a big weekend

seaside 4

This Saturday Sloane decided to part with her pacifiers.  We have been talking about the tiny baby moo cows of Papa’s that don’t have pacis and Sloane agreed it would be a good idea to give her pacifiers to his cows.  Papa stopped by on Saturday and that was all it took, she was ready and handed them over.  We went out for ice cream to celebrate then onto Seaside where we let her pick out a toy at the toy store.  Then we laid on her favorite “cozy blanket” on the green and enjoyed a quiet afternoon.   I honestly think I needed that quiet afternoon on a blanket more than she did.  I put in a few long hours on Saturday and my brain was close to fried.

big girl


sunset on cozy blanket

After being so brave my poor girl came down with a stomach bug on Saturday night and we woke up to a big mess Sunday morning.  I thought I was tough momma, but cleaning up vomit is not my strong suit.  Even though she felt puny on Sunday morning she was so excited to see the photos of Papa’s cows with her pacis.  ;)

moo cows


After a lazy day inside we went out for a little boat ride.  The dragonflies are thick here in September and October and one happened to fly into my photograph.

boat ride

Yesterday afternoon I went solo to my niece’s 1st birthday party.  Poor Sloaney wasn’t well enough to go, which was such a shame because she would have loved it!

flowers and hats
happy reese
favors and hats
cake table 2
bandw vintage reese

Sweet little Reese got spooked when we all broke into the birthday song…

birthday song tears

If you’re wondering who my sweet niece looks like… she looks like her daddy, who looks like his momma (my mother-in-law)…
beba and reese


hat and cake

Happy 1st Birthday, Reese!!!




i love my sister.

I wish we were next-door neighbors.  We may (or may not) be identical (never been tested).  She has a couple of inches on me… so I got on my tiptoes for this one below and she thought I was being stupid.  She’s never been the shorter one, so she’s not allowed to have an opinion on my tiptoe action.  I thought it was great.  Sloane was indifferent on the matter.

A spontaneous trip to visit her was just what I needed.  She is so dang hilarious, I nearly wet my pants everytime we are together.

When I get there she immediately goes into “let’s get out of here” mode.  I suspect this is par for the course for any off-duty mother of three. 

So, where do we go on our big adventure?  Pedicures? No.  Shopping? No.  Movies?  No.

She wanted to take me to a used car lot.  (I mentioned that maybe a newer car was in the cards for me.)  Here are two she picked out:

Both would turn heads.  I can’t decide if I want to be sporty or tough?  I still haven’t picked one yet, but must admit the ”Big @ss rollback” is tempting.

We stopped for pizza, then she wanted a snowcone.  After the snowcone, we headed home.  It was an eventful evening.  On the way home she brought her car to a screeching halt. ”Did you see that!?” she exclaimed.  Me: “those gas lanterns?” Her: “no that trash pile!”.  Me: “back up”. 

She threw it in reverse… then she hopped out to inspect:

My creative brain never stops.  Not even on weekends.  While she dug, I dreamt up a couple of suitable designs:

Please note the Mickey Mouse shirt.  She said she put it on just for Sloane!  Yeah right.  I don’t believe it.  I imagine she arrived at that outfit by sleeping in that t-shirt the night before and then got busy with her babies, and then… end of story.  Outfit!  She wears it well.  You can barely see it, but it reads “This is my happy shirt!”

She quickly looked both ways.  Coast was clear! 

I believe it was at this point she looked at me and said “put your d-a-m-n phone down and help me load this thing up!”

I’m still not even sure what it was she scored.  A box on wheels with short little handles.  A rolling toy box? A decorative wheelbarrow? A planter?

I hope you all have a Darby in your life.  There is no doubt that she is the coolest person ever.  Heart of gold and not afraid of digging through someone’s trash.  My kind of girl. 


The word grateful doesn’t seem powerful enough for the feelings abounding my heart these days. 

Friday night I opened a brown paper package.  Inside I found something wrapped in a clothing pattern and a tiny black and white ribbon.  What was inside the wrapping blew me away.  Be still my heart.  Beki knitted Sloane a sweater!  The detail, the time that she must have spent on it, the perfection, the softness and sweetness (I wish you could feel it – it’s 100% cotton and already pre-washed)… mind-boggling that someone I’ve never met face-to-face was willing to spend so much time on something for my daughter… thank you Beki!!!!

sweater from beki

Saturday morning Marla invited us to participate in a photographer gathering she hosts every year.  She organizes a five day get-together, this year there were twenty-four photographers who came for the event.  They share creativity, business advice, and tricks-of-the trade.  They eat at fabulous restaurants, shop, drink lots of coffee, and go the the beach.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?  She offered us a newborn session, Sloane being the star of the show.  I hope we didn’t outwear our welcome, it took Sloane awhile to get into the modeling-mode. 

cf on porch

(photographers above from left to right: Dawn Roberts (Sacramento)Amy Smith (Orlando), & Brandy Anderson aka Fresh Sugar (Calgary, Canada))

cf scp and as

(photographer above: Amy Smith (Orlando))

cf scp on brown blanket

(photographers above from left to right: Amy Smith (Orlando), (standing) Amy McTeague (Geneva/Chicagoland), Ruth Williams (Dallas), Stacy Wasmuth aka Blue Candy Photography (Indianapolis), Marla Carter (Santa Rosa Beach))

cf living room

(photographers from left to right: Amy Smith (Orlando), kneeling Amy McTeague (Chicago), touching my arm Nichol Krupp (Michigan), kneeling on right Stacy Wasmuth Blue Candy Photography (Indianapolis), standing in green tank Erica Ledrowski (Chicago))

This fabulous house (with great lighting) is one of two that Marla rented in Rosemary Beach for the photographers to stay during their visit.  It was such fun to be surrounded by creative women.  I know Marla had a blast with this group while they were here.  Thanks to everyone for their patience and for sharing your passion and creativity with me and Sloane!!  I’ll share some of the photos soon… I snapped a few, that I’m sure pale in comparison to the pros, but they are still pretty darn sweet.  If you live near any of these talented photographers - I hope you will look them up, they are amazing!!

Sunday we had visitors.  Friends, neighbors, and family… all of whom we love dearly.  Grandaddy is the only great-grandparent who has met Sloane.  He loves her dearly.  He has three daughters of his own… and Sloane’s middle name, Chancy, comes from Grandaddy’s last name.  I think it would be safe to say Sloane is smitten with the great-grandaddy. 

cf scp and granddaddy

Auntie Leah & Uncle Bayn, and Beba & Papa came by too… I should have put on some makeup (new moms are allowed to look tired, right?)

cf leah and e

My Mom is here and for that we are so very grateful.  She can get Sloane to burp when Chance and I have exhausted all resources.  She talks to Sloane as if she understands every word… which warms my heart.  She helps in the kitchen and changes diapers… we are so appreciative.  Sloane loves her too!!! 

cf scp and mom

Chance and Sloane spent a little time outside yesterday afternoon… my heart overflowed at the sight of them together…

cf daddy and sloane in yard