Clearly I’m having a hard time blogging.  Lots going on around here.  I decided to renovate and add on to our house while very pregnant, which I would not advise anyone else try.  We were living in the madness, but decided to move out last weekend, which we should have done a long time ago.  We’re living in a 500 square foot carriage house and I’m still very pregnant (due any day now) and it’s going to be tight quarters when baby arrives, feel free to add us to your prayer lists. 😉

We recently went to California for a dear friend’s wedding.  Here are some photos  of our adventures on the West Coast.

california 028c

california iphone pics 863

california iphone pics 612

california 055c

california iphone pics 609

california iphone pics 298

california iphone pics 169

california 299c

california 298c

california 251c

california 249

california 236c

california 204c


Some folks on Instragram asked about our dresses.  Sloane’s flower girl dress came from Olive & Fern and mine (not maternity) came from a local friend’s store, Ophelia.  You can find it here.   If you are coming to my beach town this summer add Ophelia to your list of places to shop, there are two locations, one in Seacrest and one in Grayton!


sloane momma smokeyc 840


And I’d hate to leave you without a Smokey update.  She is alive and well.  She?  That’s right, someone informed me that “he” is actually a “she”.


how’s your baby?

My dad called yesterday, “how’s my baby?”, he asked.  I knew he was talking about Sloane.  She’s great, I replied.  Then he asked, “how’s your baby?”, I knew this time he was talking about the baby in my belly.  She’s great, I replied.  (I’ve not announced that I’m pregnant, but if you follow me on instagram, you already know.  We’re having another little girl, due in May.  So very excited.)  Then dad said, “how’s your other baby?”… and I knew exactly who he was talking about, my furry rabbit friend, Smokey.  I know I’ve talked about him before, but I’m not sure if I shared these photos from summer with our Smokesters.  In case y’all forgot… he’s a tame rabbit who was a neighbor’s pet, but they let him loose and now he roams the neighborhood.  He likes to come by my house for bunny treats.

sloane's 3rd  birthday 081

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 147

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 136

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 123

And when he pulls this little number (below) it takes everything within me not to scoop him up and kiss his furry little face.  He won’t let me hold him, but he does let me scratch his double chin.

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 084

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 083

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 055

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 043

It cracks me up that Sloane is going to grow up thinking that a tame rabbit visitor is normal.  I am contemplating writing a children’s book about Smokey, we’ll see.  He’s pretty magical.

Fall Wish Lists

TGIF, friends!  Going to pause the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House posts for a quick look at a few fall things we’ve got our eyes on that we thought you might enjoy too!  Links are in the posts below the images!

 (A) perfume (B) cookbook (C) desk calendar (D) travel bag (E) watch (F) nail polish (G) candle (H) pig bookends (I) sunglasses (J) boots

ALS fall 2012

 (A) watch (B) wine “glass” with lid (C) diffuser (D) coffee table book (E) green lamp (F) aqua notes (G) sunglasses (H) ballet flats (I) green clutch (J) arrow notes



(A) kettlebells for my non existent home gym (B) perfume (C) quirky sea life fabric (D) rabbit door knocker (E) chambray shirtdress (F) chandelier  (G) moody painting  (H) watch (I) wine  (J) cozy vest

EMP fall

(A) burnt orange flats with scalloped edge (B) Mela & Roam Vintage Kantha Throw  (C) Joules Green Jacket  (D) a watch  (E) I love green moss  (F) some super cute booties  (G)  I like lipstick, this one is matte  (H)  an extra Death & Texas clutch, because I love my plain one, but it’s fun to switch it up sometimes  (I) Le Pen drawing set  (J) someone at the yard sale had these sunglasses and let me try them on, I fell in love