Two years ago today, on 09-09-09, the Lord blessed us with Sloaney Bologna!  She looks like an eskimo in this picture and I love it!


A few days ago, in honor of Sloane’s second birthday, Marla took some pictures of our little family.  (Go ahead and open Marla’s website up, that song is beautiful.)










Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl!  Momma and Daddy love you and are so proud of you!!!




  1. she is such a doll! have a fun weekend celebrating! those pics are beautiful!!! 🙂

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love all of little Sloaney’s clothes! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your little girl!

  3. You have such a beautiful family, Erika. Happy birthday to Sweet Sloane!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday to S. And everytime I see a post from you, I’ve wanted to ask what brand/shade of lipstick you wear. I have similar coloring and would love to know!

  5. So Sweet! Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  6. She is too cute! Happy birthday to her and enjoy celebrating!

  7. Beautiful!!! I love the one of all three of you. Happy Birthday Sloane, you are one blessed little girl. Love to you all!

  8. Happy Birthday to Sloaney! Your whole family looks amazing! These are the best days….

  9. GORGEOUS PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Happy happy birthday to precious girl!!

    p.s. I need a Marla in my life 😉

  10. Simply Beautiful!!!! That little Sloaney is a DOLL! Oh and I need to know that color of lipstick you are wearing, love it!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLOANE!!! I hope you still love mac ‘n cheese and playing “side” (outside- maybe you can say that now?) Sloane is the most beautiful and precious 2yo I know 🙂

  12. Happy birthday, Sloane! Have a great weekend! The pictures are gorgeous!

  13. And what a gorgeous little family it is! Marla’s work always KILLS me!! Happy Birthday, Miss Sloane!

  14. I MUST know what color lipstick you have on. I love it!

  15. Well Happy Birthday to your goregous daughter! And a big applause to Marla for some of the most amazing photos I’ve seen!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS!! Great pictures and she is sooo precious! I loved the one of her holding her little foot up with her pink painted toenails!! Wait until you buy her first ballet and tap shoes! I did that yesterday w/ my 3 1/2 yr old and it was a shining moment in her childhood I’ll always remember – even though we got them at Payless! 🙂

  17. Oh my…melt.my.heart. She is such a doll baby! Of course Marla’s photography is always rockin!

  18. have a fantastic weekend celebrating baby girl!!
    what fantastic photos of ya’ll!!!

  19. She is so precious! I love those playful photos of you too! Happy birthday!

  20. Caroline R. says

    Kisses to your sweet girl! Have a great weekend celebrating!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Stunning pictures of your family! Happy 2 years to Sloane!!! I know I’ve said this before, but she really is such a doll!! Have a blessed weekend!

  22. Oh my…I just boohoo’d all the way through your birth story post. So so precious, why is this such an amazing thing?! It is so hard to understand how I can possibly be worthy of such a gift in my life. Oh how He loves us!!

    Happy Birthday to your babygirl.

  23. The picture of her in her car is TO DIE FOR!!!!!! Too much cuteness and love captured by your friend!

  24. These pictures are BEYOND gorgeous! Such a beautiful little family! Happy Birthday to Sloaney!

  25. those photos are so lovely. i can’t believe she is already 2. i remember reading your blog and anxiously awaiting her arrival and here two years have passed! doesn’t seem possible!

  26. I don’t normally comment on here, but my goodness, that picture of Sloane standing on her daddys foot may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Precious moments.

  27. She is so so very cute. You and your sister sure make cute babies! Love all those pics! The one of her under your legs cracks me up as only someone as skinny as you could pull that off. Fun!

  28. You have a gorgeous little family, Erika! I thought of Sloane today when I wrote the date out…..that 9/9/09 just stands out to me. Have a fabulous weekend!

  29. Ahhh LOVE them all! Happy Birthday to my sweet Sloaney Bologna!!!! See you soon my little love!!!

  30. Happy Birthday to your cute, cute girl! I love that she was born on 09-09-09! We got married on 07-07-07 so I’m a fan of easy things to remember. The photos are simply precious.

  31. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful family! These pictures are great.

  32. Stephanie Powell Rushing says

    Such a beautiful little girl! Can’t get over how much she looks like Beverly (Bebe)!!!

  33. Happy Birthday Sweet Sloane! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of celebration! The pictures are awesome, wonderful pictures that will be treasured for a lifetime. 🙂

  34. So many coincidences. My daughter – Leo Rose Powell – turns two today, as well. 09-09-09 is a very cool birthday. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  35. Happy Birthday to Sloane! All your family photo’s are wonderful. The image where Sloane is clutching her Daddy’s pant leg is priceless. Enjoy your weekend!

