falling in love

Someone requested our Fall picks which really excites us.  We love when seasons change and we also like to shop and daydream.  Who doesn’t?  So, without further adieu…


My name is Erika and I love Fall!  I picked A because it popped up on Pinterest and I keep going back and looking at it.  I rarely go back and look at my pins (is that weird?) but for whatever reason I keep looking at that bag.  B because deer goodness, it’s festive for a powder bath or a dog leash or with my new bag hanging on it. C “Chopsticking To My Story” I’ll be honest I already own this and have been sporting it for a couple of weeks.  It’s a good orange.  Very autumnal.  D, just love them and think they are festive.  E, I love green and I love gold. F, because it’s a wood keyboard! G, really wanting a portrait of my girl and saw this artist in a magazine a few weeks ago, keep thinking that I need to be snapping pictures with an oil portrait in mind.  Love the casualness of this.  H, saw these throws at West Elm when I was in Puerto Rico and they are gorgeous.  Everyone loves a cozy throw when temperatures drop. I, just haven’t worn dangle-y earrings in awhile, so why not.  J, I just ordered them…. because I was worried if I didn’t y’all might snag the last pair in my size!



This will be my first “Fall” at the beach–which leaves me wondering if I should list my wool peacoat on Ebay. Anyhow, these are some things I have been eyeing as of late (please note the lack of sweaters and wool–ha!). A These are like Wallabees, but only fancier (real word?). Could they be as comfortable as well? B This is my favorite book (and movie). To me, it’s the epitome of a great Fall classic movie.  I still have yet to be a ham for Halloween–maybe this year. C Yes, I’m serious. He’s just so quirky and weird–and that’s no bull. D Cords. These are loud. And I like that. E Love the combo of rustic leather with gold. F Brown and grey leather, with enough room for all my cr*p. G Love the bright colors of the flowers over the muted background. Light and airy.  H My sister and I have been eyeing this watch from J. Crew for about two years now. It also hasn’t helped that Erika has one and wears it everyday. Turns out, Timex also makes a similar one for Target and Walmart. Winning. I In order to honor the late, great Steve Jobs, it is only fitting that the iphone 4s make an appearance on this list. That, and the fact that I’m due for an upgrade (so long 3g!). J  This mug probably makes coffee with white chocolate mocha creamer taste even better!


AS fall

A. Even though it’s still in the 80′s here, nothing says Fall like macaroni and cheese.  B.  I love antique rings that mix gold and platinum (and who doesn’t need a little more luck in their life?) C. Perfect for gameday. D. I think I need these shoes in my life.  E. When Erika and I visited our clients in Memphis, we were introduced to this artist, and I have been in love ever since. F. Football season is the best season. While at Viking earlier this year, Zack introduced us to Smathers and Branson’s very stylish belts. I’ve been wanting this ever since.  G. My poor 5 year old wallet is falling apart. I love the colors and little leaf design on this one. It very much reminds me of Autumn. H. While in Houston, we were lucky enough for Courtney to show us these absolutely beautiful sheets which would be perfect for adding that extra layer on my bed. I. Nothing says Fall or football to me like Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer”. J. We all died when we saw this new Brunschwig fabric. The colors are much richer in person and the pattern is so unique. I love the striped leaves.

spring hasn’t sprung yet, so we’re daydreaming


A. very fun striped top B. never worn purple nail polish, but why not?   C. a big gold cuff D. an edgy mom suit E. a rolling box for Sloaney’s toys F. cut off shorts  G. I have the Gizehs in silver, but need a new pair (may go gold) and in my searching I found the Kairo Braided… I like them a LOT   H. I need a lightweight bag that I can find my cell phone in, I think this one will solve my problems    I.  Plant Nanny, my sister’s mother-in-law had this in a planter on her front porch and I loved it!  It’s a terracotta stake that you place a wine bottle full of water in and then stick in your planter.  I have some planters that I have to water often, these would sure be handy.   J. Giant Zinnia seeds.  It’s garden-starting season.  Zinnias are my favorite annuals!


A. Warmer weather always makes me want a margarita. Preferably in a cactus-stemmed glass. B. Fabric for for spring. Perfect for pillows on the big yellow bench. C. New sunglasses. D. A fun clutch. E. A bright yellow bench. F. Is march too late to start a journal for the year? I love this One Line a Day journal, mainly because it doesn’t involve too much thought or time. G. Obsessed with this locket. H Citrus decoupage plates. I. Because Verizon is finally carrying it, and I am officially the last person on the face of the world to still have a flip phone. J. And if I am going to do it, might as well do it in style with this Iphone case.


A. This Katie Leede fabric is my favorite for Spring B. Ray Ban New Wayfarers C. I love anything vintage inspired, or straight from my Grandmothers kitchen cabinets. I would gladly fill this lovely cup full of sweet tea! D. Gorgeous necklace to wear with a tank top or sundress E. Personalized notepads – I’m always looking for a notepad F. Yum, chips-n-dip G. I recently purchased this chapstick and it is AWESOME H. Judith March put it together perfectly for me. I love bluebirds and I love spring dresses I. Ping pong, yes please!! J. This barstool is simply wonderful.






Back. In. Action.

I’m baaaaack.  I’ve been in the Big Apple working a teensy bit, gallivanting, and lollygagging. Mostly gallivanting.  I’m working on a post of substance… but in the interim here a few fun tidbits for you.

  • Do you know how fantastic my sister is?  Well if you don’t… let me tell you, she is FANTASTIC!  She had this brilliant idea to hand sketch designs and screen print them on super soft vintage weight childrens tee shirts.  Honey Bee Tees .  Cutest things you ever did see!  Go buy a shirt!

  • Thanks to Meg I discovered a new blog last week… as a result I lost a few hours, but gained much inspiration.  James Farmer is a good ole Southern boy.  An Auburn graduate (Landscape Design + Art History) and he now has a landscape and interiors business and a BLOG.  A phenomenal blog.  All Things Farmer. So well written it makes me want to give up on my own!  And the recipes, my goodness at the recipes.  They make me hungry.

  • A month or so ago my friend Erin Gates @ Elements of Style included me in her Product Junkies series.  You can check it out HERE.  Just this weekend while I was in NYC I sat across  the table from my friend Marla and said “why does your hair look so good today!?”… her reply:  “Because I helped myself to that Paul Mitchell Quick Slip I found in your bag!”  Hilarious.  She introduced me to the mascara and I introduced her to the Quick Slip.  Our hair couldn’t be more different, hers is curly, mine is straight.  It just works people.  Trust me.  Tames the hair.  Whether straight or curly.  We also both LOVE Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.  Surf Spray + Quick Slip = True Love

  • La Dolce Vita.  I’m sure you read.  It’s gooood.  Paloma is a blogging machine.  How she does it, I do not know.  But she does it well.  And she included me in her Style Files series not too long ago.  Thanks for having me Paloma!!
  • A little while back Jamie of iSuwannee opened an online store… and yes, it’s good.  FURBISH. Go shopping!

  • And let me close this on a serious note.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I flew Delta to and from NYC, and instead of the normal red and navy their flight attendants and pilots wear, this month they are sporting PINK.  Pink and Navy.  It’s preppy and cute and an awesome way to bring awareness to the fight to find a cure!  Mrs. Blandings does her part every October 1st and invites her friends to join her in posting pink, I’m always tardy for the party… but better late than never!