working moms

I just discovered The Glow.  It’s been around for a while, but I don’t get out much.  It’s like The Selby of working (designer, artist, creative-type) moms and their children.  I got sucked in.  It doesn’t hurt that they are all gorgeous, the homes are beautiful, and the photography is amazing.

the glow 1

the glow 2

the glow 3

the glow 4

the glow 5

the glow 6

the glow 7

the glow 8

the glow 9

the glow 10

the glow 11

the glow 12

the glow 13

Lauren Moffatt (above) made her daughter’s dress from a women’s shirt from H&M.  I love it.  Maybe I need a sewing machine.

more here: The Glow

(photography by Kelly Stewart)