“momma go to porto-reek-o”

That’s what Sloane said when I got home.   DaddyBoy had to go to Puerto Rico for business last week, I sort of invited myself and mom (and Darby too, but she couldn’t escape) to join him for the weekend.  We unfortunately had two days of rain, but the one day of sunshine was enough for me.

Another breakfast with DaddyB and his calendar.




by the pool



gray bldg


Dad called the rental car “our clown car”.  He only used the Garmin once, then he ripped it off the windshield and proudly announced that he did not need it. Sunday night after dinner (it was dark outside) we made our way back to the hotel.  He was telling mom, “look Connie, I found a bus lane!  Port-o-reek-an  H-O-V,  perfect for our clown car!”  I did hear a few horns honking, but you know, in some places excessive horn honking is normal.  Then there were blue lights.  A police car coming from the opposite direction pulled right into our lane, forcing us to a screeching halt.  The officer yelled something in Spanish to which Dad calmly responded, “veinteseis?”… asking if he was on “26″ (the highway).  We had been driving the wrong way down a one way road into oncoming traffic for about 10 miles.  The clown car would not have taken a head-on impact very well.  Glad we survived.





green blue


trees on beach

I’ve challenged dad to give up Diet Cokes.  This one was (hopefully) his last.  I hope he enjoyed it.  I’m proud of him.

last diet coke

at dinner

(iphone import 8.30.11) 018

Those two haven’t had a real vacation together since I don’t know when,  I’m sure they were thrilled I tagged along. ;)  My mom takes a trip with her parents every fall, so maybe this is the beginning of a family tradition.   Darby has to come next time.


No matter how great a little escape is, it always feels so good to be home.  I was grateful for a quiet evening at home with these two…
happy girl

boat ride


One of these days I’m going to get ahead, but in the meanwhile let’s backup.  After our jaunt to Memphis I headed north to Chicago.  I have a precious godson there that I had not yet met.  He is a delicious little man.
E & R

Clearly I could have used a little make-up or a nap, but look at that little nugget in my arms.  Pure joy, that little miracle is.  He was baptized on Sunday morning and after the baptism the church congregation sang (acapella) Jesus Loves Me as the little man was carried to the back of the church and then back up to the front.  Goosebumps and maybe a few tears too.

baptism 6

Here I am with Katie’s brother, the godfather.  We were sad Darby wasn’t there, I should photoshop her into this picture.

baptism 8

So in addition to precious memories and time spent with these family friends we also got to see DaddyBoy.  We ventured to a few new antique stores and lunched on Friday.


Sometimes I see things that blow my mind.  Like these sewing machines on display in this storefront.  Can you imagine how much work this was to create?  It sort of overwhelmed me.  Never having heard of Allsaints Spitalfields, I decided to go in.  I figured they sold vintage sewing machines.  Kidding.  But I went in, felt like I was 80 years old because the music was so loud I couldn’t take it and left immediately.
sewing machines look past the reflection

sewing machines

I stayed an extra day so I could hit the Merchandise Mart… if the folks in the Kohler showroom ever decide to get rid of these gray Eames chairs I hope they will call me.

eames chairs

foxglove paper

floral diamond paper


egyptian rug

VH wing

for the dog house

I know a couple of terriers who would love that wallpaper!  Speaking of the terriers, Penelope wanted to make a blog appearance, here she is grinning.



black chest bail pulls


hat people



soap dish

bar and bull

pewter countertop

tile samples

It was an inspiring day at the Merchandise Mart!


here I am, on the road again

That Seger nod is for Allison.  We didn’t even get our bags unpacked from NYC and we were off again.  We went to Memphis to do what we do.  We narrowly escaped a plane crash on the way up, but thankfully it wasn’t our time.  Which is good because look what we would have missed if we hadn’t made it…


We had nothing to do with the design of this garden path full of hydrangeas, but good grief!  Too pretty not to share.  We also had nothing to do with the door hardware below, but again… so gorgeous.  The whole house locks with skeleton keys. Delicious.  I should have photographed the cremone locks, I must have been too shocked by their beauty to get my camera up to my eyeball.

skeleton key

Allison and I shared a hotel room (with two beds) and in the middle of the night Allison awoke.  From the low light of the alarm clock on the bedside table between us I could see her sitting up in her bed.  She was talking to herself.  She was saying… “I really prefer the scale of the white table.  The finish, the size, the style, it is just perfect for that space!”,  I must have asked her ten times what she was talking about, she finally looked at me and said “YOU ASKED ME!”, sighed, laid down and went back to sleep.  Perhaps a mental health day is in order?

I like Memphis.  We ate dinner with old college friends of mine which is always fun.  In addition to working on a new project, we also checked in on an older one.

Allison came home from Memphis and I went on to Chicago.  Most of my “favorite people” are in Chicago.  Including my pint-sized godson who I had not yet met.  I was going to try to wrap that trip into this Memphis post, but that’s too much.  So, here are a few photos…

master bath


dining paper and shade

bath floor

roman shade scallop