prayers needed

Remember my post about Misty?  She is in the hospital and needs LOTS of prayer.  Will you please pray for this precious family?  She is 32 years old, she is a wife and mother to three beautiful daughters, here she is with her girls just a couple of months ago.   I’m turning the comments off… if you planned on leaving one, please use that time to say a prayer instead.  Thank you!

O Come All Ye Faithful?

Life has been tough lately.  I can hardly find time to shower, much less update the blog.  The last couple times I’ve tried there seems to be nothing of much value to share.   I’m not a good pretender and it isn’t easy to talk about interiors and pretty things when your heart is hurting.   

On Wednesday, I went to a memorial service for a friend who lost her daughter.  There are not words to express the feelings in my heart.  Brittany and Joe are amazing people.  They have faith and strength unlike anything I have seen.  I know God will continue to give them the strength to rejoice in the time they had with their precious baby and perservere through the mourning process.  If you want to pray for my friends I know they would appreciate it. 

Do you have a sister?  I do.  So does my sister-in-law Leah.  Her sister is Misty… here she is below with her family @ Disney World. 


Misty is 32 years old with 3 precious daughters.  This summer she was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer.  And just a couple of weeks ago she found out that the cancer has spread to her lungs and lymph nodes.  She is now battling Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer.  Misty candidly shares her journey in her blog HERE.  Want to know how you can help?  There are all sorts of opportunities: check out the Fight For Misty website HERE.  Please keep Misty in your prayers.

The holidays are here.  This is a season of hope.  And earlier this week I almost decided to not put up a Christmas tree.  Bah humbug, right?  I haven’t been feeling very festive and just didn’t to mess with it.  But yesterday I was reminded that God is good, even in the hard times.  I know that even in these hardships He has great things in store for my friends.

I put up the Christmas tree yesterday.  I’m glad I did.  I even strung colored lights up in our kitchen.  It looks like something straight out of my college dorm room, but I kinda like it.  Sloane does too! 

Thanks for praying for my friends!

more shower

I know, I know… social central.  I'm feeling sentimental, so bear with me.  New photos arrived in my inbox today that I didn't have when I posted the first round of pictures.  And since you kind people want to know about my dress… another shower post. 


Some of my girlfriends.  All the party hostesses are not pictured… and my biggest regret of the evening: no picture of me and the hostesses.  I don't know what I was thinking!?


My sister hasn't been away from her children for a night since giving birth to her last.  For the record, I don't think 2 or 3 nights in the hospital after a c-section really counts as a "night off".  I was so glad she was here.  She makes me laugh really hard.  I thought I was gonna go into labor early from laughing.



Two party hostesses with the mostest… friends from college who I love to pieces.


Future Uncle & Auntie.


Sister-in-law Leah who I love dearly.  About the dress.  I got the dress at TJMaxx in Boston.  It's not maternity… just 8 sizes bigger than I usually wear, it didn't have to be altered (which is kind of a scary thought), I just had to wear tall shoes.  Tag in the dress says Donna Morgan… and their website says "Dresses for All Shapes and Sizes"… that couldn't be more true!   

PS- nice commenter let me know the dress is available online at Nordstroms – here's a LINK.