the birth story

Hello faithful blog readers.  I’ve been a tad preoccupied these past few days… when I’m not snorgling the precious face of my baby, my very productive milk glands are running my life.  I’ve already been fighting mastitis which brings fever and flu like symptoms… and trying to figure this new mommy thing out while feeling rough is, well… rough.  Each day gets easier and each day I fall further in love with my precious little girl.  I didn’t know I could love someone so much.  

Before I forget the events of Sloane’s Birth Day I must get them in writing.  I contemplated not sharing these details, as they are precious to me and Chance and are a part of our private life that we could easily keep to ourselves.  However, you have been so supportive and blogging is a part of my life too… so I have decided to share. 

First, I need to thank you… I was blessed when I finally found time to read the comments on the posts that Marla put up while I was in the hospital.   The labor and delivery went so smoothly because I was covered in prayer.  I was nervous about labor and delivery… but when I got to the hospital a peace came over me that only could have been from above.  I’ve spent ten months praying for the day that my daughter would arrive, and the Lord answered my prayers… I am so very thankful.

last Tuesday {09-08-09} – day before the Birth Day

I worked all morning.  In fact, worked the entire 9 months + 3.5 weeks of this pregnancy… perhaps it made time go quicker?  So, I went to work Tuesday morning - I worked my fanny off up until the last email was sent and I got in the car and went to my doctor’s appointment.  At my doctor’s appointment I was given the option: keep the induction that is scheduled for the following day (ie- check into the hospital that afteroon (in about an hour and a half)) or wait it out and go into labor on my own.  No pressure. 

My mom and sister both had successful inductions… I was 39.5 weeks pregnant, a tiny bit dilated, and 60% effaced.

Mom and Daddy Boy were both in town (expecting to meet their 4th grandchild) and so after my appointment Chance and I went to Panera to meet them for lunch.  I had one hour to decide whether to keep the induction and call my doctor.  I was mentally ready.  My cervix wasn’t cooperating but I knew that the good Lord would protect me and I didn’t want to wait.   

There was no time to waste.  I called the doctor and told her we would be at the hospital in an  hour and a half.   My bag was packed but Chance’s was not.  While he packed I laid on our bed with the terrihuahuas (usually not allowed)… they played while I pondered how drastically my life was about to change.  Chance took some pictures…


nellandpais in bed

After we put our bags in the car Dad took some of us in front of our house. 


We kissed the dogs and were gone.  We pulled up to the hospital and unloaded our bags.  The hospital is new and it is great!!  Here it is.. Family Birth Center is on the far left side in the photo below.


We got to our room Labor Delivery Room #2…


The dress was Darby’s (a hand-me-down that I have just about worn out)… Darby also wore it the day she went to the hospital to have John Martin… if you wanna compare our bellies.

Within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital we had signed some paperwork the IV was in and I was in a gown in the bed…

from allyson

To further dilate my cervix they gave me Cervadil… and then it was a waiting game.  Some friends came to visit and from my bed I took their picture.

tues night visitors

Chance’s bed was made up and we watched Flipping Out on Bravo (see it above on top right corner of screen on the tv)… thanks to Ambien I fell off into la-la land.

last Wednesday {09-09-09} – the Birth Day – coolest birth date ever (I’ll admit it was a little bit of the deciding factor in going through with the induction)

I took a journal to the hospital with intentions of documenting the day.  When the contractions kicked in the journal was the last thing on my mind.  Chance handed it to me in the middle of a contraction and I almost used it as a weapon.  Before leaving the hospital I asked Lisa (my wonderful nurse) to jot down the specifics of the birth day from my chart… I’m so glad I did… here it is.

5:30am – Rise and shine.  Nurse checked my cervix- 1 cm.  I cried because obviously the Cervadil did not work, well it softened my cervix and I was more effaced but not dilated much.

6:50am – Dr.Graham (my doctor who I really, really like) comes by to check on me and decides to try another medication to kick start labor… and let me tell you- it worked.

