mr. moth

Was on a jobsite with my cabinet guy a few weeks ago and he came to me with this creature…

I do declare, that’s the prettiest moth I’ve ever seen.  A moth with a mustache.  A little google action revealed that he is a Luna Moth. Reminded me how much I still adore and would love to have  an Allyson Reynolds painting…
Allyson Reynolds Moths 3 2009_launch

number 16 allyson reynolds painting

allyson reynolds

I originally discovered these beauties at Absolutely Beautiful Things… and you may recall I’ve blogged about them before, I like them.

I just thought I didn’t like seagulls

Wayne Pate found here @ Gen’s Favorites via Kayce Hughes



I was just cleaning off my laptop up and found this bathroom picture.  Sometimes I wish I had an all white bathroom.
{also, don’t miss the view in the  makeup mirror… I think what I spy is a Hugo Guinness print.  ”Briefs”, perhaps?}
I love them all.  Available through John Derian.
(from his main site they can be found under the tab “Goods”)