  36. You have such a beautiful little family! Happy 2nd Birthday little Sloane!

  37. She’s so stylish! She makes me want to cut my hair in a cute bob! Hope your friend is still doing okay.

  38. Oh, where has the 2 years gone?? I first started following our blog when you were pregnant with Sloaney Bologna, and remember sending you those tiny onesies..and now look at that big, beautiful girl! Happy birthday, Sloane Chancey x

  39. I am speechless – these photos are so beautiful! Wish Sloane health and happiness 🙂

  40. These pictures are gorgeous! Marla is so incredibly talented, although I’m sure it helps when you have a beautiful family to capture. Happy birthday to your sweet Sloane. (She so reminds me of my older daughter, Olivia, at that age.)

  41. Happy Birthday sweet little girl! Gorgeous photos!Yes, what is you lipstick, I love it too!

  42. oh my gosh! absolutely precious! Happy birthday to an absolutely beautiful little girl! What proud parents you both must be!

  43. Happy Birthday Sloane! The pictures are fabulous!

  44. adorable! Marla is so good!

  45. Candace Horner says

    OMG Miss Thang as she sits in her pink pedal car!!! can’t stand it, thanks for sharing…..!!!

  46. What a peanut! This post strikes a cord with me as I am just 7 days out from my due date 🙂 You are one lucky girl to have such a talented friend as a photographer. Those pictures are just to die for!
    Amy Meier

  47. Amazing photos! Amy Smith is doing our holiday photos in a couple of weeks.

  48. Meant to say Happy birthday Sloane too!

  49. Happy Birthday Sloane!! What a cutie she is – and what beautiful photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  50. such great photos, erika- happy birthday to sloaney!

  51. She is so precious, love the pictures. You look so much like Darby in the last picture!! Happy Baby Birthday E- She is close to one of mine…Coleman’s is in five days. xoxo

  52. Love her painted toe nails! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  53. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sloane!

  54. Happy birthday, Sloane! Both of those little dresses are so adorable I can’t stand it. Beautiful family pics!

  55. 2!! Happy birthday Sloane! How gorgeous is your little one? I adore her tiny teeth and sweet smile. And Marla’s photos are stellar!

  56. happy birthday, sweet sloane!! i bet the picture of you tickling + sloane giggling will always be one of your all time favorite of this stage in her life. such a sweet moment to capture on film. have a wonderful celebration!! xo, tessa

  57. happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! what an awesome birthdate. my husband & i are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary today, we were married on 9-9-99!

  58. Happy 2nd Birthday to your darling Sloane! Your family photos are so beautiful! Enjoy your weekend celebrating.

  59. Hi Erika, I read your blog and love your aesthetics. I just wanted to say that Sloane is THE most beautiful baby and little girl I have ever seen. I don’t usually gush over other people’s kids thinking my own sweet girl was and still is gorgeous but everytime I see a photo of Sloane on your blog I am mesmerised. You do have a beautiful family.

    Jennifer xx
    PS. I’m not a stalker although rereading my comments one could wonder!

  60. happy birthday, beautiful girl! amazing photos of you and your gorgeous fam!


  61. What a great birthday! Our son is 07-07-07. You gotta’ love those easy to remember birthdays!

  62. what watch are you wearing? beautiful family!!!

  63. Love your photos…I’m looking at your curtains (old post) …gray curtains with red/cranberry diagonal trim. I’m trying to duplicate these for my daughters nursery (my first grandchild) in a beige/white diagonal trim..Do you have any directions on how to do this? Maybe it’s on your site somewhere, and it appears the trim (diagonal stripe) is on the bias. I’m looking for beige and white striped fabric, and it’s hard to find. Thanks, Maris Mann

  64. carol ann from camdesign says

    wonderful pictures…enjoy your sweet family this weekend.

  65. Pure Precious-ness. I’d have a hard time choosing which pictures to frame. Beautiful!

  66. Gorgeous images of a precious little girl. I found you through Jen Thompson’s journey. xoxo

  67. Aww-Happy Birthday to her! What a proud mom you must be! Have a great birthday weekend.

  68. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! She is absolutely precious! You have a beautiful family!

  69. Happy Birthday Sloane!! Love the photos, especially the one of her in the pink car. I love the face she’s making!!

  70. Patricia Prescott says

    My daughter Francesca shares Sloaney’s birthday. She just turned 20 and your pictures brought back happy memories. Enjoy these special moments.

