Back. In. Action.

I’m baaaaack.  I’ve been in the Big Apple working a teensy bit, gallivanting, and lollygagging. Mostly gallivanting.  I’m working on a post of substance… but in the interim here a few fun tidbits for you.

  • Do you know how fantastic my sister is?  Well if you don’t… let me tell you, she is FANTASTIC!  She had this brilliant idea to hand sketch designs and screen print them on super soft vintage weight childrens tee shirts.  Honey Bee Tees .  Cutest things you ever did see!  Go buy a shirt!

  • Thanks to Meg I discovered a new blog last week… as a result I lost a few hours, but gained much inspiration.  James Farmer is a good ole Southern boy.  An Auburn graduate (Landscape Design + Art History) and he now has a landscape and interiors business and a BLOG.  A phenomenal blog.  All Things Farmer. So well written it makes me want to give up on my own!  And the recipes, my goodness at the recipes.  They make me hungry.

  • A month or so ago my friend Erin Gates @ Elements of Style included me in her Product Junkies series.  You can check it out HERE.  Just this weekend while I was in NYC I sat across  the table from my friend Marla and said “why does your hair look so good today!?”… her reply:  “Because I helped myself to that Paul Mitchell Quick Slip I found in your bag!”  Hilarious.  She introduced me to the mascara and I introduced her to the Quick Slip.  Our hair couldn’t be more different, hers is curly, mine is straight.  It just works people.  Trust me.  Tames the hair.  Whether straight or curly.  We also both LOVE Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.  Surf Spray + Quick Slip = True Love

  • La Dolce Vita.  I’m sure you read.  It’s gooood.  Paloma is a blogging machine.  How she does it, I do not know.  But she does it well.  And she included me in her Style Files series not too long ago.  Thanks for having me Paloma!!
  • A little while back Jamie of iSuwannee opened an online store… and yes, it’s good.  FURBISH. Go shopping!

  • And let me close this on a serious note.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I flew Delta to and from NYC, and instead of the normal red and navy their flight attendants and pilots wear, this month they are sporting PINK.  Pink and Navy.  It’s preppy and cute and an awesome way to bring awareness to the fight to find a cure!  Mrs. Blandings does her part every October 1st and invites her friends to join her in posting pink, I’m always tardy for the party… but better late than never!

Nesting News


Nicole over at Kirei Nest did a little interview with moi… on a very relevant topic these days: NESTING.  Nicole, thanks for having me, it sure was fun to think about my favorite and most useful household items!

Wheat stalk

TGIF blogger friends!!!!!!!!  Long week anyone?  My baby bump is big, making work (and climbing stairs) ever more difficult with each new day.  That's okay, as my sister says "that baby is easier to care for in the belly than she is when she comes out"… so I'm hanging in there!  

It's not new news, but in my opinion the best thing in blogland today… Joni's post on Sally Wheat.  Yes, round 2 stalking.  It's gotten even better than it was last time.




Pooch in chair 

I'm sure a lot of you read Cote de Texas, but for those of you who don't… you are missing out.  Joni has the most in-depth and informative design-related posts in all of blogland.  Thank you Joni for always inspiring, and thank you Sally for sharing your world with us!  

PS: I also thoroughly enjoyed Joni's post on Seagrass Rugs last week.