Merry, Merry!!

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These are our 2009 Christmas cards!  I couldn’t pick just one, so I ordered three different ones.  I then selected which card I thought the recipient would like the best!  The card wasn’t all my idea.  I knew I wanted a Christmas card and birth announcement combo and I knew I wanted the copy on the photo… and I also liked the idea of a striped blanket.  The rest of the credit goes to Marla… who is super talented, as you likely already know!  The only thing she didn’t create was the baby.  I ran out of cards this year… next year I’ll order more! 

We mounted the photo inside a red envelopment and sealed with our custom terrihuahua silhouette address labels from b.wise papers.  Alston@ b.wise papers has awesome card designs and sticker labels! 


 Hopefully when our friends and family opened their cards this little face brought some Christmas cheer…


From our little family to yours… Merry Christmas!!

tempted to buy one of each







custom address stamps from lettergirl