I followed myself around all day.  I documented the mundane, the precious, the working… all of it.  You may be interested, or you may be bored to tears.  If you are bored to tears, apologies in advance.

October 18, 2010

3am – 7:15am : coughing baby, sleepless momma

7:15am-8:15am : bottle, scrambled eggs, kisses

8:30 : Pure Barre

{I try to go on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, but missed all last week.  It felt great to get back to it.  If there’s one near you you might like it too.}

9:30 : shower and get ready.  This is my product line-up… from left to right in chronological order.

and if Fresh Hesperides and Fresh Citron de Vigne had a baby it would smell like me… (one squirt of each).  Why are Fresh scents so delicious?  They aren’t overly perfumey… which is likely their appeal.

Some of you inquired about that ivory eyelet shirt from the NY post, so I wore it again… it’s sort of Anne-of-Green-Gables-esque so I paired it with my zipper jeans so I wouldn’t look too geriatric.  The shirt is (sleeveless) and from JCrew late this summer (on sale rack), sweater is Liberty of London (for Target, from the little girls section).  The jeans are JCrew… city fit, from this summer (no longer available, but similar to the Minnie?), an impulse buy I didn’t regret later. Sometimes I zip the ankle zippers, sometimes I don’t.  Depends on my mood, which depends on the weather.

What’s that I see as I kiss my baby goodbye and head out the door!? Why some tiger striped and gold painted pumpkins.  Or if you are 13 months old you call those “ca-cas”.

I get into my car and head to the office.  My car is almost eleven years old and has 173, 894 miles on her.

When I get to the office I pull into my usual parking spot and see this:

Well, apparently Saturday was national “boss’s day” (who knew!? not I!)… and my girls went all out.  (I do not like the word “boss” btw, it makes me feel weird.)  I love them, I really, really do.  I dropped my laptop on my desk, stepped back and snapped this very telling photo… and almost missed the card.

(We use PCs.  We work in AutoCAD, AutoCAD runs smoother on a PC.)

The card was really nice (and funny), so much so that I can’t show you the inside.

After all the I love yous we discussed how awesome Auburn University’s football team is.  War Eagle!  And then we discussed my nail polish. Playa del Platinum. I felt sure my nails looked like those of a corpse with this nail polish, but Allison assured me they did not.  And then I found a second to clean out my purse.  Somehow, someway, Baked Lays made their way to the bottom of my purse.

This is what came out of my purse in order for the Baked Lays clean up to be executed.  I floss.

After this task was completed we proceded to have our usual Monday morning meeting.  It lasted a long time.  It was over at 1:00.  And I insisted that Allison pose for a picture so you could see her boots.  She calls that jean look the “redneck tuck”

Lunch and kisses.

My husband comes by the office on his way back into town.  He spent the weekend with my father in Chicago and Minneapolis.

I needed this today, headaches… often.

Thankfully I have Paula.  If I didn’t have Paula I’d need more Excedrin.  Paula LOVES paperwork!  (Okay, she probably doesn’t, but you wouldn’t know it.)  Paula loves tracking orders!  Paula loves organizing all the ins and outs of Urban Grace Interiors and does it with JOY.  We love Paula.  If you’ve ordered anything from us you’ve been on the receiving end of her emails… she stays on top of everything and writes it all down.  She is a fantastic woman!

And there is Lauren… the newest addition around here.  She is cooler than cool, works very hard, and does everything with great precision and accuracy.  Por ejemplo… when I was headed to NYC I mentioned “Lauren, if you get a minute could you please make me a list of all of our trade accounts with the account #s listed next to the manufacturer?”… within fifteen minutes I was delivered a list.  The list was the exact size of a dollar bill so it would fit into my wallet and not get lost (she knows me already)… it was above and beyond (she had listed the showroom locations, account numbers, it was created in excel with our logo… I mean really!?).  Lauren, you are a rockstar. She’s beautiful, and all we have here is the back of her head.  Will do a proper introduction soon… with a picture from a real camera.

And now back to Allison and her cute bracelets.  This face is likely due to the fact that Adobe Illustrator had just shut down on her for the 10,000th time today. She controls so much more than our constantly streaming Pandora.  And she is a riot.  She directs the Monday morning meetings and never complains when I get distracted and slow them down.  She knows everything about everything, and she would never admit to it… which is the best quality one could have.  She has impeccable taste and knows every word to every song ever played on the radio.  I need someone to help me get her on the Singing Bee

These file boxes represent the projects that Allison is currently managing… yes, she is a saint.

Our projects are scattered across the continental United States and at times this gets confusing.  So we play pin the client on their state…

No, we don’t really do that.  I love a Pop Quiz, but no pinning tails.  Lauren made this map on Friday of current projects, just to help us remember who lives where.  If your state isn’t represented perhaps you should hire us.

Allison moonlights at Banana Republic.  Where they have these paperclipish cuff link things that we are in love with.  Allison keeps them by her desk in this fantastic dish.

What’s in our fridge?

And what do we snack on… popcorn (thanks to my sister)! (clock is wrong on the coffee maker)

Today these two friends came by!  Pregnant friend was picking up draperies for the nursery!

Big brother came too…

Two books on my desk that I like very much…

I’ve totally abandoned my hour-by-hour plan that I began this blog post with.  We work.  We work.  And then we work some more.  And between working I snapped some photos.

And we take breaks.  I call them “non-smoker breaks”.  Breaks are healthy.  Today I was about to wear out my friend Cindy’s blog (refreshing it) waiting to hear the sex of the twins she is carrying…

Let the nursery designs commence!

Then, before I knew it… it was 5:00 and time to go home.  Sandwich was waiting on me!  She’s starting to look and act more like me…

I start dinner.  Sour cream pork chops, butternut squash, green beans, biscuits.  Then Daddy comes home (he’s been out of town remember) with surprises for his girls.  Horse and a cow for the Sandwich and a jacket for Momma.

The mess in the background was out of control… so I fixed it in photoshop.

Then he insists on a boat ride.  Don’t get anything too fancy in your mind, our boat is of the aluminum species, and we love it.

My captain thinks I should be in a picture…my eyes are half shut and that headache was still lingering.  But the sunset… (I zipped my ankle zippers for the boat ride)

Captain and first mate…

We hurry home because the pork chops should almost be done! They were yummy.  We eat together and then Daddy and Sloane go play so I can clean the kitchen and make my coffee for tomorrow morning, I do this every night (make coffee for following day and use Bar Keepers Friend). I love a clean white sink.

It’s bath, bottle, book, prayers, and bedtime for Sloaney B.

Newest issue of Elle Decor arrived (did you see it on my desk?).  Usually this means I pour a glass of wine, draw a bath and enjoy.  I’ll save that for tomorrow night.  I set up camp on the bed with my laptop and started this blog post…. fall asleep at 11pm.  It was a long, but great day.

[Joan isn’t in the office on Mondays, but she deserves a shout-out too.  I love her as much as I love Paula, Allison, and Lauren.  I would be up the creek without these people… and I hope they know how very much I appreciate them!!]