a week in pictures

It’s tough to blog in the summertime.  Heck, it’s tough to blog no matter the season.   We’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  We are in the process of expanding our design studio and I’m starting to wonder if we should put in a bunk room in the new found square footage.  Leigh Ann comes in early, Paula and Allison stay late.  I do a mixture of overtime.  Actually, I never turn it off.  I’m starting to think they don’t either.  So very grateful for them and their dedication to their jobs.

photo 2 (2)

I know it’s rough work, but someone’s got to do it.  Leigh Ann on a  jobsite visit earlier this week.

photo 4

On the homefront my husband, the engineer, has been building a dock.  I think he did a fantastic job and I have been thoroughly enjoying my new coffee spot.  I think the terriers love it too.  I have also been riding my bike in the wee hours of the morning.  I’ve decided that waking at 5am, laying in bed, repeating a to do list over and over in my head, is not nearly as fun as a bike ride.

This  morning I rode to the office to pick up fabric for a table skirt.  I’m doing a little party prep on the side,  there’s a girl in our house about to celebrate TWO years of life.

photo 2 (3)

It has felt so good to start my days this way.  My vegetables are done for the summer, but I have been tracking the progress of a mid-summer adder, a flower box… pardon the shampoo bottles, swimsuits, etc.

flower box progress week 3
photo 1
photo 4 (3)
In other random news… I’ve been thinking about a big girl bed for Sloane, which is sad and exciting at the same time.  I feel like I was just leaving the hospital with my two day old girl.

photo 3 (4)

Sometimes we eat cereal for dinner.


Last weekend we had an exciting visitor.


It finally dawned on me.  Perhaps the plate was throwing him off.  Notice, he ducked deeper into his shell, he had no interest in my offerings.

turtleman no plate

Before we let him go Sloane insisted he needed a bath, so if you see an unusually clean turtle, he came from our house.

Victoria Hagan’s Marie’s Field fabric looks pretty darn good with this trim, also thinking it would look great with that gray pompom trim I’m considering for Sloaney’s updates.


In the last issue of House Beautiful I was reminded, once again, why I love Stephen Gambrel so much.

photo 21

Earlier in the week I was searching around for a large tray for a client’s coffee table and that night when I got home I glanced at my own coffee table.  It used to be loaded down with beautiful design books and pretty little things.  I don’t miss those pretty little things.  I see pretty little things all day long and when I come home it delights me to see Sloane has stacked her things (with care) on our coffee table.


It also does my heart good to see Sloane in her daddy’s car.  This ’65 Mustang (my mother-in-law’s first car) was  passed down to Chance when he turned 16.  He drove it (as his main form of transportation) up until a few years ago.  I think she likes it.

photo 3

I’m running out of words… I think most of you come here for pictures anyway.

photo 4 (4)



photo 1 (4)




studio b camera phone event

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!?  Want to make sure you all know about Studio B‘s annual New Year’s camera phone event… there are awesome prizes this year! All you have to do is snap a camera phone picture between midnight New Year’s Eve through midnight on New Year’s Day… and email it to: scoop(at)studiobthebeach(dot)com

back in action

Hello….??  Anyone there?  It’s a wonder this blog didn’t just dry up and disappear in my absence.  Apologies.

That picture above is Darby, on the left – at the gate in Rome when we left on Monday.  And on the right – on a park bench outside our local airport 26 hours later.  Exhausted and sleep deprived and waiting for our ride.

Together Darby and I had a wonderful time in Italy.  And we had a great birthday weekend with our friends before we left.  And now… well, now it’s back to reality.

And back to my precious baby and baby-daddy who I missed soooo much!

In Italy Darby took the “real” photos, all I had was my phone… but regardless, here’s a little recap.

Before we left we spent the weekend here at the beach with our brother Chris.  I know.  He’s not really our brother.  But he might as well be.  He and his wife Katie came and we ate and beached and ate and beached and then we ate again.  It was delightful.  And I simply cannot wait to see them again.  And my friend from college, Laurin, she was in town too so we visited with her as well.  It was a perfect little weekend full of those I love a whole lot.

Then Darby and I went to Italy.  Where we ate and beached and ate and ate and drank wine and ate and drank little coffees.  And saw sights that made my heart beat really fast and soaked it all in.  And lounged.  And drank hot tea.  And laughed.  And battled a sore throat.  And slept in really comfortable beds.  And visited.  And delighted it in all so very much.

Alright, I’ll post more pictures later… I’m about to fall over from exhaustion.  My heart is so full, but my body is so tired.  My alarm is set for 4:30am because tomorrow I’m off again to check on a out-of-town project… be back soon!!!