the internet should go down more often

I don’t really mean that… because honestly we come unglued when it goes out.  But yesterday during the outage Allison turned up the Suzy Bogguss and kicked her organizational skills into high gear.  I wasn’t in the office yesterday, but I gasped (okay, really, I screamed very loud) when I saw what she did.

These little tags indicate how many yards we have of each of these fabrics.  Allison is beautiful, hilarious, very fun, brilliant, and talented to the nth degree!  I really cannot remember work-life before her and will do everything to keep her.  Even if it means rewarding her with White Z.  She likes good music too… and as of today, I’m giving her complete control of Pandora and iTunes.  Do you know how much fun we have?

Thank you Allison for all you do!!!  And next time the internet goes down, could you please tackle my desk? ;)