how’s your baby?

My dad called yesterday, “how’s my baby?”, he asked.  I knew he was talking about Sloane.  She’s great, I replied.  Then he asked, “how’s your baby?”, I knew this time he was talking about the baby in my belly.  She’s great, I replied.  (I’ve not announced that I’m pregnant, but if you follow me on instagram, you already know.  We’re having another little girl, due in May.  So very excited.)  Then dad said, “how’s your other baby?”… and I knew exactly who he was talking about, my furry rabbit friend, Smokey.  I know I’ve talked about him before, but I’m not sure if I shared these photos from summer with our Smokesters.  In case y’all forgot… he’s a tame rabbit who was a neighbor’s pet, but they let him loose and now he roams the neighborhood.  He likes to come by my house for bunny treats.

sloane's 3rd  birthday 081

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 147

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 136

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 123

And when he pulls this little number (below) it takes everything within me not to scoop him up and kiss his furry little face.  He won’t let me hold him, but he does let me scratch his double chin.

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 084

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 083

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 055

summer 2012 smokey and sloaney 043

It cracks me up that Sloane is going to grow up thinking that a tame rabbit visitor is normal.  I am contemplating writing a children’s book about Smokey, we’ll see.  He’s pretty magical.

Fall Wish Lists

TGIF, friends!  Going to pause the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House posts for a quick look at a few fall things we’ve got our eyes on that we thought you might enjoy too!  Links are in the posts below the images!

 (A) perfume (B) cookbook (C) desk calendar (D) travel bag (E) watch (F) nail polish (G) candle (H) pig bookends (I) sunglasses (J) boots

ALS fall 2012

 (A) watch (B) wine “glass” with lid (C) diffuser (D) coffee table book (E) green lamp (F) aqua notes (G) sunglasses (H) ballet flats (I) green clutch (J) arrow notes



(A) kettlebells for my non existent home gym (B) perfume (C) quirky sea life fabric (D) rabbit door knocker (E) chambray shirtdress (F) chandelier  (G) moody painting  (H) watch (I) wine  (J) cozy vest

EMP fall

(A) burnt orange flats with scalloped edge (B) Mela & Roam Vintage Kantha Throw  (C) Joules Green Jacket  (D) a watch  (E) I love green moss  (F) some super cute booties  (G)  I like lipstick, this one is matte  (H)  an extra Death & Texas clutch, because I love my plain one, but it’s fun to switch it up sometimes  (I) Le Pen drawing set  (J) someone at the yard sale had these sunglasses and let me try them on, I fell in love 

summer memories

The Seaside Yard Sale was a great success and we sure appreciated everyone who came out to support us!  Loved meeting lots of blog readers and selling off fabric I’ve been hoarding for years.  It did my heart good to know it was going to good homes.  Everything that didn’t sell we’re rounding up for an online yard sale… coming soon!

Summer came and went all too fast.  I want to post a few memories before they evaporate.  The summer started with two wonderful interns joining us at Urban Grace, Kendall and Anne Scott.  Anne Scott has been around the past two summers, but this year we knew we’d need an extra set of hands, so we hired Kendall too.  They were a dynamic duo.  We’d line them up on Monday mornings with some crazy project we hoped they could accomplish that week and Kendall would start dancing… and Anne Scott would laugh and then they would hit the ground running, no matter how odd the requests.  Their excitement about design (and all the not-so-glamorous stuff that comes along with it) was refreshing. What a joy these two girls are.

summer 2012 010

Kendall closed out her internship with a wedding… her own.  And we decided we couldn’t live without Anne Scott so she’s the newest member of our design team.  You’ll see her pretty face and bio on the website soon.  We miss you Kendall, but we know we’ll see you again real soon.


When I wasn’t working I was soaking up every ounce of my little Sloaney B.  Now forgive me while I cram four months worth of photos into the remainder of this blog post.

summer 2012 282

summer 2012 303


Our cousins visited for Sloane’s 3rd Birthday!
sloane's 3rd  birthday 179

sloane's 3rd  birthday 137c

sloane's 3rd  birthday 081
sloane's 3rd  birthday 028

sloane's 3rd  birthday 052

{I ordered the letters for Sloane’s cake from Signe Sugar… and smoothed the butter cream frosting with a paper towel, to make it look like fondant.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute, if I might say so myself.  Thank you, Pinterest. }

My summer garden was alive and well up until a few weeks ago, picked my last few tomatoes and then pulled the plants from the beds.  The hummingbirds have come and gone too.  I moved my feeder this year so I could see it from my kitchen window.

hummingbird lizard


summer 2012 076 copy

summer 2012 004

summer 2012 the hill etc 321

summer 2012 the hill etc 165

CC summer 2012 the hill etc 018
SUMMER 2012 (first day of school) 065

summer 2012 049

summer 2012 032


Be back soon with some photos of the Coastal Living idea house, our fall wishlists, and an online yard sale!  Happy Fall!