tempted to buy one of each







custom address stampsĀ from lettergirl

breaking news

No, my water didn't break.

Sharpie now makes their Sharpie Pen RETRACTABLE!



This was the only pitfall to their pen… people like me forget to put the lid back on. 

Problem solved!

I haven't scored one yet, but next time I head to town this is on my list! 

might I recommend…

Sharpie pen 

The Sharpie Pen

Every nesting pregnant woman needs a good pen.  I'm making lists like it's going out of style.

I am a pen lover.  I get this from my father.  When I saw the commercials on tv for the Sharpie Pen, I added it to my shopping list.  I bought a pack at Target on Saturday and haven't written with anything else since.  I LOVE IT.  What they say is true "won't bleed through paper" and "precise, consistent line width".  Two key factors for me.  And I like a fine point, and this classifies.

As if the 4 I bought at Target weren't enough to last me a week or two (I lose pens often) I went back to Walmart last night and bought more.  I have a sickness. 

They are pricey at Office Max and Office Depot, I know because I went there last night too… so get them at Target or Walmart! 

Pick yourself up a pack next time you are out and let me know what you think.

Image above from The Pen Addict, who agrees with me and likes it too.

PS: Can't close this post without thanking you for your overwhelming responses to the nursery, thank you.  You are good for my soul.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.