I just thought I didn’t like seagulls

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week’s worth of undies

In our Mississippi journey we lunched with my friend Laura.

Laura lives in Jackson.  Laura has a friend named Jessi.

Jessi is a graphic designer in Brooklyn.

(Jessi, I feel the same about Laura. It’s so refreshing to have a friend like her.)


Jessi recently went to Palm Springs for a week and ONLY packed a week’s worth of undies.

Upon arrival she bought her clothes at thrift stores and then after she wore them, gave them away.

She spoke at TED Active in Palm Springs.  What did she talk about?  She talked about packing just a week’s worth of undies.

The dress she wore to deliver her TED talk was my favorite.

Jessi loves color and clothes.  I think she’s inspiring.



It takes me longer to bounce back these days.  Apologies for the delayed blogging.  Missing four days of work results in eight days of recovery.

Sloane got a haircut last week.  She had a trim in January when my cousin visited, but she was due for another so I called my sister-in-law (who happens to be a fabulous hair stylist and please note: I hand-picked her for my brother-in-law, so you know I love her!).
getting started



And we didn’t want Daddy to miss out on the action so he raced over after work to see what his girls were up to…


Sloaney did so well (aka: Leah did so well) we rewarded her with some post-haircut ice cream in Seaside.

ice cream

She’s big stuff these days…

big girl

Now, I’d like to inform everyone that the terrihuahuas are alive and well.  They have taken a backseat, but are still loved…


In other news around here… I finally caved and bought a hydroponic garden system.  I’ve been wanting one for a couple of years and decided to bite the bullet.  My friends Andy and Jen have the mac daddy set up (Mac Farms) and I have been stalking their garden for too long.  Growing veggies in the ground in Florida is difficult.  So I’ve avoided it.  A few container gardening attempts a few years ago and then I gave up.  Well, this system I bought is promising.  And if I run into trouble Andy and Jen live close.  I bought 4 towers (16 pots + 4 ground pots)… I can add more towers to it later, but figured this was a manageable start.  The kit comes with everything you need (except the tank and poles for the towers)… it was easy.


kit and caboodle

hydroponic before paint

So the only downside to the system I bought are the not so appealing white styrofoam planter pots… so I painted my green.  Hopefully once my veggies go wild you won’t see them, so I didn’t spend a lot of time making sure my paint job was perfect.  The paint color is Sherwin Williams “Artichoke” and is actually the color of my house.  I wanted to go with “Secret Garden” which is the color of my fence, but was fresh out and had some Artichoke laying around.



Most of this transpired last weekend… this weekend I sewed some seeds and Chance got the timer and pump working.  I’m hoping later this summer my towers will look something like this:

In more exciting news… we’ve had a visitor!  My twin sister’s youngest son, who we call “Rover”.   He’s got 15 months on Sloane and they are big buddies.

ro ro

I’m hoping when they get to Auburn he will protect her and show her how to find the Haley Center.
SCP shower

I’m pretty sure Sloaney’s friends will have their eyes on her older cousin…

JM smile



And a little dose of color for this Monday morning, thought for sure these flowers were goners (left over from last year), but they bloomed last week, a pleasant surprise.

last year blooms


Also… I spied a fig yesterday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!