i should title ALL of my blog posts “no subject” because i basically just dump pictures and try to think of something to say about it all. isn’t that the best though? those are my fav posts to read…just life and stuff all mashed up together ;) xoxo

  14. The picture of her painting outside is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen – the bucket cracks me up – she is adorable!

  15. I like the Ace Hardware stools. Multi-functional too!

  16. That picture of Sloaney painting outside is beyond adorable!! And I agree with everyone else, I get so excited to see a post from you, it doesn’t matter how random it is! Reading these always breaks up my workday and makes me happy :)

  17. You have to check out the children’s book, I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More, by Karen Beaumont, ASAP! It’s my 4 yr old’s favorite and after that picture, it is just too perfect for you! So so cute. Can’t get enough of Darby’s & your pics!

  18. Love those fabrics! I have more than I care to remember or tell anyone about of days I want to write a post where all I can think is “uhhhhh” then I shut my computer. Ha! We always take our painting outside… I learned the hard way! :)


  19. I love the fabrics! I’m finding such a renewed love of green lately – all things “earthy” suddenly. Not sure what’s gotten into me.

    “my words are not good”… love it. I’ve definitely wondered if I was in the middle of stroke at times when I couldn’t piece a sentence together to save my life! I despise when I feel like I have a pithy, happy little post almost fully written in my head but can’t remember a word of it when I’m actually in front of a computer. Dang writer’s block ;)

  20. Sloane’s sperry’s are too cute ! My older girl’s wear the same ones to high school;) As for not having good words… We call them brain farts , charming , I know!

  21. Here’s the thing I love your photos so much you don’t need words!!

  22. Girl, shush up. your house is GREAT. It is perfect for you, your honey, and little Sloney B :) seriously, I love it. Everytime I catch a glimpse in the background of a shot or when you share your home on purpose with us, I just love it more. The best spaces are lived in and designed on a reasonable budget. at least, that’s what i say :)

    And look at how cute your little girl is painting on a storage bin (?) and sitting on a bucket! hee hee. love it.

  23. i love all your posts & pictures! thanks for sharing even your “no subject” days with us – they are the best!

  24. Doesn’t it feel good to do a random post and just let the words all out? Sloane is too cute, as always. Its great of you to share your fabric sources too. Some designers don’t do that.

  25. Love Sloane painting her arm! The best. I would just love to know what goes through their little minds when they start down that path of painting themselves! Your random posts are the best, and your words are good!

  26. Your words, and your pictures, are always good for me. Looking forward to seeing the pics of that shoot.

  27. Your client/friend sounds super smart and brilliant. I’ll bet she’s awesome, and not at all frustrating to work with. Love you girls!

  28. Sloane looks VERY serious about her artwork-love it.

    Can’t wait to see those pillows…preferably before one gets eaten:) Glad to see you posting again!

  29. Barb Harper says:

    Despite your worries, I always love your posts, and I’m a bit of a design blog junkie. I love how your posts are unpolished and casual. And I’m really struggling to figure out what to do with pillows in my house, so I am excited to see upcoming “after” photos!

  30. I love the rolling pins; so cute. :) Have a great weekend!

  31. That little booty on the 5 gallon bucket is the cutest. love the fabrics!

  32. I want her little shoes!!!

  33. Those booties are ADORABLE!

  34. I love Sloane’s painting! x

  35. finger paints? you’re brave. we’ve only done water painting here, ’cause it always washes off. looks like a great color scheme you have going. hope we can see the end result.

  36. Don’t be so hard on yourself, most artists have “blank” periods in between creative hailstorms!! It’s just brains recharging their batteries. I love the finger painting, my heart skipped a beat at the paint on the farm table, but, hopeful that it’s water-based!! Sloane is such a cutie!! And, I have your exact rolling pin!!

  37. Digging the Mocs!!! Just like little Mason Disick, I’m embarrassed to reveal I know that.

  38. I love post like this! Nothing is better than everyday life with a little one. :) She is an artist in the making. Such a love for her medium. xo Dianne

  39. Thanks so much for posting! I love seeing a new post….any word is good. I was so impressed that it was DARK outside as you were waiting on your coffee! You’ve said before that you’re an early riser….my great-grandma always told me that was the key to a good day!

  40. I can’t wait to see how the green velvet box pleat trim comes out!! and Scalamandre rocks.. so much coolness in their selections!

    I wish I could still paint like Slone is the finger paint picture.. I’m just too grown up now and I feel the need to clean up before it’s ever fun :( Enjoy your paint! *just don’t eat it ;)

  41. Ever since I read the statement “My words are not good” I have used it on a daily basis and NOT in an effort to be funny. Except, I even used the contraction — “my words AREN’T good” as it was easier to utter fewer words. I am now 260 weeks post-partum. I don’t think it will ever end.

  42. Someday I’d love to hear the words that tell the story of you and your mother….Didn’t I read somewhere once how your mom was a decorator too? How did that influence you and your design career? Does she still decorate? Does she critique or inspire your work? Just curious….you all seem like such a lovely family!

  43. Oh that was good. I just had a baby 4 months ago and I definitely had those “my words are not good” moments. Now things are much better. Baby is sleeping through the night and everything is great. Colors brighter. Birds chirping. I’m on my way to being normal(ish)

  44. this post need no title.
    it is pure joy….
    in every way!!

    xx have a cool weekend

  45. My little brunette is named Sloan, and we call her Sloanie!! :) And I’m crazy for the brown Schumacher with green velvet trim!

  46. Ingenius idea for rolling pins!!!

    Love the painting! I love a messy childhood.

  47. I just laughed WAY out loud…I feel like “my words are not good” ALL the time!!! Am definitely going to use that on a daily basis around my house as well!!! Love your blog!

  48. Amazing! I always love to see your posts!

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