  71. It was so fun getting to meet you and Miss Sloane in seaside this week! I wish I had known to wish her a happy #2… she is an absolute doll in person and it was such a pleasure to see your sweet family… it just topped off our vacation! thank you for your over the top friendliness… I feel like I’ve actually known you and Darby a very long time so meeting you in person was such fun! I don’t know how you have real life down there- it’s truly paradise on 30A 🙂

  72. Happy birthday little one !

  73. Happy 2nd Birthady to your adorable Bologne Sandwich – Sloney!
    I recentley found your blog….and I am hooked!I also love your sisiter’s blog.Maybe there’s something to do with the fact that I am also a designer and a mom.My younger son will be 2 on Sept.23rd.And I almost share a birthday with you and Darby,mine is June 12!
    You and Darby inspire me and I need that for my work and projeckts!Love your style and your blog!Keep up the good work!

  74. Terri Sullivan says

    Beautiful photos of a gorgeous little girl & her lovely family!

  75. Cody Hankins says


    I’m a new viewer of your website and huge fan of your style – first got introduced to you by this month’s Better Homes & Garden magazine. I have to ask where can I get my hands on the skirt used in your photo shoot, it’s amazing!? Thanks.

  76. What beautiful photos! Enjoy your sweet little muffin!

  77. what a doll baby! I love her little chicklet teeth. sweet clothes, too!

  78. Dina Lescourret says

    Beautiful…and complete with the pink toenails, love it!

  79. Please tell us the name/artist of that song–LOVE it! The pictures are beautiful, as is your family.

  80. What a stunning family! Beautiful photography as well! Enjoy every minute – they grow up SO FAST! 🙂


  81. Two years already! It seems like only yesterday that we were looking at the photos of her arrival.

    Happy belated birthday Sloane.


  82. I love posts on Miss Sloane, I’ve mentioned before I have a Sloan (minus the e) too but mine is 13 years old. The similiarities of our girls are freaky and whenever I see a picture of your Sloane I get to remember what my little girl was like at that age! It’s funny because we called Sloan our little eskimo baby when she was born!! (: These photos are absolutely stunning, you’re blessed with such a beautiful family!

  83. Happy Birthday Miss Sloane! I just read on Darby’s blog that a certain Rover is very excited about the party get together.

  84. Gorgeous family! Happy birthday, Sloane!

  85. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  86. Happy Birthday Sloane and what a lovely family picture, they are so hard to come by!

  87. p.s. a big lovey jump-for-joy shout-out-loud barrel of love to you all at http://eightfourtwelve.wordpress.com today!

  88. Happy Birthday Sloaney! I love her sweet name and have been trying to convince my husband that when we have a girl, she needs to be named Sloane (fingers crossed). I must know- where did you get her adorable shirt dress from?

  89. Happy Belated Birthday to Sloaney Baloney the little Sugar Plum Pumpkin! You ladies (and the occasionally spotted Mr.) are always so radiant!

  90. When I see your beautiful daughter and these wonderful digital images I ask myself what will be her future? Should we be sending letters through the mail today for her to open some day in the? future? Will there be a Rosemary Beach postmark in five years. If we love vintage things are we to stand by and let the post office demise be read about on the internet? The printed word in a newspaper or a magazine or a book for that matter is disappearing. From a designer point of view every room needs an escreteau a french writing desk don’t you think? Bloggers unite — save the post office– start a letter wringing campaign for hand written notes from relatives charting memories , family histories –you can always scan the items for a web page but the genuine article in hand is priceless .

  91. Love, love, love! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  92. This is my first time on your blog (I saw your feature in Better Homes and Gardens). Your writing has an easy style that made you seem like an old friend, and your pictures are great. Happy birthday to your adorable little girl! I think you may end up being the first blog that I actually follow. 🙂

  93. Love your blog! Your family is darling… also found your sister’s blog and love it also! What a precious little girl – happy birthday!
    The French Tangerine

  94. Precious!

  95. Your family is so gorgeous! A sweet Sloan is the most precious thing ever!

  96. PRECIOUS!!! Love that little sandwich! XO

  97. I left for vacation the day of her birthday, and believe it or not, I actually thought about her. 9-9-9 is hard to forget! And, such a gorgeous little girl. Marla did fantasctic job on the photos! Happy Belated Birthday~

  98. i always love checking out this blog. you are so talented! can’t wait to see what’s next.

  99. You have an amazingly gorgeous family! Happy Birthday to your little one!!!

  100. Love the pictures and LOVE the song on Marla’s website. What is the title and who is the artist?

  101. Did I catch a peek of ‘that bracelet’ you were asking for? Did you get the Chan luu?? What color, how many??

  102. What a beautiful little girl! My husband & I are expecting a baby girl in April & we love the name Sloane. Having a hard time choosing a middle name though. Do you mind my asking what your chose for your little beauty?

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