Mornin’.  Have I mentioned that my photographer friend Marla Carter is building a house right down the road from where I live?  Well she is.  And her house is fantastic!  I went over last night to check out her concrete countertops and appliances.  (We’ll do a real post once the house is completed.)  She has this very large hallway full of windows, which allows awesome light to pour in… making for a pretty good place to take pictures.  I had my camera (which is way less sophisticated than her camera, but she managed) and Marla snapped this one of me and my Bologna Sandwich.  The little girl will be ONE in about two weeks and will be walking any day!

In other news… I decided a couple of days ago that my kitchen really needs a facelift.  So, I called a couple of my cabinet guys to discuss painting my cabinets and within 48 hours one of them called to tell me he was on his way to take down my doors and drawers.  I guess that means I’m redoing my kitchen.  Now, don’t get too excited… this is a low-budget spruce-up.  What we really need to do is win the lottery, then create an addition off the back of our house to triple the size of the kitchen.  I can reach the sink, the dishwasher, the oven, and the fridge all from one central point in the kitchen.  It’s small, y’all.  Real small.  So my cabinet guy came yesterday and now I’m left with a naked kitchen and a somewhat dangerous fun zone for a crawling baby.  I may have forgotten to discuss this idea with my husband, so when he came home for lunch he was a little shocked at the state of our kitchen. I’m painting all the cabinets Sherwin Williams “Rosemary”, which seemed fitting for a kitchen, and adding vertical T&G wall paneling and open shelves on one side of the kitchen.  I’d show you a progress picture, but really… it’s a disaster.  I’ll keep you in the loop on this one… hopefully I won’t end up in divorce court over it.

Happy weekend friends!


Good morning from the Midwest. (BTW, I love the Midwest.)  How about I interrupt my Italy recap with some randomness?

That gray dress I was wearing in the pictures in the last post is on sale.  If you want it you can snag one here.  A few people have asked about it… so there you have it.

Here at Urban Grace Interiors ’tis the season to travel.  Now Allison is on vacation, a well-deserved vacation.  And she took her mom with her!  How nice is that?  She’s in Savannah, Georgia staying at The Avia… doesn’t this look like fun:

I’ve not been to Savannah, but it’s on my list. Allison, I hope you and your mom are having lots of fun!!

Happy Friday!!


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