8:30am – I’m antsy to get out of the bed and walk.  Contractions kick in.  Chance and I make 3 or 4 laps around the labor and delivery floor.  I have to stop and breathe through contractions. 

8:58am – We got back to our room.  Contractions are getting intense.  Nurse Lisa (who is wonderful and delivered her baby in this same room 5 months prior) suggests getting in the tub… sounds good.  Want to see more of the Family Birth Place wing of the hospital: here ya go.  The tub felt great, the contractions did not.  Here’s the tub I labored in for an hour and a half…


9:30am – In-Laws arrive at hospital.  Chance visits with them.  They are the only family who saw me prior to the epidural… labor kicked in fast and I was in no state to make phone calls to tell my family to come to the hospital.  Chance and his parents chatted in our room while I screamed in the tub and tried to breathe through contractions.  Marlaoffered to document the birth.  This would have been a great time to tell her it was time for her to come to the hospital.  She called while I was in the tub and I told Chance to hang up, I needed him, to call her back.  We forgot to call her back.  I hate this.  By the time she arrived to document the birth I was already epiduraled up.  Sorry Marla!  She still caught the important action, not to worry.

10:00am - Out of tub, back in the bed.  Totally miserable. 

10:13am – 1.5 cm dilated.  Crying.

10:28am – Nubain thru IV for pain.  Helped minimally.

10:45am – Chance decides it’s a good idea to get out the new camcorder we bought the night before.  He video tapes a contraction…  I politely ask him to stop.

11:00am – 4cm.  Dr. Graham arrives, she is so wonderful and patient.  I know she has an office full of patients, yet she spends over an hour with me while I am in intense labor.  She suggests I sit on the ball (you know those yoga balls)… she rubs my back and tells me to breathe and all that good stuff.  She wants to break my water, but the Nurse Anesthetist is on his way…  I ask if she can wait to break my water after epidural.  She agrees.  Shaking uncontrollably, Doctor says it’s okay, just a sign of labor.  Teeth chattering.  Hoping I don’t chip a tooth.

11:40am – Nurse Anesthetist Ruben (my new best friend) comes to give epidural.  I sit on edge of bed… Dr. Graham holds me.  I have 3 intense contractions while the epidural is being administered.  Once it is in… relief within three minutes.  Hats off to everyone who has ever given birth without an epidural. 

12:13pm – water broken

12:47pm – 6.5cm dilated.  Shaking uncontrollably, now worse because of epidural I guess? 

1:00pm – Zofran for nausea (I don’t really remember this).   No need for pitocin, this baby is on her way and faster than I anticipated!


1:20pm – Marla arrives at hospital.  From here on out all the black and white pictures were taken by her.  She is an amazing friend and what a blessing that she was willing to do this for me.  Marla, I owe you BIG time! 

My family also arrived at some point around this time.




I packed lots of candy and snacks for family and friends.  Morgan and Paige were loving it!!


Paige told my mom last week that she wanted my baby.  She wants to be a mommy when she grows up.  She was so excited about the birth day. 


This is the point in the process where Chance thought it would be appropriate to show everyone the video footage of a pre-epidural contraction…


Lisa needed to take my temperature, but I was putting on my makeup…





These special labor and delivery beds make amazing transformations… they even come with a makeup bag shelf!



I think those contractions would classify as ‘off the chart’…


Doctor arrives!  We love her!!!


2:11pm – 8 cm dilated!


Paige telling Doctor she wants to be a Mommy one day!


When Darby and  I were born Daddy Boy stole the metz scissors that he cut our umbilical cords with… he is so proud of them.  He used them in the rehearsal dinner toasts at both our weddings, and then they were used to cut Morgan, Paige, and John Martin’s umbilical cords… and of course they were sterilized and on hand for Chance to use to cut Sloane’s umbilical cord.



Not sure what Mom was telling us in this photo… but probably something about how she delivered us without an epidural…


When I packed my hospital bag I made sure to bring some baby pictures of me and Chance.  Here’s one of me and Darby…


Chance and his parents… Beba (whose maiden name is Sloane’s middle name) & Papa!





