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I just discovered The Glow.  It’s been around for a while, but I don’t get out much.  It’s like The Selby of working (designer, artist, creative-type) moms and their children.  I got sucked in.  It doesn’t hurt that they are all gorgeous, the homes are beautiful, and the photography is amazing.

the glow 1

the glow 2

the glow 3

the glow 4

the glow 5

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the glow 8

the glow 9

the glow 10

the glow 11

the glow 12

the glow 13

Lauren Moffatt (above) made her daughter’s dress from a women’s shirt from H&M.  I love it.  Maybe I need a sewing machine.

more here: The Glow

(photography by Kelly Stewart)


  1. tara faulkner says:

    I love the pictures! I agree with you, I wish I was blessed with superhuman sewing ability and I too could make that little dress for one of my four girls!

  2. I just wanted to say, that I absolutely love your blog. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites! 🙂 And thank you for sharing The Glow is such a cute site!

  3. Wow amazing homes amazing moms! You fit into this category for sure!

  4. you need to be on there, erika! congrats on the new magazine article!

  5. Oh what beautiful eye candy on this Thursday morning!!!

  6. LOVE the glow! you would fit right in on that site! 🙂

  7. It is truly empowering to see women that “have it all”….it isn’t perfect, without hard work and tough choices but it works for them.

  8. very cool. i love the photography. it makes me wish someone could capture a few of those special moments shared between my daughter and myself.

  9. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  10. MamaofThree says:

    Thanks A LOT, Erika! An hour and half after going to THE GLOW website, I am finally prying myself from the computer and getting back to what I am really supposed to be doing! 🙂 I am totally impressed and inspired by those mamas. Very cool.

  11. The picture of the mother and daughter on the floor kissing with the large picture of a red-hue Elizabeth Taylor in the background reminds me so much of you and Sloan.

  12. I think I love all of the photos you’ve posted! Amazing.

  13. Those photos are really cool. It did make me think though, that I kinda wish stay-at-home moms could be featured in a similar, sexy way…I don’t know, maybe this is me being insecure about what I do all day? I agree that you would be a fantastic contribution to The Glow 🙂

  14. I just clicked on the glow link at your post and an error ..something is not right here… message popped up did the site crash because soooo many of your fans are clicking on LOL wow the power of well what is this called going viral when web surfing –help come up with a better word mushrooming, I guess I will have to let the crush thin out I wish these people would get back to work or is it the lunch hour in LA

  15. Loving all these pictures of these beautiful women and their children! You’re right they are gorgeous!….the site is suspended 🙁 I’ll have to bookmark and go back later and check it out….now I’m interested.

  16. Hey I bet the glow interest is due to a certain orange beach window

  17. Thank you for posting this…so beautiful! One more website to become obsessed with, haha!

  18. Gorgeous! Love all the light.

  19. I think you broke the glow! Haha, I think I’ll have to try again later to check it out!

  20. Dying to make Pearl a dress like hers!!! You absolutely need a sewing machine!!!

  21. ummmm will someone please come take pictures of me like that?!?!?

  22. That’s funny… I just came across The Glow last week and have been obsessed. I need them to add more moms.

  23. Beautiful photos! Bet you and your beautiful family will be on there soon!

  24. Time for them to contact you!!! Great pics on this cold January morning! Thank you!! Can’t wait to see more!

  25. I am also a devoted follower of all of your lovely sites. Thank you for this link!

  26. Oh, how lovely. Thank you for introducing me to this new found blog!!!!

  27. what fun pictures!! and i seriously want to figure out how to make that dress…that’s awesome.
    beautiful blog you have here. 🙂

  28. That Liz Taylor pic… Ow Ow!! I like it!

  29. wow– when I reflect on my childhood surroundings the clutter and ragtag surroundings all I can say if there is a will there is a way. some moms are not into decorating but today there is such inspiration –well be inspired and get moving. the thing that bothers me about the photos. of course they are styled and of course the images are posed to some degree but not forced –the thing that bugs me is the overexposure of the image in certain places the washed out spots– is this, is this, is this the glow??

  30. Such a fun concept. Can I please get one of those Liz in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof prints???

  31. Just got sucked in to the GLOW…thanks:)

  32. that was a lovely collection of adorable pics…loved going through them..We, through our blog on urban living want people like you who love life to read our interesting posts and comment your feedback…we wish to see you at!!
    thanks & wishes!

  33. Truly stunning….might help that I am a working Mom and love seeing others doing the same….Thanks for sharing. -JR

  34. Beautiful images – very natural and not staged, which makes them all the more special!

  35. These rooms look amazing for working moms! I hope I’m someday that mom who can keep the house decorated nicely while still maintaing a job and chasing around a baby!!

  36. Jessica R says:

    Hey Erika, I feel like I can comment now since I officially met you and I don’t feel like a blog stalker anymore! It was so fun meeting you the other day at the park! So fun to meet an idol designer! I seriously love your work! We should plan another park date, or lunch, or I seriously want to come see your office! Your work is amazing!!

  37. Oh Erika! I feel bad like I (we) have been keeping a secret from you! ;). Of course you would like this site!!!!

  38. I just recently discovered them as well and instantly fell in love with so many of the photographs. I furiously pinned away! I think it would be such a treat or a beautiful gift to hire a photographer to come into your home and photograph a loving Mother in action like these. The lighting is truly spectacular and so fitting for a blog called “the glow”.

  39. No such thing as having it all. These moms are featured as doing it all “right”, but women need to realize you cannot give 100% to everything. In my opinion (for what it counts), The Glow is just another venue that makes women feel that all aspects of their lives can be “perfect”. This is a false reality.

  40. I agree, Rachel. Beautiful pictures but completely unrealistic further perpetuating the lie …

  41. The blog world wishes Urban Grace would come back. 🙂

  42. Missing your posts. Doesn’t life just get in the way sometimes? Your work is gorgeous. Always a pleasure to see what you’ve been up to.

  43. It’s beautiful, but a little too idealized for my taste. I mean, I adore being a mother, but it’s not all hazy lighting, gorgeous furniture and good hair. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite! I do love that Liz Taylor print, though!

  44. Virginia Miller says:

    Good Morning,

    I’m on pinterest, and I’ve seen the Good Morning Sunshine Pillow that I just absolutely LOVE. I was wondering if you could tell me how it is made?

    Thank you,

    Virginia 🙂

  45. I love your blog and your design website. In fact I decided to use Big Folio after seeing your website. Recently another blogger mentioned that the Big Folio format (using) flash, didn’t allow people to easily share my work. Have you had this comment?
    Thank you for your blog, you are a real inspiration.

  46. Amazing photos <3

    Very nice, thank you for sharing The Glow

  47. They are ALL beautiful and so are the interiors! lovely blog, and photos. em xx