my Chasey

A highlight of every visit home is spending time with my precious girl Chasey.  This morning my girl went to doggy heaven.  She isn’t suffering anymore.  She lived a good, long life.  I hate that I am not still at the farm comforting my mom and dad, who have loved and cared for Chasey for 13 years.  Chasey was gentle and loving, always hungry, and full of hugs and kisses.  She was a sweet, sweet dog.  I am grateful that when I left I hugged her neck really tight, told her I loved her, and kissed her goodbye.  When I go home again she won’t be there and that makes my heart hurt.  Here are a couple of other photos I snapped of her this past weekend…

And from a couple of years ago… she was always in the kitchen, hoping a morsel will find its way to the floor!

Love you Chasey!

take your daughters to work day

Are you tired of my lame camera phone pictures and informationless posts?  I am so very sorry, but we’ve had a craaaaazy last couple of weeks.  I am back in the saddle and look who came to the office with me today!  Paisley and Penelope.  Someone is bound to ask… they are “terrihuahuas” (a fancy name (I made up) for two mutts, both a mix of terrier (fox or jack russell?) and maybe a little Chihuahua too).  They are still loved and cared for and very much a part of our family!!!  (the dog bed)

Paula just ran to Publix to replenish our stock of Diet Coke and we are listening to Bob Seger on Pandora, it’s no Belinda Carlisle (we reserve her for Fridays), but it’s good for hump day.  Peace out blog readers, I’ll be back with something of substance soon… I promise.

oh, and about the terrihuahuas

I know you dog lovers are wondering how Penelope & Paisley are adjusting to life with a new sister.  The other day while I was nursing sweet Sloane in her room they decided to join us. 

c terriers in bouncy seat

c penelope in bouncy

c double decker dogs

Are they not hilarious?  Allyson, thank you for loaning us your bouncy seat… we promise we will wash it before we return it to you!  I think we need to be on the look out for two more bouncy seats!? 

In other terrihuahua news: yesterday’s mail brought a little terrihuahua tribute… look what Meg sent to Sloane:

onesie from meg

A custom onesie of her canine sisters silhouttes!  There were two other cute hand painted designs along with this one that we also love – thank you Meg!!  And a special thank you to all the other blog readers that have been showering us with lots of love and fun surprises… we are so grateful!!!

{If you are fairly new around here, let me explain that while “terrihuahua” might sound like  a rare (exclusive) mix breed (like a Labradoodle), it is with much pride I must inform you… they are both rescues.  The breed name I made up for them makes them feel like more than a “mutt” (which is a forbidden word in our house).  They are not related, we rescued them a few years apart, but they are both a mix of Jack Russell Terrier + Chihuahua… hence “Terrihuahua”.} 

If you are interested in a Terrihuahua of your own check out: