this entryway feels like fall

[gil schafer]

Speaking of fall, I’ve gone with Cinderella Pumpkins this year at my house.  Or are they Heirlooms? I am not positive, both are equally beautiful.  Do I like them because their bumpy,  gray-green, waxy skin makes me feel better about my own skin?  There could be some truth to that, but we won’t tell them.  They are perfectly imperfect.

I can’t take credit, I copied my neighbor.  Kelly posted this photo below on Facebook and I couldn’t resist. I raced out and bought some for my table too.


 Last week Meredith mentioned Bill Ingram.  Which got me thinking.  Wasn’t he the one with the little lake house with pine paneling?  Pine paneling that I really liked.


 Yes, yes he was.  His lake house was featured in Cottage Living photographed by Dominqiue Vorillon. 

And then I thought about it a little more… and wasn’t he the one who had those beeskeep light fixtures in a kitchen?

Ah, yes he was.  Looks like he upgraded his little pine clad lake house for this one… or maybe he has both?  Regardless, both are inviting and I’d gladly retreat in either of them.  This one was featured in Southern Accents photographed by Antoine Bootz.




 And just because I like the design, here’s a Bill Ingram designed carriage house.  b4

give me just a little more time


Sorry for a lack of posts… and thanks to those of you who have checked in on us!  We have had some very challenging last few days… but we are making it.  Please forgive us for our lack of posts?  We hope to get into a routine real soon!

{I don’t have any idea where the image is from… I found it on my husband’s laptop and love it! If you know the source, fill me in!}