3:39pm – 9.5cm dilated.



4:24pm – 10cm dilated!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The umbilical cord cutters… again…


4:31pm – Chance, Darby, Marla, Lisa (nurse), Teressa (nurse), and Doctor Graham are all ready for the action… PUSHING BEGINS. 

Marla and Darby fed me ice chips and Chance just kept telling me I was doing a great job.  I have to jump ahead for a second.  My husband has been very supportive throughout this whole pregnancy.  When the doctor would tell me to “push, push, push”, “hold your breath and push”, “chin down”, “focus”, and “get mad, push hard”, all that  good stuff… well, apparently Chance was pushing too.  Bless his heart he got a bloody nose from holding his breath and pushing.  I’m just glad he wasn’t pushing in his bottom, we might have a weird situation.  He also had a moment where he put on the oxygen mask, glad Marla caught it on camera…IMG_5427

I think it’d be safe to say he was more nervous than I was!




Darby was really excited… we were getting close to meeting Sloane at this point…


At this point I think I was telling myself “people do this everyday” and ”I can do this”…IMG_5450

5:30pm – DELIVERY!



Chance cut the cord with DaddyBoy’s stolen Metz Scissors…







 The rest of our stay in the hospital was sweet, precious time.  Sloane slept in one of those rolly carts, it stayed parked beside my bed… thankful it had lucite (clear) side walls, because this was the view from my bed (I took this picture below)…

view from my bedWe snuggled our baby and stared at her with awe and gratitude.  We prayed for her and thanked the good Lord for her.


Our friends and family visited.  Our wonderful nurses took care of us and our baby. 



Sloane, your Mommasissy (Darby) couldn’t wait to get her lips on your precious face… glad Marla captured a moment so sweet.


We checked out 48 hours after delivery and have been at home savoring every sweet second of this new season of our lives.  Sloane is a very good baby and we are so grateful.  The terrihuahuas are adjusting well!  My precious Mom has been helping us and we are so appreciative… we have laughed a lot and been enjoying our time together.  Friends have been showering us with meals (and sweet treats) and that has also been such a blessing. 

When we were in the hospital my mom gave me a note with scripture verses to encourage me, one of which was: Philipans 4:19- And my God will meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.  Our needs in this season of life have been met and for that we are eternally grateful.  Praise the Lord!   

Thank you for all your love and support! 


[please don't use my personal photos without permission, thanks!]

Did I mention she has a name?

You may have to click to enlarge the picture…


Sloane Chancy is her name and we absolutely cannot wait to meet her. 

My very talented friend Marla has done 3 maternity sessions for me this summer.  Summer is her busiest season and I am so grateful she squeezed me in.  I have only seen a few of the pictures she has taken and yesterday I found this photo in my in box… she took this last week. 

And then a few minutes later she sent this:



For the first part of the photo session I had on cute dresses then Marla said, “Go put on your uniform, it’s only right to document you in those Gap pants and a Target tank top!

I am looking forward to these next few days before my daughter arrives.  I need some down time and plan (hope) to take it easy.  This morning before work I got in the bath tub and didn’t want to get out… I think that’s a sign that I need a little more rest? 

The nursery isn’t 100% complete yet… that is okay.  My clients and my work have been on the front burner these last few weeks.  I’ll have time to finish the nursery up once the little girl arrives.  I promise I will post pictures when it is complete! 

Happy LABOR Day weekend!  You know the moon is full tonight…. hmmmm….

still very pregnant

Hi friends.  Thanks for the emails and phone calls… I am trucking right along and still very pregnant.  I am working like a crazy woman, which leaves very little time for anything else… sorry! 


Do I really need to pack a hospital bag?  People keep asking me if my bags are packed… they aren't.  I did buy some magazines and snacks for Chance and family (I know I can't eat in the hospital until after the baby is born).  I'm afraid if I pack a bag I'll get impatient.  I know what needs to go in the bag… I just don't want the bag to haunt me every time I pass by it.  Am I crazy?