All I Do Is Win, Win, Win

If you did not know already, we are all Auburn graduates! We are also 100% in love with Auburn University. Erika asked me to do a quick post on Auburn’s SEC Championship victory! I am not a sports commentator by any means, so I will just show you in pictures. Yes, pictures Erika and I took on our phones…in front of our TVs. That is not odd at all, right? We tried getting tickets for the game in exchange for work, but to our dismay our cardboard sign was not taken seriously. Maybe we should have put more effort into it?

Erika caught sweet Sloane cheering on her Auburn tigers!

Now, let the iphone photos begin! Please notice our large Auburn family in the background:

Yes. THE Cam Newton caught on Erika’s iPhone. The one below Erika’s is from my phone, and we believe he is blowing a kiss to those of us who were not able to attend ;)

My cousin who is still attending Auburn sent me this beautiful photo of Toomer’s Corner after the game. For those of you who are not familiar with tp’ing your school’s campus, this is an Auburn tradition for us! You can barely make out some branches of the tree not covered in toilet paper. It is a beautiful sight for Auburn fans.

Auburn is now headed to the National Championship!  We are reconsidering our Christmas lists… Santa, you know what we want!!!!

Merry Christmas & WAR EAGLE!