your questions answered

I never know whether to answer your questions in the comment section or not, because if you are like me… you might ask a question but never go back to see if it has been answered… so here are a few answers to questions asked in the post before last.

Sloane’s felt hair clips are by Giddy Giddy.  We bought them from Little Red, a new local boutique that is fabulous!  If you are interested in ordering some, email Tara and she can order for you!  info[at]shoplittlered[dot]com

Sloane’s bubble is the Berkley Bubble in Poppy by Bella Bliss.  A client friend introduced me to this line (she gave us a pink seersucker swimsuit that is to-die-for cute), and then another girlfriend bought this bubble as a gift for Sloane when she visited last month!  We love it!!  Both of my friends are in Kentucky… which I claim as my ‘home’ state, and makes me very happy that Bella Bliss is based in Lexington, KY.

My sunglasses are Sama (their website isn’t working- here’s their facebook page).  They are the Club-S in brown/blue.  I bought them from a friend, he bought them at the eyeglass store at Destin Commons (?).  That’s all I know about them.  They are the nicest sunglasses I’ve ever owned and I hope I don’t lose them or break them. ;)

The Wonderbar.  Are you ready?  Here’s my review… it’s been about 10 weeks since I bought mine.  My pores are much smaller.  My skin is much softer.  My skin is much tighter.  My skin coloring is more even.  It’s really darn good.  I bought it because my face freaked out (broke out) this Spring when I started using sunscreen on a daily basis again.  I also had just stopped breastfeeding… so the freak out might have been hormone induced?  Who knows!  Anyway… still have the occasional break out, which the wonderbar doesn’t seem to help with… but for the most part I am very pleased with this product.  Everyone’s skin is different, but if you are on the fence, I say give it a try!!

take me home, country roads

That there is a BIG book.  A BIG and AWESOME book.  I liked it so much that I put on my “I’m a nerd” hat and photographed it for you, it was too big for my scanner.  It was on my Amazon wish list, and I guess being the good wife that I am I sent it to my husband before Christmas.  I’m a hint dropper.  You gotta be, otherwise you end up like my sister with a pressure cooker under your Christmas tree.  Good thing she loves to cook under pressure.  (My brother-in-law laughs at himself, so it’s okay that I poke fun.)

Rooms To Inspire In The Country, by Annie Kelly, photographed by Tim Street-Porter.  Add it to your collection, you won’t regret it.

In other random news.  I recently bought a $40 wonderbar of soap for my face!?  It’s true.  I had a panic attack pressing the “confirm order” button, but did it anyway.  It better work wonders.  A review is on the horizon.  When I opened the package yesterday I almost died, I mean who knows what 25g is (drug dealers?*), it’s like a hotel travel size bar… further causing speculation.  Well, last night was my first experience with it, and let me tell you, my face felt amazing after using it.  Now fingers crossed it works miracles.  Court reviewed it here, Jenny reviewed it here.  I’ll review it when I see wonders worked.  It’s a big jump for me from the St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser $4.00 stuff.  Any wonderbar users out there want to chime in?

*- raise your hand if you watch Breaking Bad on Sunday nights on AMC.  I’m addicted.

so fresh and so clean clean

Hello friends.  I hope this blog post finds you all having a delightful weekend.  After a very long week I decided to take the day off yesterday and it was such a treat.  My parents are visiting so we did vacationy things.. beach, pool, lunched at an outdoor cafe, and at the end of the day we hit Target (which is not vacationy, but rather a weekly run around here).  And what to my wondering eyes did appear…

Caldrea has a new line of cleaners exclusive to Target.  I picked up Ginger Lime Countertop Cleaner and Hand Soap.  I was tempted to buy one of every product offered, but refrained.  I couldn’t find these products online, so I am guessing they are in stores only.  They are delicious, check them out!