death and texas

Been meaning to tell you that the girls here at the office gave me this Death & Texas clutch for Christmas and I absolutely love it.
death and texas
Here it is if you might like one for yourself.


death and texas 2

It is the perfect size for my phone, lipgloss, checkbook, a few pens, and my wallet. Sometimes I throw it in my big purse, but usually I just carry it alone.

death and texas 3

In random garden news… the moss on my patio is really green these days.  It’s been dreary and rainy which the moss loves.  Do you spy my terriers?

moss  2


My mom has always said that buttermilk will grow moss.  I haven’t needed any buttermilk, but when I saw this on pinterest I was intrigued.  Momma was right.


no subject

Isn’t that a clever blog title?  I’m sorry I can’t think of anything other than “this is another random blog post”, which is dumb.  Especially considering last week’s blog post title was “hi”.

I had intentions of blogging on Monday, but the week got the best of me.  A client friend once told us a story about a time she could not form a sentence.  She was a week or so postpartum and was attempting to have a very basic conversation with her husband.  She couldn’t put words together to make any sense at all.  This tends to happen when you have a lot going on.  All that would come from her mouth was, “my words are not good.”  We love that line so much we use it daily.  Our client actually sent us this quote framed in a pretty little silver frame for Christmas and there are many days that I’m tempted to strap it to a sweatband and wear it on my forehead.

My words are not good, but here goes a blog post.

I had a little photo shoot at my house this week.  Not only are my words not good, but neither is my house.  Okay, my house is not that bad, but being in the business makes me extra critical of my own space, which has a serious case of cobbler’s children syndrome.  Nothing like a photo shoot to kick my rear into high gear and order a few things I’ve needed for a while.  I finally committed to pillows.  I love green, so it’s probably no surprise that’s the common theme here.



On more than one account I mistakenly called that Schumacher fabric “opium leaf”  and then joked about eating the pillow once it arrived.

Unrelated, I bought Sloane some moccasin booties last week.


Then I introduced her to painting.  And made the mistake of using the term “finger paints”.

finger painting

So the next day we took our party outside.

outdoor painting

(Table from Target, stool from Ace Hardware) If you look closely you’ll see that she took the colored paint brushes and placed them in their respective paint colors.

Yesterday over my morning coffee I was standing in a daze waiting for the caffeine to kick in and looked over at my rolling pins.  They make me happy.  I also like that my corbel brackets multitask.
rolling 2

rolling pins


Two of the rolling pins are Sloaney’s, but she shares with me.  I share cookie and pizza dough with her, so it works out well.

That’s all for this week, sorry about my words.


momm and SCP

You know what happens when you joke about popping muscle relaxers?  You end up really needing them.  I’ve recovered, but really thought I was going to have to call an ambulance a couple of weeks ago when my back decided it had had enough of me and my heavy-lifting ways.  After the injury I found my way to a chair where I was stuck for over an hour.  When my mom came to my rescue, we started discussing whether I should go to the hospital or an immediate care clinic, I voiced concern about how I was going to get out of the chair much less walk outside to the car, and she (with a straight face) asked if I had an ironing board.  I hurt so bad, but I couldn’t not laugh, can you imagine if they pulled up at the ER with me strapped to my ironing board?  Only my mother.  She was serious.


Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We had surprise visitors, cousins we love… (and their 8 week old baby girl!)



And we even squeezed in a little facetime with those too far away to eat with us… (missed you Greenes!)



Sloane was elated to have all of her little cousins from Chance’s side of the family in one place!  Cousin Ben taught her how to drive her Barbie Jeep.

s and b


Sloane’s skirt was one of the goodies she scored from Joules, the fuscia zipper up the back (next photo) is my favorite detail…
nellie and sloaney

lemon tree bound

l and r

So much to be grateful for this year, a house full of healthy and happy family tops my list.  What a treat it was to host Thanksgiving dinner!!


Last week, pre-Thanksgiving, was busy as we had a photoshoot at Marla’s house.  It was such a pleasure working with the folks from Better Homes and Gardens again… Paige Porter Fischer and Michael Walters (both of whom were involved in the makings of my story earlier this year) make a photoshoot feel easy and laid-back.  Or maybe that was the muscle relaxers?


Behind that big ole wooden bowl is the makings of a baby bump.  Marla is due in April with a baby girl… pretty darn excited for her, even if she was quite surprised!  She has a very healthy food blog now, have I mentioned it before?  Left on Amelia.  Her no-bake Chocolate Oat Bars are to die for. More on the story once it’s published, promise.



Darby visited a few weekends ago, if you read her blog this is old news.  I had all her little rovers in my house for a whole weekend!  After she posted this picture I got an email from a friend exclaiming, “that room feels like a hug!”… I don’t know if I have responded to that email yet, but I read it and it did my heart good.  I want my house to feel like a hug.  It helps that I’m surrounded by four children I love very much.


cIMG_1442 (2)

I’m actually about to swap those Schumacher chevron (“High Voltage”) draperies out for Highland Court’s Greenwich II plaid.  The High Voltage is just too much with the orange daybed. They are going to good home (Leigh Ann’s) when the Highland Court ones arrive.

(And if you look close you’ll see… the orange Ugg slippers, a very kind client sent them my way.  I adore them, have barely taken them off to shower and sleep.)

duralee draperiesWhen I first hung those High Voltage draperies Chance asked if we were going to hang a disco ball and rollerskate in that room.  He was right, they were a bit of a statement given my usual aesthetic.  Oh well, you live you learn.

The plaid Highland Court fabric was free-to-me because you very kind people voted on the Traditional Home New Traditionalist contest… and I won, so thank you so very much for voting for me.  I will let you know once my new draperies are up.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!