We went rug shopping.

It takes a while to really “finish” a project.  And even when you finish, you still come back and tweak and update.

Earlier this week we went out on a quick rug shopping adventure for a project that was completed almost two years ago, but still needed a few things in its foyer. 

We took both of these beauties to try out.  The antique bottles were for the top of the armoire, but we were just eyeballing at this point…

We decided on the celadon and gold rug.  And those pillows are off my sofa, they worked so well that I’ve let the client borrow them until we find a suitable replacement.  She’s threatening to steal them from me… I don’t blame her, they look pretty darn good in there. 

The rug came from a local favorite – Oasis Rugs.  Their website is down, but if you see something you can’t live without I’m sure Charlann would be glad to help you out!  Her email is: charlann(at)oasisrugs(dot)com

Happy Fourth of July!!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


When flipping through magazines there is one design element I flip to the resource pages for more than anything else…  RUGS.  It’s been exactly a year and I’m still not over the fact that this rug on the cover of Elle Decor from last May was nothing more than  a white wool area rug and I quote… “Wentworth used fabric dye to create the pattern on the wool rug.”

The rug is the best thing in the picture, and I’m not even a big fan of purple.  Forgive me because I struggle to accept the starfish and sealife accents for a house in Washington, DC.  You know what husband lives in that prissy purple room… George Stephanopoulos.