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I just discovered The Glow.  It’s been around for a while, but I don’t get out much.  It’s like The Selby of working (designer, artist, creative-type) moms and their children.  I got sucked in.  It doesn’t hurt that they are all gorgeous, the homes are beautiful, and the photography is amazing.

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Lauren Moffatt (above) made her daughter’s dress from a women’s shirt from H&M.  I love it.  Maybe I need a sewing machine.

more here: The Glow

(photography by Kelly Stewart)


Two years ago today, on 09-09-09, the Lord blessed us with Sloaney Bologna!  She looks like an eskimo in this picture and I love it!


A few days ago, in honor of Sloane’s second birthday, Marla took some pictures of our little family.  (Go ahead and open Marla’s website up, that song is beautiful.)










Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl!  Momma and Daddy love you and are so proud of you!!!



Annabelle’s Birthday Party


A few weeks ago friend and new client Catherine Clay posted her daughter’s birthday party pictures on her blog.  I almost fainted.  I expected nothing less than perfection because a few months ago she posted pictures from her Christmas party which was equally fabulous!  Annabelle’s party was held at Catherine’s photography studio.  Twenty little girls were invited to create art and eat cake! My kind of party!!! This makes me super excited about the birthday parties in Sloaney’s future.  I’ve also been wanting a gathered linen table skirt like hers too… hmm.

Each party attendant received an art apron and art kit to take home.  Catherine and her assistant Anica made most of the decorations themselves… amazing!  And just in case anyone else is curious… I went ahead and asked… Annabelle’s cute black and white dress came from this etsy shop. Darling!