Hinkley Barstool


That barstool link was messed up in Lauren’s list yesterday… sorry!  That fabulous barstool is the Hinkley Swivel (wood and iron) by Arteriors.  It’s 16″Diameter x 34″High. It only comes in barstool height (no counter height).  If you are interested you can email lauren(at)urbangrace(dot)com

no more wonky ring pull


honestly,  i was going to fix (photoshop) the pull this morning before i posted.  but i knew you observant people would go to Jenny & Lindsay’s blogs and wonder why the ring pull was crooked there. 

thank you my fellow type As.  it is still not perfect.  but as good  as i can do with a cold and a long day at the office.

i considered monogramming the pillows and ironing the sheets.  but then i decided that was taking it a step too far.

*- i officially need to get a grip.  i came back this morning and snagged the remote control off the nightstand and fixed the ring pull on the bottom right… it too was a little crooked.


I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea.  This, however, pulls me towards the LOVE side of that relationship.

Nothing will wake a sick girl up at 6:30 in the morning like a good Ikea Make-Over.


(Oh, how I want to reach into the photo and twist into place that left ring pull on the bottom drawer.)

Believe it or not, what we have here is an Ikea Rast 3-drawer chest.  $39.99. 

Project from Penny People Designs, via Little Green Notebook.  Good find Jenny, awesome job Lindsay!!